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Not So Easy To Catch

GoldStar thinks Pimp Daddy is just a common criminal. Easy to apprehend. Easy to bring to justice. Easy to catch & bring in! Pimp Daddy is a career criminal & has lots of tricks up his sleeves!. She enters his lair & tells him he is going to jail. Pimp Daddy has a handy can of BONDAGE STRING! He sprays it at her & instantly…she is tied up. Now he can easily fondle her. THAT MAKES HER WEAK! He gets her down on the lounger, fondles her all over. Now its time to vibe her & make her VERY WEAK! He goes to town with his vibrator. Now its time to hypno her. She will be his next obedient HO.He uses a flashing light to put her in a trance. Now she cuddles up to Pimp Daddy. She wants his cock but he has customers waiting to play her back 9.He goes to collect money so they can fuck his new HO! While alone, she vibes herself. SHE HAS A HOT ORGASM! It breaks her out of her trance. Pimp Daddy comes back, a very weak GoldStar tries to confront him. He K O s her with sl e e p gas. Now we see her naked. With a rag tied to her face.Pimp Daddy tells us to fuck her & suck her but only anal. He wants her pussy all to himself!! She thought he was an easy common criminal to catch…BOY WAS SHE WRONG!!!

Not So Easy To Catch – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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All Powerful Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has discovered Dark Shadow’s secret lair and is there to capture him. He puts up a weak fight, but she is much too powerful. She easily subdues and handcuffs him. Then she gives him a choice….lick her boots and go to jail or die. The cowardly criminal of course licks her boots.

3 years later, Dark Shadow has escaped, unbeknownst to Wonder Woman. He has discovered some secrets in jail, including the only substance in existence that can overpower Wonder Woman. He takes advantage and uses it to take her down.

Now its time for revenge. Dark Shadow embarks on a slave training regimen for Wonder Woman. He begins with some fondling bondage, followed by some humiliation…he trains her as his puppy, making her walk, sit, lay down and bark. And, he gets even with her, making her lick his boots. Next, he puts her over his knee for a nice hard spanking. Then, he wants to see some more flesh. He makes her strip mostly naked. He lets her keep her headband and cape. He forces her to dance and then give him a lap dance. This training has limited effect, as Wonder Woman still has a strong will and a smart mouth. From here on, he begins breaking her down. He ball gags her and plays with and fingers her pussy. The pleasure is almost too much for her. Almost. However, next he ties her hands over head and applies the Magic Wand vibrator, which has turned quite a few heroines. And, it does its job. Orgasm after orgasm, Wonder Woman looses her will. She is so out of control, she end up partially on Dark Shadow’s lap, but mostly suspended by the ropes holding her. Once the Magic Wand has done its job, Wonder Woman is Dark Shadow’s sex slave. And he uses her for that. He fucks her missionary and spoons positions and then decides its time for a little anal. He fucks her ass hard until he cums inside it.

All Powerful Wonder Woman – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Lady Hawk- Alien Impregnation High Def

Lady Hawk has discovered an alien invasion. She is on the run and desperate to contact the government to warn them of the impending doom. She tries to find shelter in secure office building but the aliens are a step ahead and despite her superheroine abilities she is falls to the invaders powerful stun beams.She is taken aboard the aliens ship where she is slowly examined and stripped. She wakes a few times but is subdued each time. When the aliens finally allow her to regain consciousness she is under the effect of their powerful technology and is unable to coordinate her muscles and can barely lift her head, and she can only do that because of her superpowers.One of the aliens has special apparatus on her hands and continues to examine, poke and prod Lady Hawk, taking note of places that have the most nerve stimulus, which leads the it to pay special attention to the most embarrassing areas.The stimulation from the examination is too much and Lady Hawk can’t hold back the orgasms induced by the alien technology, Each climax leaves her weaker.The alien takes the examination to a more invasive level and begins the dreaded ANAL PROBING! Lady Hawk is horrified and mortified! The the alien probes her pussy as well. Again Lady Hawk resists as best she can but she has been fitted with some harness designed to block her mind from controlling her body while enhancing the sensations from the alien’s probing.Finally Lady Hawk finds out the purpose of the examination. The Aliens are going to IMPREGNATE HER!!!! After more deep probing the alien uses a large syringe to force thick white alien semen up her orgasmically stimulated vagina. The alien then uses a probe to work the space cum deeper inside the horrified heroin. The effect is immediate, Lady Hawk can feel it growing inside her and her hard flat tummy begins bulging right in front of her eyes!!!

