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Golden Avenger ( Crystal Frost ) decides to tackle the Glue Geek, after what he did to GoldStar ( GoldStar Captured & Owned clip) He is ready & sprays the table & chair. She sits down, ready to bring him in but he tricked her & she is trapped. He depowers her by taking off her power ring. He fondles her & hand gags her. Than he gives her a tape gag & a strong dose of K O gas.Its time to play hide & seek. She wakes & struggles to get free. Lucky for her this glue dissolves over time. The Geek sprays a wall with glue & leaves a false clue on the floor. Our Heroine bends down to get the clue & the Geek pushes her against the wall. Once again she is fondled & gagged. He mocks her & loves to trap her, its gets him hard. She struggles & in time, she manages to pull herself off the wall. Somehow she has some sticky residue left & is STUCK CRAWLING ON THE FLOOR. The Geek sneaks up & club K Os her. Then with a syringe, he injects her ass with sleepy juice. Now he drags her on the floor. He strips her naked. He uses a body numbing lotion & massages her nude body with it. She wakes & protests, this gets her hand gagged & fondled. he sucks on her nipples. He cradle carries her onto the couch. HE LIMP PLAYS WITH HER, to show her his lotion controls her nervous system. He eats her pussy. Now he sits her on the couch, on a spot he already glued. He gags her & vibes her to a hot forced orgasm. He turns on TV & forces her to watch his favorite Geek show. She is pissed & distracting him from his show. Another injection quiets her down. Once the show is over its off to the bed room & than she becomes a naked fuck toy.Thanks to these Superheroines, this Geek is becoming quite a Casanova!!


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Some Entertainment For The Invisible Man - Hd

Blue Flash (AnneaBelle Lee) and Robyn (Tomiko) enter the Invisible Man’s house. They are surprised by a weird sound. Their minds are controlled by the device and the Invisble Man once has gained control of some more superheroines. His new puppets go to the livingroom where he makes them fight. They are a bunch of belly punches exchanged and some other punches. Blue Flash is the first one to go down. Robyn is ordered to do a victory dance and then strip her out of her costume. They are ordered to do round two of the fight. This time Blue Flash gets the upperhand when Robyn is punched. She tries to get away but is K’d with a wrestling hold around the neck. Her costume is removed after her sexy victory dance. Now it is time for round three. Who will win this round? The Invisible Man if course! He joins in the festivities and starts to punch them over and over. They finall go down after a final blow. Both of their limp, nude bodies lie on the ground as they are limp played with him. They are carried off to a special room where the Invisble Man keeps all his play puppets. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, DANCING. FORCED STRIPPING, LIMP FETISH, LIMP PLAY, BELLY PUNCHING, PUNCHING, CATFIGHT, SPANDEX, BOOT FETISH, MASK FETISH, BRUNETTE, REDHEAD, K’S, ASIAN, JAPANESE, WRESTLING HOLD, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION

Some Entertainment For The Invisible Man – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Doctor Fondle Method

Dark Avenger ( Chrissy Daniels) arrives to arrest Dr Fondle for malpractice. She encounters his intern & lets him have it. She’s on top of him pounding away asking for Dr Fondle. The intern says, he’s right behind you. She thinks its a trick until the Doctor grabs her & rags her, while the intern holds her arms tight. Her power ring is removed, she is fondled & tied down on bed. Her tits are exposed. She wakes & struggles but an injection makes her calm & horny. Now they use a vibrator to force her to orgasm. Now the Doctor wants to exam her, they go to prepare, she waks & struggles to get free, which she does. Powerless & woozy she goes looking for those 2 bad guys. Once again finding the intern, she grabs him but the Doctor is very close & she gets another injection & is out. OTS carried, stripped naked, they proceed to look her body over, fondling her while they exam her. The Doctor has decided its time to screw her, he will let the intern go first. She wakes so the Doctor tells her what his prescription for her will be. SHE WILL BE SCREWED BY 2 AND THAN BE BOUND AND GAGGED, VERY SEDATED & THROW INTO THE NEAREST DUMPSTER!!

