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She Get Em Room Serviced

Wonder Kenna ( Super sweet & sexy Kenna Valentina) arrives to see why Fork Tongue has bought a hotel. He claims he is going to fix it up. She doesn’t believe him & wants to look around. He takes her on a tour. WOW! He may be telling the truth, for a change. She sits down & he goes to get something. That’s when she notices explosives rigged to the phone. He’s going to blow up the hotel with a rigged phone in every room. He’s after insurance money. Suddenly, she is grabbed & ragged. Cradle carried & tied to a chair. Gagged & her tits are exposed. He goes to rig more phones. She wakes & struggles. Finally getting loose. She goes after him but he eludes her. She comes back into room to deactivate the phone bomb. Fork Tongue sneaks up & clubs her on the head. Stunned she falls back. She is easily handled, grabbed & ragged. Stripped naked, fondled & tied face down on the bed. Something is tied to her face to keep her s le epy. She is totally helpless. Fork Tongue would like to keep her. He can call the switchboard which in turn will call each room phone. Wonder Kenna is in room 1242, can she wake & get free in time?? THIS ADVENTURE CONTINUES WITH STARGIRL ON SUNDAY’S UPDATE!!

She Get Em Room Serviced – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Supra Girl Meets Her Biggest Fan Wmv


Supra Girl has had a thing for Captain Mar’Velle for a long time so when she gets a voice mail from him to meet at secluded place for sometime together she is very excited

When she arrives at the location she finds candles, a bottle of champagne and a note telling her to enjoy the champagne and he will be there soon. The giddy superheroine has been looking forward to a night like this for a long time and starts drinking the slightly greenish bubbly

She starts feeling relaxed right away, but knows it must be in her head, after all, she isn’t affected by things like champagne. She is well into her glass when she feels a pair of hands massaging her shoulders. “Oh Captain” she sighs enjoying the feeling

‘Captain Mar’Velle’ gets very close and smells her hair which she thinks is a little silly but flattering, but then the ‘Captain’ speaks and she realizes it isn’t her hunky hero after all!

Instead of her dream guy it’s one of her nerdy super fans! She questions the voice mail she got and the fan pulls out a device that reproduces Captain Mar’Velle’s voice perfectly

Supra Girl is very annoyed but the fan begs for some of her time and she agrees to give him a few minutes, and have little more champagne since it is so good. Unfortunately it is made with just a little green krypotonite. Not enough to really hurt her, just enough to make her weak and pass out just like her ‘fan’ planned all along. He puts her over his shoulder and brings her to the next room to strip and fondle her. Has a camera set up to record this greatest moment of his life as he enjoys himself on her limp body

Now he has Supra Girl tied with her hands over her head and she is a waking up. He gropes and fondles her more before getting an orgasm wand that is powered by red kryptonite. Not only is she too weak to resist the effects of the powerful vibrations, but the red kryptonite wears away her will to try and fuels her inappropriate desires

Once the Superheroine’s resistance is completely gone the fan has he back in her boots and cape so that he can really enjoy fucking Supra Girl while getting it all on camera, ensuring he will always be able to relive the incredible moment (and possibly as insurance against any super-retribution)Supra Girl gives in to her needs, the green kryptonite has left her body as pliable and vulnerable as any normal woman and the red kryptonite induced orgasms has made 10 times as horny as a normal woman. She cums from her ‘fans’ deep thrusting and even gets on top to get more orgasms before he pulls out and shoots all over her flat toned tummy

She is furious with herself but still feeling the effects of the kryptonite and intense sex but summoning up some defiance she tells the ‘fan’ that he better let her go before she does some real damage to him

Supra Girl Meets Her Biggest Fan Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Punishers Punished - Mov

Green Flash (Sinn Sage) and Blue Flash (Annabelle Lee) are sent to stop Cheyenne and teach her a lesson for having mistreated one of their superheroine friends. Cheyenne is surprised when the two of them enter her house. They tell her that they are taking her in. Cheyenne tries to flee but is stopped by Green Flash with a punch. She hits the ground. Blue Flash thinks that the punch was a bit much and they argue. Distracted, they don’t see Cheyenne get up. She hits their heads together K’ing them out. Each of their bodies are dragged down the hall after some limp play and fondling. She lifts and carries them into the livingroom. She limp plays with them more…making them touch themselves and each other. She even makes them kiss while they are out. Everytime they come to, they are clubbed over the head. She fondles them and removes Blue Flashe’s costume and Green Flash has zippers unzipped to expose her. She takes some pics of them to further their humiliation and makes a call and arrange some more fun for them. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, LIFT AND CARRY, LIMP FETISH, NUMEROUS K’S, FORCED STRIPPING, FONDLING, LIMP PLAY, BOOT FETISH, SPANDEX, CATSUITS, BRUNETTES, REDHEADS, HUMILIATION. DOMINATION, BODY DRAGGING

