Not The Only Amazon In Town Wmv

Not The Only Amazon In Town Wmv

SCREEN SIZE 1280*720

Cheyenne and Diana used to work side by side bu Diana got promoted and has really been lording it over her former friend. What really infuriates Cheyenne is that Diana gets more than enough recognition as Wunder Woman. Yes, you see Cheyenne is also an amazon and she knows exactly who Diana really is

One day Cheyenne has had enough. She has had a plan in mind for a while, and now she is fed up enough to do it. She catches Diana by surprise as she goes out to her car. She sticks her right in the neck with a little something special she brewed up herself and Diana sees everything spin and then Cheyenne is tossing her over her shoulder and into the trunk of her car

Diana wakes up in a cell and is very disoriented. Even after she spins and transforms into Wunder Woman she is still dizzy and weak and she struggles at first against the steel bars before she is able to bend them. It doesn’t take long to find Cheyenne, who has changed into an amazon warrior costume of her own

Wunder Woman knows Cheyenne must be a renegade from their island home and prepares to lasso her and return her for judgment, but Cheyenne mocks her for using her “mother’s lasso” and challenges her to a test of strength. The two go back and forth and Wunder Woman is still feeling the effects of Cheyenne’s take-down concoction. But she is an amazon princess and with a a heroic effort she forces Cheyenne to her knees. Cheyenne seizes her chance and grabs Wunder Woman’s lasso, quickly wrapping it around her adversary.

Now Cheyenne is in control, making Wunder Woman repeat what she says, and then making her tell how Cheyenne can get her powers. Wunder Woman reveals that if Cheyenne fucks her she will take her powers for herself. It is perfect, there is nothing Cheyenne would like to do more, she has always hated yet lusted after Wunder Woman and now she can satisfy both feelings at once

Cheyenne puts on a big black strap-on and commands Wunder Woman to suck it, calling her a slut and whore. Then she sits WW down so she can fondle her through her glossy nylons, making her prisoners pussy wet and then tearing the tights open for better access. She continues to fondle and stroke and then fucks WW hard and deep with no mercy. WW can’t resist and moans in pleasure, her orgasm dooming her as Cheyenne takes her powers and WW goes out.

Cheyenne Flexes her super-strong biceps in victory, but she is not done

Having WW’s powers has upped her sex drive to heroic levels and she now uses WW as a sex slave, making her serve her with her mouth until she cums. But still Cheyenne is not done, she knows she has made WW wet and wants to taste her victory. she licks WW wet weakened pussy making her little sex slave cum again and get weaker still, then Cheyenne lets her know that she is still far from finished and grinds her empowered pussy on the ever weaker WW, even as Cheyenne works herself to another climax WW’s eyes go blank and her body goes limp, rocking back and forth as Cheyenne continues to use her for her own pleasure

Not The Only Amazon In Town Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Obsidian’s Return Part 2

Obsidian's Return Part 2

Poor humiliated Star Light. After being savagely fucked by the evil Obsidian she ran back to the League for a good cry. Coming upon fellow League member Patriot Girl (Sadie Holmes) she recounts her fight. Angered at the humiliating way her friend had been handled, Patriot Girl decided Obsidian (Jewell Marceau) had to be brought to justice!Patriot Girl tracked Obsidian down and confronted her. The wily villain laughed the angry heroine off and a fight ensued.Obsidian made short work of Patriot Girl. Then tied her up , gagged her and removed her boots. Then the sexy fun began. Patriot Girl got herself mouth fucked. After that the real fun began. Obsidian used poor Patriot Girl all night, then left her bound and gagged.