The Doctor Fondle Method – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Batgirl Gets Schooled- Part 2: Enters Hq (hd)

In the second installment of this Superheroine Parody, we discover that Harley Quinn is the mastermind behind the school girl’s unruley behavior.

This 10 minute clip includes superheroines, wrestling, humiliation, pony play, erotic magic, costumes, spanking, camel clutch.

Batgirl Gets Schooled- Part 2: Enters Hq (hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

What Happens When You Assume? Part 1

Starring Sasha Fae as Lady Austria & Stacie Snow as Green WaspThe day started off easy enough for the League’s day shift girls. The night had been fairly quiet and all heroines were present and accounted for. Lady Austria was ready for some action as she sipped her cup of warm apple cider. She was day dreaming about being home in Austria when the alarm went off. Jumping up the eager heroine ran to the control room to see what was going on. As she walked in the room was controlled chaos. It seems that about ten different villains hit Tiedsville largest bank all at once. They destroyed it and many people inside were hurt. The first heroines were already on scene assisting the injured. But now it was time to go after the bad girls! They had of course split up so it was going to be difficult to find them all. Lady Austria was sent after a new local villain, her name was Green Wasp and she was knew not much was known about her. So with no real intelligence on Green Wasp, Lady Austria headed out the door.She found Green Wasp right where she was expected to be. The villain was hiding in a house owned by one of Tiedsville’s so called business men but was really just a local gangster. Lady Austria approached Green Wasp from behind. The idiot was counting her money. Lady Austria expected this to be an easy and fast fight. She walked up and grabbed a handful of the red headed super villains hair and jerked her head back. Lady Austria was just about to announced Green wasp’s impending prison time when the bad girl whirled around and rocked Lady Austria with a powerful punch. The blow was easily one of the hardest the mighty heroine had ever felt it staggered her backwards until she hit the wall. Green Wasp it turns out is both powerful, agile and fast! She delivered a complete beat down to the over confident super heroine until she was out cold! It seems Lady Austria just found out what happens when one assumes.Green Wasp grabbed some rope and tied Lady Austria up. Then she gagged the little heroine. As the poor girl came around Green Wasp asked her why she attacked her. Smiling cause she knew why, she jerked lady Austria around by her hair. Explaining that she liked her cute little costume but she had attacked her. Green Wasp went on to explain that as such, she had to do something because what well to do villain would just let any old super heroine attack her? So after tying Lady Austria up, Green Wasp further explained that she was going to contact Ultra Woman who is rumored to buy captured heroines. Smiling she told Lady Austria to sit tight until she returned!THE END

What Happens When You Assume? Part 1 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Hp-576 Angel Vs Paleface - Hd

Dark Angel rushes into a gym with an envelope full of cash, breathing heavily, closing the door behind her, thinking she has safely escaped from Paleface (the evil Sheriff played by Duncan). After a short struggle, Duncan shoots the lovely crook, dropping her to the mat. The Sheriff then removes Dark Angel’s boots, thinking that will slow her down. After a few body kicks and forearms to his chest, Dark Angel tries to get her gun, but the Sheriff grabs her leg and down she goes, just short of her goal. Now it’s the Sheriff’s turn to torture Dark Angel. Back and forth they go, exchanging body punches, leg scissors and stomach stomps. The Sheriff throws Dark Angel into a corner and works her gorgeous abs with belly punches and shoulder butts. This leaves Dark Angel reeling and she drops forward over his shoulder for a little lift and carry, finally she drops across his knee for a mean back breaker. While Dark Angel does manage to stun the Sheriff several times, she definitely receives more punishment than she dishes out . Finally Dark Angel decides to end it with a duel. Dark Angel called him “dirty” before. But you will have to buy this video to see if Dark Angel can defeat the “evil” Sheriff. Of course, the skimpy Dark Angel outfit shows off Hollywood’s magnificently toned body to the max and nobody looks sexier while being tortured by “evil” forces!!!