Punishers Punished – Mov – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Ivygrrl Vs. Princess Paradise & Wonder Star! - Full Video (standard Def 640x360)

Another HyponlineMedia Custom Video!

Wonder Star is at IvyGrrls lair when she is accosted by IvyGrrl. Ivy girl attemps to get the upper hand by shooting lasers at Wonder star but she is able to deflect them easily. What Wonder Star hadn’t counted on was Kat waiting in the wings! Kat grabs Wonder Stars arms and now IvyGrrls blast hit their mark, weakening Wonder Star.

Ivy girl walks up to Wonder Star and grabs her lasso of truth, placing it around Wonder Star who quickly falls under its spell.Ivy Girl is made to reveal her plans and the location of Princess Paradise.

Princess Paradise arrives looking for Wonder Star but she is nowhere to be found…Princess paradise is looking for clues for the missing Wonder Star when IvyGrrl and Kat arrive. Princess Paradise demands to know what has happened to Wonder Star.

A struggle breaks out with her foes but it is revealed that she cannot take on 2 villainesses at once and is overpowered by IvyGrrl and Kat!

IvyGrrl smacks princess Paradise around, throws her on the ground and when Princess Paradise is still defiant, she gets blasted with the stunstick…

IvyGrrl blows pheremones into Princess Paradises face and she becomes the plaything of IvyGrrl and Kat.

Kat leaves to get Wonder Star to show her what they’ve done to Princess Paradise. Wonder Star overpowers her foe and races back to find Princess Paradise in the clutches of IvyGrrl.

IvyGrrl immediately blasts Wonder Star with her stun stick, paralyzing her, and goes back to playing with Princess Paradise. WOnder Star tries to get IvyGrrl to stop, but IvyGrrl has had enough and gives Wonder Star a pheremone kiss to keep her compliant.IvyGrrl decides to have a little fun with Wonder Star while she is under IvyGrrls power.

With the two superheroines under IvyGrrls power, IvyGrrl has WOnder Star seduce Princess Paradise, much to the satisfaction of IvyGrrl.

In the next scene, Princess Pardise is cuffed on the couch and can only watch as IvyGrrl has her way with Wonder Star. With the effects of IvyGrrls pheramones still coursing through her body, Princess Paradise becomes turned on and start to play with herself as Wonder Star can’t fight IvyGrrl and has a powerful orgasm. The video ends with IvyGrrl laughing at the pathetic heroines and escaping as the two girls lay moaning in ecstasy..

MODELS:Jayden Cole, Dani Daniels, Melissa Jacobs

Ivygrrl Vs. Princess Paradise & Wonder Star! – Full Video (standard Def 640×360) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Cougars And Bimbos (wmv)

This is another double threat combo putting together a HK Seduction is Power classic “Miss Mayhem vs Camy” where Maggie Mayhem plays the heroine Miss Mayhem against the bimbo supervillainess Camy (played by Kimberly Marvel) Miss Mayhem has superior martial arts training but she’s not prepared for the power of Camy’s drugged lipstick and is subdued with a kiss. Then she is tied up and put under Camy’s intoxicating spell. In the next vid Lightning Girl tries to take down the Cougar but falls prey to her drugged cigarette smoke. Then she wakes up also tied up and the Cougar has her sights set on seducing her helpless victim. She kisses her neck, plays with her tits and eventually kisses her hard on the lips. Soon Lightning Girl is her willing pet!

