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A Collision Part 1

Starring Sharron Small as Emerald Avenger and Allegra as Blue CrusaderAfter the titanic battle between Ultra Violet and Red Dawn, a very important part of the weapon Red Dawn was building is missing. Everyone was after it and the League sent Emerald Avenger and Blue Crusader was sent by Red Dawn. But unfortunately they both arrived at about the same time. Mayhem ensued and ultimately Emerald Avenger ended up de booted and bound and gagged! But was the item found or….

A Collision Part 1 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Amber Faux In Robyn Vs Stinger - Fall Of The Righteous (hd.mp4)

Part 2: Fall of the righteous
Robin awakes to find herself chained to the wall in what appears to be the garage; Stinger stands naked before her, his lethal rod full extended. Robin weakly curses him and demands to be let, swearing the justice council will come for her; Stinger merely laughs indicating soon the entire justice council will be at the mercy of him and Lady Venom. Robin struggles to break free but is quickly stopped as Stinger bites her neck, injecting her with more lethal poison, making her weak and compliant; Robin begins to moan as the poison coursing through her body is making hotter by the second. Stinger gropes and teases her for several moments before releasing her restraints, dropping her to the floor. Stinger climbs on top of Robin whom still has some fight left in her and tries to resist; he grabs her by the throat and laughs as he forces his poison stinger into her wet pussy. Robin gasps for air as Stinger begins fucking her, slowly at first then faster and faster; Robin whines and moans, beginning Stinger to stop however her please fall on deaf ears as he violates her in several positions. Robin moans louder and louder with the continual violation of her body until she can no longer stand it and screams loudly as she orgasms. Stinger laughs as the weakened super heroine collapses to the floor in exhaustion; he mocks her and reveals her ordeal is not over yet. Robin looks at him weakly; her eyes flutter until she passes out from the onslaught

Amber Faux In Robyn Vs Stinger – Fall Of The Righteous (hd.mp4) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Foolish Superheroine Fast Upload


Vanessa Valiant is waiting for Soulless to show up so she can take him down and finally put an end to his reign of terror. The sadistic crime lord was foolish enough to challenge her to a one on one fight with the loser submitting to the victor.

It turns out Vanessa Valiant was the foolish one. Soulless doesn’t fight fair and with the help of a specially soaked rag she goes down quickly. He has her shackled and taunts her for being a fool then gives her a chance to get free if she can resist cumming, but he pushes the vibrating wants so hard against her lovely spandex covered cameltoe she can’t resist and she cums screaming through her gag

Now she belongs to him and the fun can begin. She wakes up with her legs very tightly bound heel to ass and she is stripped down exposing her lovely pink pussy which Soulless fucks deeply and without mercy, it is more than she can take but he doesn’t relent until he finishes all over her

She is left fully bound and covered in Soulless caustic cum. She has no dignity left, but she still has some fight in her and she struggles against the bonds managing to free herself, fleeing naked and ashamed from Soulless’s lairLimp

Forced Orgasm

Bondage Fucking

Damsel is Distress

Foolish Superheroine Fast Upload – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Arcadia Asylum- Mind Shattered Mp4

SCREEN SIZE 1280*720

Atomic Avenger is the worlds most powerful Superheroines. She is able to absorb enough energy to run a nuclear power plant. For this reason she was chosen to track down the stoles case of Element Q, a material with 100x the fusion power of plutonium.

She has fought her way through waves of Doctor Dementia’s “Super Psychos” and even though she knows the evil scientist has watched her every move on his security camera’s she is not the least bit concerned. She is just too powerful.

Finally she is face to face with the twisted genius, and is prepared to take him down when she smells something wrong in the air, gas fills the room and she feels herself getting week and dizzy. Dr D tells her it is his neutralizing gas, it is totally subduing her powers. The room spins and she struggles to stay focused but at last she succumbs, the evil Doctor gloating as he watches her fall

Now she is restrained and hooked up to electrodes that are trying to fully drain her power. She is too strong for the Doctor’s device to work so he orgasmically breaks her down. She loses control as he forces her to have one squirting orgasm after another. The device drains her powers and she is left feeble minded and weak

Doctor Dementia is not one to waste resources, and he won’t underestimate a superheroine’s ability to recover from even the most seemingly crippling conditions, so he has her restrained and locked in a secure cell deep below the asylum.