Lady Hawk- Alien Impregnation High Def – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Wonder Girl Tag Teamed (dialup)


Wonder Girl is hot on the trail of missing Superheroines and its led her to Hypnotica’s lair. Once there, the two engage in a fight, which Wonder Girl is winning. Unfortunately for her, she has not counted on Dark Shadow and his rag to render her out. Quickly captured, the two villains decide to tag team her and she is bound and abused for the rest of the video. Fondling, forced kissing, forced striptease and lap dance, another rag, spanking, debooting, toe sucking, tickle torture, pussy fingering, magic wand forced orgasm, anal fingering and bound strap-on sex.

Starring Natalia Robles, Katie Cummings and Dark Shadow

Wonder Girl Tag Teamed (dialup) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

**mp4** Super Shag - Ultimate Lust (part 3 - Hd 1280x720)

[ Superhero, Machinima, Virtual Sex, Animation, Costume, Fucking, Anal Sex, Rough Sex, Storyline, Role Play, Second Life ]

Everyone knew that Clark had the hots for Diana, anytime she happened to stop by the Daily Planet she made sure to stop by his desk and flirt just to see him blush. Today was no different, she swept into the bustling newspaper office looking for Clark only he wasn’t at his desk. Someone said to check the copy room and when she opened the door there he was stroking his fat cock and moaning her name! Diana was the one to blush as she quickly tried to leave but Clark caught up with her and tried to play off what had just happened. Seeing her blush for a change had his dick throbbing. By the time she hurried out of the office he was already plotting how he’d get her alone…

Diana couldn’t get the image of Clark out of her mind, the way his body moved as his big hand closed around his cock, the roll of his wrist as he wanked his meat fat until it dripped with his lust and he moaned her name. It was enough to have Diana rushing back to Themyscira where she could try and focus herself again. That lasted all of 5 minutes when she laid down on the plush chaise and started running her hand over her body. Her breasts ached and heat pooled between her thighs thinking of Clark. Within moment she was naked and writhing as images of Clark filled her mind. She had to have him… and she would!

Clark was out the door seconds after Diana but she had disappeared, thinking she’d headed back to the base Clark made a quick change to try and cut her off. One minute, mild mannered Clark stepped into the phone booth and the next Superman was racing through the sky trying to track down the object of his desire. Diana had made it back to the base just as Superman arrived, unable to change with so many people around, Diana was grabbed and whisked away. He was flying so fast to get her to the Fortress of Solitude she from the g-force.

Superman carried her inside the crystal and ice labyrinth and laid her down eyeing her lithe, tight body and couldn’t help having a look. He had her half stripped when she came to and shoved him back, jumping to her feet as she changed into Wonder Woman. Watching her change only made Superman’s cock turn to steel. Unable to hold back to grabbed her and had her on her knees using his super strength. His thick muscle dripping with lust as he pushed the fat head between her plump, hungry lips. Soon neither of them cared as the ultimate lust took over and they were both writhing with wanton need. Wonder Woman was moaning when he finally pushed inside her tight slit spearing her with fat, hard cock, then she really knew why they called him, “The Man of Steel.”

**mp4** Super Shag – Ultimate Lust (part 3 – Hd 1280×720) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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I Put A Spell On You

HOT FIT BLOND Mandy K is the Silver Avenger, she has finally cornered Bopo The Clown. She wants to take him to jail. Bopo has a gift , its perfume. Its causes memory lost. Silver Avenger forgets who she is & why shes there. Bopo tells her she is his GF, named Bonnie. He tells her to get into a bikini. She seems confused but Bopo does his best to convince her. He tells her she is kinky, likes bondage and anal sex. She seems unsure so he ties her up, just in case. Once she seems ready to serve him, he unties her. BUT…OH NO…she remembers who she is now. She beats up ole Bopo. Then she calls the cops to pick him up. Is Bopo going to jail??? I doubt it….TO BE CONTINUED….REG WMV FILE