Obsidian\’s Return Part 2 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Jungle Girls Vs. Drug Dealers

Jungle Girls Vs. Drug Dealers

The Amazon has been violated. Drug dealers have stolen sacred plants to make synthetic drugs. The Jungle Girls are sent to stop this from happening again. They enter & a guard surprises one of them, ragging the & OTS carries them to the bed. The Blond Jungle Girl sneaks up & karate chops a guard, he is K O d.She wanders in the bedroom & finds her helpless friend but she is club K O d , & thrown onto the bed. We see them both on the bed…HELPLESS!! YOU GET SOME NICE SLOW CLOSE UP PANNING OF THEIR HOT BODIES! They wake up tied back to back & gagged. A guard tickles & fondles them both. They struggle to get free & finally do. A guard comes in but is quickly dispatched. While the Blond kicks his ass, a guard sneaks up & rags out the other Amazon beauty & drags her off. Then another guard grabs the Blond Goddess & rags her too. They are both put on the bed, stripped naked & subdued! Something is used to keep them s le epy. The Big Boss arrives & orders them packaged to be sold as SEX SLAVES! Is this the end for our 2 beautiful Amazon Heroines????

Jungle Girls Vs. Drug Dealers – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Super Gurl Wonder Tomi Fued Part Two – Hd

Super Gurl Wonder Tomi Fued Part Two - Hd

THE ORIGINAL MPG FILE IS A BIG FILE, SO IF YOU WANT THAT FILE, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECT AND I WILL SEND IT. Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) is relaxing at her place with some much needed down time. She decides to try this new gadget out that is supposed to create a lot of pleasure. She tests it on herself and starts to get in the mood. All of a sudden the phone rings….just her luck. She gets news of a burglar so she spins and turns into Wonder Tomi and flies in hwe jet to the destination. We see that Super Gurl (Whitney Morgan) is flying right by her jet, Wonder Tomi doesn’t seem to notice but when she gets to her destination, Super Gurl is already there dealing the with burglar. Wonder Tomi and her get in an argument about territories allowing the burglar to get away. There are words exchanged by the superheroines that aren’t pleasant. Wonder Tomi vows that she will get even with her. Meanwhile we see the Mad Scientist at his lab. Super Gurl flies in to apprehend him, but he is too quick with his device and she is mind fucked into an obedient robot. She is commanded to strip and fondle herself. Wonder Tomi enters and we think she is here to save the day, but what is this….she is part of the scheme? She grabs the ballgag from the Mad Scientist….end of part 1! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, MIND FUCK, FONDLING, EFFECTS, ROBOTS, BRUNETTE, BLONDE, BOOT FETISH, FORCED STRIPPING, ASIAN, JAPANESE

Super Gurl Wonder Tomi Fued Part Two – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Sting Of The Scorpion 2 - Full Video - (ipad Hi Def)

NOTE: This version was formatted for High Definition play on your iPad!

Wonder Star has tracked down the seductive Scorpion in her lair and confronts the villainess after calling in for back up. Confident she has Scorpion cornered without her stinger, Wonder Star attempts to take her into custody. But… The Scorpion never goes down without a fight!

Scorpion throws her best punches…but soon realizes the Arkham Amazon isn’t even phased by her round house blows. Then she gets Wonder Star in a close clutch and stealthily removes the heroine’s Power Belt! Now on an even playing field, the vile vixen catches Wonder Star off guard and doubles her over with several low blows! With Wonder Star on the ropes, Scorpion sends her off to dreamland with a special spray.

Wonder Star awakes bound to a chair by her wrists. The Scorpion has retrieved her stinger weapon and proceeds to taunt the helpless heroine…by removing her shiny red boots and worshiping her sexy feet…and running her hands all over Wonder Star’s legs and tits.

Wonder Star is bound but still fiesty…and kicks Scorpion hard in the face. Scorpion soon remedies that problem with a paralyzing sting that renders Wonder Star harmless. She continues to worship her body as Wonder Star can only watch helplessly…as The Scorpion crawls on top of her and straddles her captured prey!

In the nick of time, Wonder Star’s back up arrives….in the form of Rookie Blue Angel Lucky! Lucky grabs Scorpion and tosses her to the floor with ease…but makes a rookie mistake while charging towards the sneaky villainess. Scorpion trips up the Blue Angel and sends her flying into a nearby wall…smacking her head right into it. Dazed and wobbly…Scorpion wastes no time putting Lucky down for the count.