Sure enough, Atomic Avenger wakes up and even though she is weak and confused she instinctively struggles to get free. Her atomic anatomy is managing to revers the electrical damage to her mind, Desperately she struggles, and somehow is able to free herself from her restraints. But one of the Doctor’s Psychos leaps on her and after a brief terrified struggle she gets a concentrated injection of more of the neutralizing compound. Without her powers the full effect of the sock treatments take effect She is limp, mindless, helpless.

Are Atomic Avengers powers permanently gone? Is her broken mind beyond repair? Find out next Month

Arcadia Asylum- Mind Shattered Mp4 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Making This Bird My Obedient Puppet - Hd

Robyn (Tomiko) is outside the Evil Scientist’s hideout. She has a device that she thinks will deactivate his alarm & video surveillance equipment.The Evil Scientist has already seen her outside. Robyn walks around , she tells the Evil Scientist , he may as well come out & give himself up. We cut to the Evil Scientist…where we see his electric device and how it is controlling her. She has no control of her body. She is forced to do a sexy walk..and then a sexy dance. She is then forced to strip. When she is nude, the Evil Scientist pulls out a device and she is controlled completely to be his sex slave. The Evil Scientist orders his slave to head upstairs & enter the shower & turn on the valves. Her body will be spraying with a fine waxIt will make her stuck in the shower, frozen, unable to move…She enters & turns on wax shower. She stands at attention.Later we see her laying in the bed, unable to move. A sex toy for the Evil Scientist. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, STUCK, FREEZE, ROBOTS, CONTROLLED, FORCED STRIPPING, DANCING, PANTYHOSE, BOOT FETISH, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, WET, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION.***BIG SPECIAL THANKS TO NORTHBOUND FOR THIS COOL STORY***

Making This Bird My Obedient Puppet – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Brightstar Forced By Pimp Daddy ----quicktime

The Chief calls BrightStar ( Riley Rose ) & tells her they had to release Pimp Daddy on bail because the jail was over crowded. She can’t believe what she’s hearing. Also they think he’s up to no good, again. She gets dressed into her costume & heads over to his place to confront him. Pimp Daddy says he’s innocent & staying out of trouble. BrightStar wants to take a look around & see for herself. She enters a room & the door slams shut behind her. She tries to get out by K O gas enters the room & she slumps to the ground. Pimp Daddy cradle carries her to the bed & ties her down. He fondles her, rubbing her suit which makes her weak & unable to break free. He tells her she will be a fucktoy for his Johns. Don’t worry, he will charge a large price for them to ass fuck her. He pulls out a vibrator & FORCES 2 HOT ORGASMS OUT OF HER. You think she would be thankful.Pimp Daddy injects her ass with a syringe. Leaving her sleepy & unattended.He goes to get his Hoes on the street. BrightStar wakes later, with her powers returning. She manages to get loose. She attacks Pimp Daddy, knocking him down. She grabs the phone to call the Chief. Somehow, she gets the Commissioner instead & he puts her on hold. LOOKOUT!! Pimp Daddy recovers, grabbing her & ragging her out. She is forcibly stripped naked & debooted. Pimp Daddy goes to undress. He is going to have her now. Her lying there, naked & vulnerable is too tempting. His boner needs a home NOW!!!….LET ME KNOW GUYS IF YOU LIKE RILEY AS THE NEW BRIGHTSTAR…MOV FILE…WMV VERSION AT STORE 51405…

Brightstar Forced By Pimp Daddy —-quicktime – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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The Collection Grows