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Nighthawk Analy Probed - Tortured - Part 1

Perhaps are most shocking video yet as Nighthawk, still captive at the hands of the Black Dragons, is tied, spread and face down – suspended on a giant beam. Strapped to the device with unbreakable chords, she is provocatively and very demeaningly spread wide open as the villain enters to begin molesting her. She tries desperately to break free but even her super strength cannot break the straps as the villain takes full advantage of her spread position to slide his hands over her ass and crotch, stroking her body to his content before producing an electrode anal probe which produces a hideous torture effect. By inserting into her ass, pressing it and her entire costume up her butt, it stimulates her digestive track by injecting electrical enzymes which create fury in her bowels. The torture goes on forever as she moans in dire agony, the electric probe pushing deeper inside her perfect ass as the superheroine suffers incredible shame and pain before losing all consciousness.

Nighthawk Analy Probed – Tortured – Part 1 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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The Black Spider's Forced Orgasm And Shame - 1280 X 720 Hd Wmv Version

The Black Spider IN FULL HD VERSION infiltrates the lair of the dragon to squash out their reign of terror. In her skin tight suit, masked to protect her identity, she is attacked by the Dragon’s henchman – but she easily takes him down – beating the larger man handily, punishing him with lightning fast strikes until he can no longer stand. But, the Dragon announces to the triumphant beauty that she is no match for his particle disruptor and the sexy crime fighter is struck by the agonizing weapon which tears at her ever molecule. She collapses and arches in agony, with incredible HD camera work showing her translucent costume and smoking hot superheroine body, arching and convulsing in pain and humiliation. Weakened and unable to defend herself, she can do nothing to stop Lothar – the henchman – as he enters to stomp and squash her with his powerful booted leg. She squirms like a bug being squashed, agonizing and humiliated, but she cannot escape. Lothar trounces her. She awakens bound as the henchman again enters, fascinated by her amazingly tight body and he cannot keep his hands off her as he begins to explore every inch of her, massaging her sexy tits as she begs for mercy – and then she endures a humiliating anal invasion as he digs into her sexy ass crack, probing her anus with his gloved, powerful fingers, before spinning the heroine around and focusing on her pussy. Lothar expertly begins rubbing her clit, she cannot stop him and she is forced to climax inside her spandex suit – totally shamed and humiliated. 1280 x 720 HD wmv version

The Black Spider\’s Forced Orgasm And Shame – 1280 X 720 Hd Wmv Version – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Bopo's Hotgirl Property - Wmv

Seems like Bopo wants a taste of Hotgirl (Christina Skye). His Henchmen ambush, fondle and tie her up. She is club KO’d and carried away by both men. One of them really checks out her tits. She is now Bopo’s property or maybe she should be considered as a rental. Oh no!!! It’s going to be a weekend of anal action for Hotgirl. Maybe she will like it! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINE, NUDITY, BOOT FETISH, TAPE GAG, LIFT AND CARRY, DOMINATION, KO, CLUB KO, SPANDEX, BONDAGE

Bopo\’s Hotgirl Property – Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Violation Of Superbabe

Superbabe is on the couch reading the paper when she sees an article that Lady Dementia has struck again. Off to arrest her. She discovers her lair, but Lady Dementia has installed a device that counteracts all powers. The women must fight as ordinary humans. After a fight, Dementia gains the upper hand and ties up Superbabe. She cuts off her costume and fondles her naked body. She reties her with her hands behind her back. She spanks Superbabe into submission. She forces Superbabe to suck her strapon and then oils up her sexy body, massaging it all over. Superbabe is broken and admits Dementia is stronger. After ball gagging Superbabe, Dementia inserts the strapon into her pussy and fucks her. Superbabe is head moaning and crying through the gag. Superbabe is then flipped over for some anal insertion by the HUGE strapon. Dementia fucks her up the ass and you can see the pain and humiliation on Superbabe’s face. After a good ass fucking, Dementia leaves Superbabe bound to consider her position and humiliation.

Includes girl on girl fighting, bondage, strap-on, anal strap-on, strap-on sucking, spanking, oil, verbal humiliation

Starring Kendra James and Charity

WMV – 720X480 – Quality VBR

The Violation Of Superbabe – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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