Scorpion goes straight for her new pet’s feet…de-booting the Angel and enjoying a long foot worship session…licking and kissing her nylon-clad feet with abandon. She then uses her stinger to cast an entrancement spell on Blue Angel Lucky, transforming her into her new slave and minion.

She orders Lucky to take out Wonder Star’s perfect breasts and worship them… which she obediently does, much to the amazon’s protests! Wonder Star can only squirm to get away as The Scorpion begins using her trusty vibra-wand on her vulnerable crotch. The blue Angel continues to grope her former partner’s tits as The Scorpion brings Wonder Star to a body convulsing orgasm.

Not satisfied with her desire to enslave her captive, Scorpion finishes Wonder Star off with the same entrancement spell from her stinger…turning the once powerful Princess into her mindless minion. She uncuffs Wonder Star and has the Blue Angel take her spot in the torture chair. Wonder Star is told to worship Lucky’s perky tits and does so willingly. Now, it’s the Blue Angel’s turn to experience the buzzing vibrator on her spandex covered mound. Scorpion delights in teasing Lucky…changing up the speed of the vibrator at her whim…and she soon finds the Angel’s sweet spot and grinds the head against her clit. Lucky screams out as her body is rocked by a massive forced orgasm!

Finally satisfied, Scorpion sends both of the fallen heroines to dreamland… as Arkham Heights is now defenseless to her criminal mischief… and The Scorpion slinks off into the night!

MODELS: Hannah Perez, Annie Cruz, Lucky O’Shea

Sting Of The Scorpion 2 – Full Video – (ipad Hi Def) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Bat Girl Vs Kiki The Witch With Visual Effects (condensed Wmv 4 X 3)

This clip reunited the very sexy Kiki D’aire and Samantha Grace after The Succubus vs the Wtich. In this clip Kiki is a very sexy evil witch who is preparing to take over the entire tri state area. But Bat Girl has arrived to foil her plans. Kiki trys to cast a spell with her wand but Bat Girl knocks her wand aside and wrestles her hands behind her back, smirking about how skill and training trumps magic. But then Kiki shows that she has some fighting skills to, elbowing the over confident superheroine in the stomach. While Bat Girl is momentarily stunned Kiki casts a spell to freeze her in place, then after mocking her helpless opponent she casts another to make her mute. Bat Girl is very surprised as she tries to tell her tormentor to stop but no sound emerges. Then Kiki begins to strip her opponent and kiss and suck the helpless superheroine’s nipples and slowly brainwash her and make turn her to the dark side.

Bat Girl Vs Kiki The Witch With Visual Effects (condensed Wmv 4 X 3) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Fem Fatale’ Takes Robbin’s Balls Xxx Wmv

Fem Fatale' Takes Robbin's Balls Xxx Wmv

SCREEN SIZE 1280*720

Fem Fatal’ is no light weight supervillainesse, but when she gets cornered by Robbin she starts to panic waiting for a certain Dark Knight to show up and take her down. When Robbin declares he is on his own and going to bring her to justice she is instantly relieved and tells him to run a long before her gets hurt

Robbin is determined and steps in to slug Fem Fatal’ in the face and ends up back slapped to the ground. He is scrappy and tries again and ends up pinned up against the wall with his balls being crushed and Fem Fatal’ laughing at him. She explains that she is going to squeeze until he is out and then proceeds to do so, easily lifting him over her shoulder to take him somewhere she can have more fun with him

Robbin wakes up chained up. Fem continues to mock him and squeeze and abuse his balls, but she also begins to tease and grope his growing erection through his trunks, she even bites down hard on it but her sexy dominant power continues to make Robbin’s cock swell

Fem Fatal’ explains that she is going to use his cock for pleasure and then empty his balls, before CUTTING THEM OFF!

She takes down his trunks, teases him through his sheer tights (mantyhose) and then rips them open to expose the boy wonders stiff cock. She reveals her pussy and backs up on to him and stars pounding her ass into him to get his cock deep in her. Robbin is helpless but to be used. Fem wants him to do some work, and threatens to remove his balls immediately if he doesn’t start thrusting. He has not choice but to comply.