Cougars And Bimbos (wmv) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Give Me A Minute ---quicktime

Bat Chick ( Super hot body former Lingerie football model Nicole Taylor)She is after the Minute Man. He has a stopwatch that can stop time. He uses it against this SUPER HOT SUPERHEROINE!. He toys with her. She is STUCK…FROZEN! Unable to fight back. He fondles her. Ties her up & fondles her some more. His stopwatch incapacitates her. He can do whatever he wants. He has the power to totally control her. He strips her naked and puts his hands all over her tight muscular body. She truly has the body of a warrior. She is strong, she fights back but in the end…HER TIME IS UP!!!…MOVE FILE..WMV VERSION AT STORE # 51405

Give Me A Minute —quicktime – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Catwoman In Tables Turned - Part 5


Catwoman busts down the door of Dark Shadow’s lair. The criminal has escaped from jail yet again. Catwoman beats him down and informs him that he is going to be her slave instead of sent to jail where he always escapes from. She walks him like a dog, humiliates him, spits in his mouth, makes him smell her armpits and clean her shoes with his tongue. But, she has gotten too cocky and he overtakes her. The tables are turned and she is punished. She is bound, fondled, stripped and spanked. When she talks too much, Dark Shadow stuffs her panties in her mouth and tapes it shut. She is suspended and spanked and fondled more. She is tied to an X-cross and spanking and paddled. Then, its on to a magic wand forced orgasm. Once that is complete, she is made to suck Dark Shadow’s dick and then he fucks her…cowgirl, missionary and doggy. Once she is fully converted to his slave, he walks her on a leash and makes him clean his shoes. Finally, he makes her get on all fours and uses her as a foot stool as he takes a few more swats with the paddle.

Starring Esmi Lee and Dark Shadow

Catwoman In Tables Turned – Part 5 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Wonder Woman- Under The Influence (mobile)

In this Superheroine Parody….

Wonder Woman has been captured by an evil sorcerer who has mixed up a magic potion just for her. With one sip she is completely under the influence of her captor and willing to do anything he asks of her.

The heroine transforms from a feisty crime fighter, to a sexy stripper! She slowly moves to music while peeling off her uniform and giving the sorcerer a seductive lap dance.

This 10 minute clip includes superheroines, lap dance, strip tease, costumes, pantyhose and magic.

Wonder Woman- Under The Influence (mobile) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Honeydew Hyp Notized

Sequel to HoneydewHerself
Honeydew wakes up and finds herself tied up with hands tied behind her back, rope tied over her chest, ankles tied together, and a crotch rope. She struggles to get free but finds herself distracted by the pleasure she’s getting from the crotch rope as there is still some serum in her system.
After a few minutes of struggling, Sin’s henchman comes in and flashes a hyp notic light at Honeydew. Sin has decided that her henchman can keep Honeydew as his own personal plaything and that from now on she will call him Master. The henchman tells her he will untie her and give her her belt and boots back since they won’t do her any good now (little does he know that once Honeydew gets her belt back the hyp nosis will wear off).
The henchman commands Honeydew to do a sexy dance for his pleasure. Honeydew dances sexily, pretending to still be under the hypno sis. After a few minutes of dancing the henchman then commands Honeydew to give him a lap dance. She walks over to the henchman who is sitting in a chair and Honeydew gives him a lap dance, humping him forward then backward all the while the henchman runs his hands all over Honeydew’s body.
After a few minutes the henchman commands Honeydew to come with him to the bedroom, and that’s when Honeydew strikes, knocking the surprised henchman to the ground. Honeydew tells the henchman she was faking it and gives him a couple of kicks while he is on the ground, calling him a pervert. She tells the henchman to tell Sin that she and HoneyLove are coming for her.

Keywords: Honeydew, Bondage, Hyp nosis, Dancing

This video was custom ordered! To order your own custom video, click here!

Honeydew Hyp Notized – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Frozen And Under My Control - Hd

Gladiator Woman (Lacey Lane) watches a space craft crash. When she goes to investigate the house it landed on, she is talked to by an Alien on a Monitor. It pulls out its freeze gadget and freezes her into place. She is motionless. It decides it is going to play with her and see if she is capable of being controlled so it can bring her back to its planet to be a breeding tool for its population. She is h y p n o’d and controlled into dancing and stripping off her costume. She is ordered to the bed where she is fondled. She is helpless and unable to get any control. She is ordered to stand up again and it freezes her again and again. It wants to toy with her. She is a fine speciment. She is ordered to walk out to the ship. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, FREEZE, STRIP TEASE, STUCK, ROBOTS, MIND CONTROL, NUDITY, FONDLING, EFFECTS, POV

Frozen And Under My Control – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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