2 For The Price 1 – Wmv Hd

2 For The Price 1 - Wmv Hd

The Contractor (Cheyenne Jewel) and her henchman (Kid Dynamite) need to get Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) out of the way for all their crime gangs. Cheyenne knows that the mob will pay big bucks for Wonder Tomi’s capture. They talk over their plans. Cheyenne calls Wonder Tomi with a fake distress call telling her that she has info that she can’t tell her about over the phone.. Wonder Tomi flies over in her invisible plane to the location. Wonder Tomi is ambushed and K O’d. Cheyenne unfortunately doesn’t know that her Henchman plans on getting her, too…so she is K O’d, too. The Henchman takes Wonder Tomi’s powerbelt and bracelets and drags her body across the floor. He also drags Cheyenne’s body. He ties and gags both women planning on making some bucks on them after he has a little fun. He leaves the room and they struggle. Wonder Tomi manages to get free and only frees Cheyenne because she agrees to help her capture the henchman. The henchman is ambushed and punched in the stomach. He is K O’d. Wonder Tomi gets swindled by Cheyenne and is K O’d. Her costume is stripped off of her with her tights pulled down to her boots. She is hogtied nude on the couch and Cheyenne calls the mob to come pick her up. Looks like she is going to cash in big time! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, BONDAGE, BODY DRAGGING, STRIPPING, BOOT FETISH, FISHNETS, K O, TAPE GAG, GAG, EFFECTS,

2 For The Price 1 – Wmv Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Robin: Sex Slave

Robin: Sex Slave

Robin has captured Dark Shadow and has come to gloat at his jail cell. But, Dark Shadow swears he will be back for revenge. And he is true to his word. Escaped from jail, he visits Robin. A brief fight ensues and Dark Shadow is taken down….or is he….does he have a surprise to take down Robin.

Of course he does. And from here, he takes his revenge. His goal is to make Robin his sex slave. Robin is bound and fondled all over her pretty body. Next, she is made to strip nude and her panties are put on her head for a minute. She is made to dance and fondled. Then Dark Shadow takes her down with a rag.

She is then bound with hands above her head. He spanks her and fondles her. He gives her a forced orgasm with a Magic Wand. Next its time for ball gag, fondling and spanking until she agrees to be his sex slave. He unties her and walks her out on all fours.

Straight to the bedroom for a little doggy style sex with her hands handcuffed in front of her…until Dark Shadow fills her up with Supervillain sperm!!!

Robin: Sex Slave – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Monsters Try To Unmask Superheroine - Tni-032 - Full Version (low Quality)

Superheroines, Aliens & Monsters, Mask Fetish, Mixed Fighting, Costumes

Monsters Try To Unmask Superheroine – Tni-032 – Full Version (low Quality) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Wonder Babe And Star Vs. Bones

Wonder Babe And Star Vs. Bones

Princess Star (Holly West) and Wonder Babe (Mikayla Mendez) are planning to go patrol the streets on Halloween to make sure everyone is safe from the Mastermind and his minions. Princess Star makes a friendly pot of tea for them to enjoy. Bones sneaks up on Star and takes control of her with a hypnotic ring after a fierce battle. Wonder Babe arrives and they drink the tea that has a special ingredient added courtesy of Bones. This makes Wonder Babe €œcomfortable€ and her and Star begin undressing. Bones arrives, they snap out of it and the battle continues€¦this time Bones gets to use both of his dicks at once. Tied up, taken and defeated is how Bones leaves these Super Sluts! Enjoy, TIT BUSTING, GROPING, LESBIANS, CROTCH BUSTING, LOW BLOWS. MIND CONTROL AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! An all time DOMINATED HEROINES classic!

Wonder Babe And Star Vs. Bones – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Danced Into Submission – Wmv

Danced Into Submission - Wmv

The Evil Gypsy (Caroline Pierce) is sitting at her laptop sending messages to all her mind controlled followers. Her newest follower is the Captain of the US aircraft carrier. Tomiko Prince as Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) goes to investigate. Wonder Tomi sneaks into the house and watches the beautiful, Evil Gypsy. She hears her plan and busts into the room telling her she is under arrest. The gypsy starts dancing her hypnotic bellydancing. The music is playing and Wonder Tomi starts to feel funny. Something about the music…the body movements…can’t resist…must obey. She is ordered to take her powerbelt off and magic bracelets. Wonder Tomi hands them over. The Gypsy brings a chair and she tells her that she is going to dance of sleep. Wonder Tomi can’t keep her eyes open. She falls asleep. She wakes up and is tied to the chair. Wonder Tomi demands to know where she is taking her and the gypsy shuts her up with a gag. Wonder Tomi struggles to get loose and manages to finally get untied. She hides. The gypsy comes back and gets a surprise attack from Wonder Tomi. Wonder Tomi is still weak and is grappled down to the ground and put in a scissor hold around her neck where she is stunned. The Gypsy starts to dance and Wonder Tomi is ordered to dance and strip out of her costume. Once Wonder Tomi is nude the gypsy orders her to put herself to sleep with a special cloth she hands her. Wonder Tomi slowly K O’s and falls to the ground. The Gypsy uses her scarves to tie her up into a hog tie. She ties the magic cloth to her mouth and blindfolds her. It looks like Wonder Tomi is going to be shipped to Egypt as merchandise. She will make a perfect sex slave and she is nude and ready for arrivial. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, K O, DANCING, BELLY DANCING, FORCED STRIPPING, BONDAGE, SCARVES, MIND CONTROL, ROBOTS.