Finally Fem Fatal’ cums uses her hand to finish Robbin off, he tries to hold back, she tells him it is no use, he shoots out a huge load as Fem Fatal’ laughs

“I hope that was a good orgasm, it is going to be your last, now I am going to cut your balls off and send them to Battman!”

Fem Fatale\’ Takes Robbin\’s Balls Xxx Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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The Zodification Of Supergirl (real Video)

The Zodification Of Supergirl (real Video)


Supergirl has discovered General Zod’s lair and sneaks in to check it out. Zod returns to find her and a fight ensues. Zod is able to overtake her. Bound with Kryptonite ropes, Supergirl is made to suffer at General Zod’s hands. First she is spanked until she passes out. Then General Zod decides to sexually humiliate her. She gives her a forced orgasm with a magic wand vibrator. Next Zod takes a strapon to Supergirl. She fucks her missionary and then doggy. General Zod wants to get into the action, so she uses a double dildo along with Supergirl. She finishes her off with some great oral sex.

Starring Randy Moore as Supergirl and Alexis Grace as General Zod

Running Time: 43 minutes

The Zodification Of Supergirl (real Video) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Gonzo Double Feature - Full Video - Hi Def For Ipad

NOTE: This High Definition version is formatted for play on your iPad

Fans of bound, forced and unitard orgasms will love this super double feature!

Clip 1


The sultry Jessica Jaymes is back as the recently resurrected Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra…now bent on enslaving all of Arkham Heights superheroines. Tonight’s sexual play toy is Melissa Jacobs as the ever spunky KnightGirl. Cleopatra wastes no time in subduing the caped crusader, using an enchantment spell and the glowing jewel in her head dress to lull the sexy sidekick under her control.

Once she has her prey entranced, Cleopatra commands KnightGirl to worship her sexy legs and feet. KnightGirl obeys her new mistress and willingly showers the Queen with kisses up and down her long, silky legs. The two share a kiss, but Cleopatra has bigger plans in store and blows a potion laced kiss into the Girl Wonder’s face…sending her off to dreamland.

KnightGirl awakens. Bound and struggling to get free, she is soon at the mercy of Cleopatra’s vibra wand…and she forces KnightGirl into an intense, body shaking orgasm. Weakened by her intense climax…Cleopatra now tells her that the next orgasm will make KnightGirl her sex slave forever.

KnightGirl is powerless to resist the buzzing on top of her spandex clad clit and has yet another mind numbing orgasm that renders her Cleopatra’s personal sex slave forever.

Clip 2


In the second half of our double feature, we find the yellow (Brett Rossi) and pink (Dani Daniels) Power Angels sleeping in a room that is filled with the nefarious OrgasmaGas. They awaken and soon find themselves under the spell of the carnal concoction and cant seem to keep their hands off themselves or each other. Their horniness escalates when they find two vibra wands waiting for them to use to satisfy their every desire.

At first, the Power Angels are embarrassed by their inappropriate actions…but soon they are overwhelmed with passion and begin grinding their lycra clad labias against their vibrators. They have multiple climaxes, causing visible wet spots in their yellow and pink power suits. They begin vibrating each other and passionately kissing as each new orgasm rocks their sexy, shiny bodies.

They finally have one last dual climax that sends them both back to dreamland.

MODELS: Jessica Jaymes, Melissa Jacobs, Brett Rossi, Dani Daniels

Gonzo Double Feature – Full Video – Hi Def For Ipad – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Scream All You Want Spydergurl Hd

Scream All You Want Spydergurl Hd

You’re Totally Fucked

Spydergurl regains her senses to find herself handcuffed and very week. She calls for help til the Sorceress henchmen responds. To silence our heroine he spanks her and rips the crotch of her pantyhose to access her wet pussy. Thinking she can distract the henchmen she offers to do anything he wants so he starts fucking her hard. Unfortunately for Spydergurl the Sorceress walks in wearing a strap-on. She orders her henchmen to fuck Spydergurls ass while she fucks her pussy. As the magic strap-on enters her pussy Spydergurl feels her powers draining til the double penetration removes her powers completely. Will Spydergurl recover?

Scream All You Want Spydergurl Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]