Annabelle Genovisi as Crimson Star and Alexis Grace as SekhmetThe evil Sekhmet has been picking off members of the League for awhile. She has humiliated them sexually and then taken them away to serve her. Crimson Star is the latest heroine to go after Sekhmet. But the poor heroine falls short just like her friends! Her fate is no different then the others. Sekhmet fucks her with a strap on, then uses a Hitachi and finally her fingers. Forcing poor Crimson Star to cum loudly several times! Then she makes the broken heroine kiss her feet and she has to make Sekhmet herself cum!This clip contains a de booting, torn pantyhose, bondage, strap on sex, forced orgasm, oral sex, less then 2 minutes of foot worshiping and a de masking,

The Collection Grows – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Setting His Goals High

BrightStar ( Cute, Petite Riley Rose) thinks Fork Tongue is growing a bad crop on Tribal Land. She confronts him & shows her pictures she took of the evidence. Now she wants to look around. Fork Tongue says go ahead. She opens a door & sees the plants within but Fork Tongue club K O s her. He drags her back then he hogties & gags her ( on screen) While she struggles, he will get his crop to his buyers. He mocks & fondles her before he leaves.After struggling, she manages to get free & goes looking for this bad Indian.She ends up finding a suitcase, packed with this stuff but he sneaks up & rags her out. He cradle carries this sexy Heroine to the couch. Now topless & bootless, he ties her down & ball gags her. He knows he has to move on. At least she wont be following him. To make sure he rags her out & leaves the rag on her face. Its time to start a new business, something Fork Tongue is good at. As for BrightStar, she will probably be found & gang raped!!!!

Setting His Goals High – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Undercover Harem Girl - Hd

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) thinks she finally has a lead on a group of White Slavers with ties to the Middle East. She enters the house through the garage door & thinks she hears a slaver in the other room talking on the phone.Wonder Tomi goes back into garage. She stops a girl entering, tells her that shes not needed & to go home. That she is safe now. Ok she’s safe, now its time for me to go incognito. WONDER TOMI SPINS AND NOW IS BAREFOOT WEARING HAREM GIRL OUTFIT. She enters & walks into the living room. The man compliments her beauty and asks her to slowly spin around so he can look you over & then tells her to dance for him. Wonder Tomi starts to dance to the music…after a couple minutes she starts to feel funny… shes losing control of her thoughts. We hear her thinking as she dances. What our Harem girl doesn’t realize…the music is slowly hypnotizing her….the man is wearing special ear plugs…making her a mind controlled harem slave girl. Wonder Tomi is now totally mind controlled…she steps forward. The man asks who she is. Mind controlled, Wonder Tomi reveals her identity. She is made to prove it by spinning and turning back into Wonder Tomi. The man is amazed. This is better then anything he could have hoped for. He tells her to go upstairs. On the nightstand there is a special rag that she will use. She says ,” Yes Master” She goes upstairs & does as she is told. She is K’d on the bed helpless & the newest addition for the white slavers. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, ROBOTS, HAREM GIRL, DANCING. EFFECTS, BOOT FETISH, ASIAN, JAPANESE, TRANSFORMATION, MILF**Special Thank you to Northbound for the story!**

Undercover Harem Girl – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Hauntress



A powerful new drug known as Imagination Vacation has taken hold of the girls of Gotham Empire, causing them to commit crimes, and then cover up their tracks permanently. Detective Helena Rose finally gets a break in the case, and finds out who is responsible for this plague on the city. The dealer waits anxiously for his newest victim, but this time he wont be brainwashing a naive girl with his new drug, instead he will be facing off against the dark defender of the night, Helenas alter-ego: The Hauntress. Just as The Hauntress thinks she has finished this criminal scum for good, he has one last surprise for her, knocking her out cold and bringing her back to his hideout. Now that The Hauntress is trapped, he has her all to himself, and rather than take over her brain with his new drug, he wants her to experience every moment of pleasure. After he has his way with her, its time to see who is really hiding behind her mask


Click HERE to watch The Hauntress Trailer!

The Hauntress – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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