Hp-576 Angel Vs Paleface – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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She Get Em Room Serviced

Wonder Kenna ( Super sweet & sexy Kenna Valentina) arrives to see why Fork Tongue has bought a hotel. He claims he is going to fix it up. She doesn’t believe him & wants to look around. He takes her on a tour. WOW! He may be telling the truth, for a change. She sits down & he goes to get something. That’s when she notices explosives rigged to the phone. He’s going to blow up the hotel with a rigged phone in every room. He’s after insurance money. Suddenly, she is grabbed & ragged. Cradle carried & tied to a chair. Gagged & her tits are exposed. He goes to rig more phones. She wakes & struggles. Finally getting loose. She goes after him but he eludes her. She comes back into room to deactivate the phone bomb. Fork Tongue sneaks up & clubs her on the head. Stunned she falls back. She is easily handled, grabbed & ragged. Stripped naked, fondled & tied face down on the bed. Something is tied to her face to keep her s le epy. She is totally helpless. Fork Tongue would like to keep her. He can call the switchboard which in turn will call each room phone. Wonder Kenna is in room 1242, can she wake & get free in time?? THIS ADVENTURE CONTINUES WITH STARGIRL ON SUNDAY’S UPDATE!!

She Get Em Room Serviced – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Supra Girl Meets Her Biggest Fan Wmv


Supra Girl has had a thing for Captain Mar’Velle for a long time so when she gets a voice mail from him to meet at secluded place for sometime together she is very excited

When she arrives at the location she finds candles, a bottle of champagne and a note telling her to enjoy the champagne and he will be there soon. The giddy superheroine has been looking forward to a night like this for a long time and starts drinking the slightly greenish bubbly

She starts feeling relaxed right away, but knows it must be in her head, after all, she isn’t affected by things like champagne. She is well into her glass when she feels a pair of hands massaging her shoulders. “Oh Captain” she sighs enjoying the feeling

‘Captain Mar’Velle’ gets very close and smells her hair which she thinks is a little silly but flattering, but then the ‘Captain’ speaks and she realizes it isn’t her hunky hero after all!

Instead of her dream guy it’s one of her nerdy super fans! She questions the voice mail she got and the fan pulls out a device that reproduces Captain Mar’Velle’s voice perfectly

Supra Girl is very annoyed but the fan begs for some of her time and she agrees to give him a few minutes, and have little more champagne since it is so good. Unfortunately it is made with just a little green krypotonite. Not enough to really hurt her, just enough to make her weak and pass out just like her ‘fan’ planned all along. He puts her over his shoulder and brings her to the next room to strip and fondle her. Has a camera set up to record this greatest moment of his life as he enjoys himself on her limp body

Now he has Supra Girl tied with her hands over her head and she is a waking up. He gropes and fondles her more before getting an orgasm wand that is powered by red kryptonite. Not only is she too weak to resist the effects of the powerful vibrations, but the red kryptonite wears away her will to try and fuels her inappropriate desires

Once the Superheroine’s resistance is completely gone the fan has he back in her boots and cape so that he can really enjoy fucking Supra Girl while getting it all on camera, ensuring he will always be able to relive the incredible moment (and possibly as insurance against any super-retribution)Supra Girl gives in to her needs, the green kryptonite has left her body as pliable and vulnerable as any normal woman and the red kryptonite induced orgasms has made 10 times as horny as a normal woman. She cums from her ‘fans’ deep thrusting and even gets on top to get more orgasms before he pulls out and shoots all over her flat toned tummy

She is furious with herself but still feeling the effects of the kryptonite and intense sex but summoning up some defiance she tells the ‘fan’ that he better let her go before she does some real damage to him

