Double Trouble – Wmv

Double Trouble - Wmv

Tomiko Prince is with the head of the Science Program going on a tour when all of a sudden the alarms go off. It seems like the Gamma Ray Reactor is malfunctioning. The Scientist announces to evacuate the building, but Tomiko Prince tells him that she will be a few minutes. She rushes into the reactor room and starts to spin into Wonder Tomi. An explosion occurs and she is split into Wonder Tomi and Tomiko Prince. There is confusion as Wonder Tomi and Tomiko Prince look at each other and try to figure what is going on. Wonder Tomi informs Tomiko Prince that they need to get back together, but Tomiko Prince has other things in mind. We see Wonder Tomi cuffed down to the bed and Tomiko Prince who seems to be getting more evil by the second enters the room to see the struggling Wonder Tomi. Even though she has her powerblet on and cuffs, she doesn’t seem to have the strength to break free. When the split occured, her powers were taken and transformed over to Tomiko Prince. Without her powers she would be helpless. Tomiko Prince starts to toil with Wonder Tomi. She gropes her and starts taking her costume off. She removes the belt and places it around herself. Wonder Tomi is gagged with tape. Tomiko Prince grabs a vibrator and starts to vibe Wonder Tomi. She forces her to have an orgasm. (Very intense orgasm scene) Wonder Tomi is defeated and Tomiko Prince picks up her costume and tells her she is going to change and go out on the town as Wonder Tomi. She is going to have fun at the bars and she is going to get laid a lot that evening. Wonder Tomi can’t do anything but stare…knowing that her reputation is going to be ruined. What is going to happen to Wonder Tomi? Will she be able to ever get her other half back as a whole? What will evil Tomiko Prince as evil Wonder Tomi do? Special effects in this one and green screen!!! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, SPECIAL EFFECTS, NUDITY, FORCED ORGASM, CUFF BONDAGE, DOMINATION, BOOT FETISH, HUMILIATION, ORGASMS, TAPE GAG, STRUGGLING

Double Trouble – Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Proton Girl Gets Villainous Medical Exam Full High Def

All American hero Proton Girl is in for a medical exam, but she has no idea her physician is the evil Shock Doctor!!!

As he pokes and prods her she grows suspicious, but she reluctantly agrees to strip for the second part of the exam.

The evil Doctor makes her run in place naked to check her pulse and lets his hands go wherever they want

When the embarrassed superheroin finally decides to confront the Doctor about his malpractice he tricks her in to inhaling an electron infused compound that leaves her weak and powerless.

The Doctor then tests both her tickle and orgasm thresholds


Proton Girl Gets Villainous Medical Exam Full High Def – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Lightening Lass Vs White Spider And Black Widow Full High Quality

Lightening Lass has tracked down the White Spider and plans to take him down! Unfortunately for the feisty superheroine she has under estimated the White Spiders amazing agility and powerful web. She finds herself captured and brought to the lair of the deadly Black Widow!

It turns out it was all part of Lightening Lasses plan and she breaks free of the web making the Black Widow cringe in fear. The White Spider tries to grab her but she whirls around and starts using her lightning speed and electrified fists to beat the villain down.

She never should have turned her back on the Black Widow! She is poisoned and recaptured and to make the poison fully effective the widow forces poor Lightening Lass to orgasm.

With everything slowly going dark Lightening Lass discovers the awful truth about the only antidote to the Black Widows venom! She shames herself to get it but she has no choice

Lightening Lass Vs White Spider And Black Widow Full High Quality – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]


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T.r.u.s.t. Me

T.r.u.s.t. Me

In this exciting new clip, Wonder Shellene has decided that it’s just impossible for her to be everywhere at once, so she has selected the creme de la creme od the superheroines and brought together a group of the best of the best! The Tactical Reknowned Uber Superheroine Team, or T.R.U.S.T. is the group that she has formed. This clip shows the coming together of the group of superheroines and their first mission as such! The ill-famed Formicida has surfaced! After claiming responsibility for destroying a high-end office building with her superpowers, Supra (a member of T.R.U.S.T. has gathered the needed information of Formicida’s hide-out! She contacts Wonder Shellene, but after a party and too much celebration, the amazon askes Supra to go into the lair in her place and bring Formicida to justice! She also askes that a brand new recruit, SnowCat, accomnpany Supra to gain much needed field experience. Supra takes the challange and shows up at the lair of Formicida with SnowCat. When Supra mistakingly seperates from SnowCat, Formicida makes her move! She ascends on the inexperienced SnowCat, attacking her with her ants and then disabling her vocal cvords with a biogentic spray! Supra returns to find SnowCat bound in chains and unable to speak. Formicida then shows herself to the girl of steel and corners her with a glowing green kryptonian stick that renders the superheroine out cold. Formicida is irrate at the fact that Wonder Shellene sent two ‘second’rate’ superheroines in her place. Just how will she retaloiate NOW?!