Danced Into Submission – Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Superheroine Rubs Pussy As Demanded By Monsters - Tni-030 - Full Version (low Quality)

Superheroines, Domination, Masturbation, Aliens & Monsters, Costumes, Pussy Rubbing

Superheroine Rubs Pussy As Demanded By Monsters – Tni-030 – Full Version (low Quality) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Nighthawk Analy Probed - Tortured - Part 1

Perhaps are most shocking video yet as Nighthawk, still captive at the hands of the Black Dragons, is tied, spread and face down – suspended on a giant beam. Strapped to the device with unbreakable chords, she is provocatively and very demeaningly spread wide open as the villain enters to begin molesting her. She tries desperately to break free but even her super strength cannot break the straps as the villain takes full advantage of her spread position to slide his hands over her ass and crotch, stroking her body to his content before producing an electrode anal probe which produces a hideous torture effect. By inserting into her ass, pressing it and her entire costume up her butt, it stimulates her digestive track by injecting electrical enzymes which create fury in her bowels. The torture goes on forever as she moans in dire agony, the electric probe pushing deeper inside her perfect ass as the superheroine suffers incredible shame and pain before losing all consciousness.

Nighthawk Analy Probed – Tortured – Part 1 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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I Get A Kick Out Of Bat Tomi – Mov

I Get A Kick Out Of Bat Tomi - Mov

Naughty Cat (Cristina Skye) plans on stealing all the Uranium. Bat Tomi (Tomiko) is the only thing standing in her way. She sets up a trap with her henchman. Bat Tomi arrives and Naughty Cat uses her K O spray on her…except, Bat Tomi has taken her anti K O Gas Pills before arriving so it has no effect on her. A fight breaks out and it looks like Bat Tomi will get the upperhand. She doesn’t see the henchman sneaking up behind her with the club, and down she goes. Her utility belt and gloves are taken from her. Bat Tomi is lifted and carried to the couch where she is tied up and gagged. Naughty Cat tells her the plan and the henchman and her take off to get the Uranium. Bat Tomi struggles and tries to get loose. The two villains come back. Naughty Cat leaves the henchman to do whatever he wants. He fondles Bat Tomi and exposes her boobs sucking on her nipple. He then takes liberties kissing her. Bat Tomi comes up with an idea. She tricks the henchman into believing that she wants to have sex with him. He unties and ungags her while Bat Tomi sweet talks him. When she is finally free, she kicks him with a chop to the neck. He is K O’d and she is able to tie him up and also capture Naughty Cat. They are both left there…while Bat Tomi is able to make some calls and return the stolen Uranium. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINE, BONDAGE, CLEAVE GAG, K O, LIFT AND CARRY, SPANDEX, TOPLESS, NIPPLE SUCKING, KISSING, BALLBUSTING, NECK KICK, BOOT FETISH, COSTUMES ***ANOTHER LONG CLIP FOR A NICE FAN APPRECIATION PRICE!! ENJOY AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

I Get A Kick Out Of Bat Tomi – Mov – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Wonder Kithos + Bat Woeman: The Creating Of The Bustice League (wmv)

Wonder Kithos – Season 2 – Episode 1

Bat Woman (Hannah Perez) receives a mysterious letter that she needs to meet at the 42nd street to receive an important message regarding her future welfare. When she makes her way over to the abandoned parking lot, she’s greeted by a mysterious person. The courier says, “You must be Bat Woeman?” Bat Woeman replies defiantly, “Yah, what of it?” The Courier makes his way over to her and says, “You life is in danger!” Without hesitating one moment, Bat Woeman does a round house kick to his face and he falls to the ground. Bat Woman punches him, grabs him by the shirt, and continues to punch him over and over again. He keeps saying that he has a message from someone important, but Bat Woman doesn’t let up and keeps saying, things like, “Yeah I have a message for your boss.” Finally the courier K-0’s her and she falls to the ground and then is placed into the backseat of his car.

Bat Woeman awakes in a chair that she’s tied and being interrogated. Finally Wonder Kithos comes to the rescue of Bat Woeman. Superheroines have been disappearing from all areas and crime is increasing as we speak. Someone has abducted all of the superheroines and she knows that The Collector must be up to no good again. Together both Wonder Kithos and Bat Woeman can help stop The Collector and free the superheroines. Wonder Kithos asks if Bat Woman has heard of the famous Justice league and then suggests that she be a part of an all-female league called The Bustice League. Together they can apprehend The Collector and stop the mass-spread of crime across the city. There first stop is to investigate the last known whereabouts of The Collector.
Starring Angelique Kithos and Hannah Perez

This clip sets up the remaining 14 episodes of the Wonder Kithos season 2 series and geared towards lover of Wonder Woman and bat Girl parodies. Features boy/girl fighting, strict bondage, outdoor investigations, KO, rescue, and car abduction.

Click Here for Large Clip Image
Windows WMV Version: 2000 Kbps, 720×480 and shot in 16:9 format on 1080i HDV

Wonder Kithos + Bat Woeman: The Creating Of The Bustice League (wmv) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Angie Noir In Power Gurl Loses Her Powers (hd)

Power Gurl is captured and all her powers are stolen…Her powers are transferred with every forced orgasm…Cory is relentless and causes Power Gurl to cum over and over…When Cory is finished, Power Gurl is a cruel shell of the super heroine she once was…Nude, stripped and weak, Power Gurl can only hope a good seminarian finds her first…

Angie Noir In Power Gurl Loses Her Powers (hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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