Supra Girl Meets Her Biggest Fan Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Punishers Punished - Mov

Green Flash (Sinn Sage) and Blue Flash (Annabelle Lee) are sent to stop Cheyenne and teach her a lesson for having mistreated one of their superheroine friends. Cheyenne is surprised when the two of them enter her house. They tell her that they are taking her in. Cheyenne tries to flee but is stopped by Green Flash with a punch. She hits the ground. Blue Flash thinks that the punch was a bit much and they argue. Distracted, they don’t see Cheyenne get up. She hits their heads together K’ing them out. Each of their bodies are dragged down the hall after some limp play and fondling. She lifts and carries them into the livingroom. She limp plays with them more…making them touch themselves and each other. She even makes them kiss while they are out. Everytime they come to, they are clubbed over the head. She fondles them and removes Blue Flashe’s costume and Green Flash has zippers unzipped to expose her. She takes some pics of them to further their humiliation and makes a call and arrange some more fun for them. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, LIFT AND CARRY, LIMP FETISH, NUMEROUS K’S, FORCED STRIPPING, FONDLING, LIMP PLAY, BOOT FETISH, SPANDEX, CATSUITS, BRUNETTES, REDHEADS, HUMILIATION. DOMINATION, BODY DRAGGING

Punishers Punished – Mov – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Ivygrrl Vs. Princess Paradise & Wonder Star! - Full Video (standard Def 640x360)

Another HyponlineMedia Custom Video!

Wonder Star is at IvyGrrls lair when she is accosted by IvyGrrl. Ivy girl attemps to get the upper hand by shooting lasers at Wonder star but she is able to deflect them easily. What Wonder Star hadn’t counted on was Kat waiting in the wings! Kat grabs Wonder Stars arms and now IvyGrrls blast hit their mark, weakening Wonder Star.

Ivy girl walks up to Wonder Star and grabs her lasso of truth, placing it around Wonder Star who quickly falls under its spell.Ivy Girl is made to reveal her plans and the location of Princess Paradise.

Princess Paradise arrives looking for Wonder Star but she is nowhere to be found…Princess paradise is looking for clues for the missing Wonder Star when IvyGrrl and Kat arrive. Princess Paradise demands to know what has happened to Wonder Star.

A struggle breaks out with her foes but it is revealed that she cannot take on 2 villainesses at once and is overpowered by IvyGrrl and Kat!

IvyGrrl smacks princess Paradise around, throws her on the ground and when Princess Paradise is still defiant, she gets blasted with the stunstick…

IvyGrrl blows pheremones into Princess Paradises face and she becomes the plaything of IvyGrrl and Kat.

Kat leaves to get Wonder Star to show her what they’ve done to Princess Paradise. Wonder Star overpowers her foe and races back to find Princess Paradise in the clutches of IvyGrrl.

IvyGrrl immediately blasts Wonder Star with her stun stick, paralyzing her, and goes back to playing with Princess Paradise. WOnder Star tries to get IvyGrrl to stop, but IvyGrrl has had enough and gives Wonder Star a pheremone kiss to keep her compliant.IvyGrrl decides to have a little fun with Wonder Star while she is under IvyGrrls power.

With the two superheroines under IvyGrrls power, IvyGrrl has WOnder Star seduce Princess Paradise, much to the satisfaction of IvyGrrl.

In the next scene, Princess Pardise is cuffed on the couch and can only watch as IvyGrrl has her way with Wonder Star. With the effects of IvyGrrls pheramones still coursing through her body, Princess Paradise becomes turned on and start to play with herself as Wonder Star can’t fight IvyGrrl and has a powerful orgasm. The video ends with IvyGrrl laughing at the pathetic heroines and escaping as the two girls lay moaning in ecstasy..

MODELS:Jayden Cole, Dani Daniels, Melissa Jacobs

Ivygrrl Vs. Princess Paradise & Wonder Star! – Full Video (standard Def 640×360) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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