T.r.u.s.t. Me – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Hp-455 Wonder Womyn Vs The Hypnotherapist - Hd

Wonder Womyn is in pursuit of a sexy hypnotherapist that hypnotizes her victim to have them at her mercy. She finds the evil villainess, and an epic battle is on!!! Models Hollywould and Robin

Hp-455 Wonder Womyn Vs The Hypnotherapist – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Catgurl Is Out For Justice Hd

Catgurl Is Out For Justice Hd

Or At Least Her Powers

Catgurl is so sick of Justice Gurl stopping her evil plans so she forms one to get her out of the way. She tricks her into an alley and renders her immobile. Justice Girl awakes to find her powers are diminished from something in the room and struggles to get free. Catgurl hears her struggles and comes in to finish her plan. She tickles the helpless heroine and begins forcing her to multiple orgasms to weaken her further and when Justice Gurl is at her weakest she grabs the special strap-on. Catgurl fucks the our heroine hard while continuing to tickle her sides and ribs draining her powers slowly. To Finish her off Catgurl rolls her nemesis on her back and fucks her even harder while tickling her feet until Justice Gurl has nothing left.

Catgurl Is Out For Justice Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Cory Chase Vs. Worthless Henchman - Part 2 (iphone)

A rookie Super Villain and his Worthless Henchman attempted to capture Cory Chase. The Henchman brought the Powerful Cory Chase to his hideout and waited for a phone call from his Boss. The Boss was on a budget, as he is new to crime and hired the cheapest Henchman he could find. This was a big mistake. Cory was no ordinary Super Heroine…She could seduce a man with her words and the Henchman did not stand a chance against her…With only her feet he talked herself out of her ankle cuffs…It was all over for the Henchman now…Cory taughnts the loser Henchman that she over powered him with only her feet and words…

Cory Chase Vs. Worthless Henchman – Part 2 (iphone) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]


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Athena Triumph’s Interrogation

Athena Triumph's Interrogation

Athena Triumph has been bound and is being questioned about a briefcase that she has hidden. When she sasses her interrogator, her mask is removed and a scarf is stuffed into her mouth through the opening. She is spanked, tickled and made to come repeatedly, but will she ever give up the secrets of it’s whereabouts?

Athena Triumph\’s Interrogation – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]


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Wonder Turns Evil – Wmv

Wonder Turns Evil - Wmv

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) investigates the basement of the hideout where the Evil Scientist is supposed to be. She sees the android that Bopo had borrowed, but he seems to be in sleep mode. Turning away from it, she doesn’t expect to get clubbed to the head and is stunned. The Android throws a net over her and lifts and carries her. She is placed in a chair and tied to head with the net still keeping her helpless. The Evil Scientist appears and orders the Android to put the hypno device on her head. This makes Wonder Tomi a mindless puppet that is ready for instruction. The Evil Scientist tells her she will be given a special cell phone where he can communicate with her. She is ordered to be evil and to trick the two superheroines that she will be visiting. She is ordered to do all kinds of evil things, and the evil Wonder Tomi agrees that she will now be evil. She is untied and we see her in the bedroom. She strips off her costume and starts to masturbate. She is consumed with evil thoughts as she plays with herself. Who will be the unlucky Superheroine that will be the victim of her evil ways?? Stay tuned….FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, ROBOTS, MIND CONTROL, MASTURBATION, HAND OVER MOUTH, LIFT AND CARRY, BOOT FETISH, K O, BONDAGE

Wonder Turns Evil – Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Avalon Director’s Cut

Avalon Director's Cut

Deleted scenes, extra fights, more peril, more action!

Avalon Director\’s Cut – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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