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Superheroine Sisters Fall Into A Trap High Def

Lightning Lass and Thunder Girl are both nieces of the previous Lighting Lass. They are young superheroines out to redeem their family name. They respond to a call about a break in at an empty building and go after the burglar. No crime is too small after all

The petty criminal leads them on a long chase until finally they have him cornered in an abandoned warehouse. They order him to stop but he says “fuck you superheroines” and gives them the finger

The two newbies are shocked at the vulgarity but know it is something they will have to get used to when dealing with the criminal element

They pursue the crook into the warehouse basement where he confronts them with raised fists. Being superheroines the sisters believe in fare play and take him one hand to hand and after a short brawl they have him captured.

They can’t figure out why he broke into an empty building and demand to know who he is. The thug says he is bait and they are puzzled over his odd name, until THE EXECUTIONESS appears and suddenly it makes sense

The sisters are more than intimidated, they are rookies and The Executioness is the big leagues. But superheroines never give in to fear and Lightning Lass uses her most powerful attack hoping to take the towering villianess down with her Lightning punch! It seems like 1 million volts isn’t enough to stop the demonically enhanced enforcer and after she takes a bone shattering thunder ball from Thunder Girl the Executioness demolishes the sisters displaying her superhuman strength!

The Executioness carries one sister on each shoulder and brings them to a dungeon where she fondles them in turn while waiting for them to come too. Once they are awake the evil superheroine slayer takes her time unmasking Thunder Girl while Lightning Lass begs her to leave her sister alone, but then it is her turn and the torture of being helpless and UNMAKSED is clear

Although demoralized the Storm sisters aren’t beaten and after The Executioness leaves they use team work to untie each other, workign feverishly to get free before their captor returns. They can’t help but be afraid after the terrible beating they just got

Combining the tiny bit of power they have left the sisters break the lock on the solid steel door to their cell only to find THE EXECUTIONESS standing right there!! Already weakened and scared the sisters almost feint and then the Executioness COVERS THEIR MOUTHS WITH HER HUGE HANDS and holds them in her vice like grip. The strange smell from her black leather gloves make the superheroines have trouble focusing and soon the villainess has them senseless on the floor where she spends some time enjoying their helplessness

The sisters awaken to find themselves chained side by side legs spread with the Executioness hovering over them. The evil enforcer inflicts agonizing orgasms on them both, they are filled with shame to see each others bodies bucking and convulsing with terrible pleasure and neither can hold back their tortured screams of ecstasy

Thunder Girl is the first to give out, her PUSSY and CLIT are SWOLLEN and PUFFY from the intense treatment and she goes totally limp

Lightning Lass cries out in dismay but has little time to worry about her super-sibling because now the Executioness has two orgasm wands to use one her AMAZINGLY SMALL PINK PRISTINE PUSSY. She holds out a little longer, screaming out from one climax after another until finally she gives out as well

The last we see of the sisters is their motionless bodies side by side, fully exposed with one limp arm extended towards each other

Is this the end? Will they rise again? And if they do will they ever recover from the shame of being unmasked and then having seen each other giving in to one shameful orgasm after anotherThroat lift

over the shoulder

Double over the shoulder

Hog tie,



open mouth

hand over mouth take down



open mouth

hand over mouth take down

and more

Superheroine Sisters Fall Into A Trap High Def – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Violette Vixen Totally Over Powered High Def

Violette Vixen is following up on a note she received about a recent ban robbery. Instead of an informant she finds an ominous towering figure in a black leather mask.The imposing woman in black introduces herself as the Executionesse and tells Violette Vixen she’s been hired to take some local superheroines down a peg or two.VV isn’t going to go down without a fight and she launches a powerful right cross at the Executioness’s jaw, only to be brought up short as the hitwoman’s own hand shoots out and locks on VV’s throat.The fight is short and brutal and the Executioness’s strength is terrifying. She finishes the fight by scooping Violette Vixen up and bringing her down on her knee in a rib breaking drop.After she toying with her fallen foes limp body Executioness hogties her so she can have more fun. She spanks Violette Vixen’s amazing ass sending shock waves across it and quickly leaving red marks.When she is done Executioness easily picks the superheroine off of the floor and dumps her on a table to leave her struggling to get free

Violette Vixen Totally Over Powered High Def – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

0410hd - Obsession - Chapter 6

Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) is lounging at home when she receives a mysterious package from Apparel Obsessia addressed to her roommate, fellow AO girl Linda Graham. Linda is out of town and Kelly just can’t resist opening the package. Inside she finds a gorgeous pink and white striped leather corset with matching collar, pantyhose and shoes – along with a pair of black leather wrist, elbow and ankle cuffs. A note explains that the outfit is for Linda to wear at her upcoming Apparel Obsessia ball in a few weeks. Kelly decides that Linda wouldn’t mind and tries on the outfit, only to find that the corset locks closed around her and then slowly shrinks. The cuffs suddenly magnetizes, locking her elbows, wrists and ankles together. She tries to scream, but a leather bit gag slides out from her collar and locks closed in her mouth. Unable to scream or remove the corset, she struggles against the restraints, trying desperately to escape, but it is impossible – the corset just continues to tighten around her. Then just when all seems lost, Nylonika (Kendra James) arrives and cuts the corset off of her just in the nick of time. Nylonika learns that Kelly has received a strange request for a foot fetish shoot and decides to go in her place, while O-girl (Christina Carter) takes a sample of the stocking used to strangle Debra Walsh back to the O-lab for further investigation.

0410hd – Obsession – Chapter 6 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Batgirl Mallory Bound & Glazed Over By Catgirl Fayth

Basement: Mallory is still wearing her Batgirl spandex costume and mask is tied to a chair in the basement and is still masked and gagged, and is waiting. Fayth comes in now in her skimpy little catgirl costume. Her little black leather mask, a studded collar, and cat ears rainbow, and is wearing Mallory’s black and yellowbatcape. She teases Mallory and feels her up. She takes off Mallory’s gag and unmasks her. She demands to know the secret identities and location of all the other heroes and Mallory swears she’ll never tell her. Fayth puts the purple velvet collar and purple mouse ears on Mallory to make fun of her and re-gags her (same purple bandanna, under the hair), then she takes out a jewel and hypnotizes Mallory to become uncontrollably horny. It works, and soon Mallory is begging through her gag to be released. As Mallory pleads through her gag that she is so horney, i slowly remove the ropes from her ankles, knees, and wrists and lead her updstairs for some more fun! Stay tuned for the hottest girl/girl action I have ever filmed and was part of! *custom rquest*

Batgirl Mallory Bound & Glazed Over By Catgirl Fayth – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Hogtied & Abused Pt1- Mistress Is Just Getting Started

I needed to release some tension after a stressful day in my dungeon. I called over my perfect Pet to submit and to feed my need to unwind. I hogtie him and leave him on the carpet helpless not knowing what to expect from its owner. I slip on my black leather platform stilletos and put them to good use by walking & stomping all over his worthless body. I rest and use his body as my chair while I smoke a cigarette. I couldnt think of a better way to relax than by using my pet as my place to sit…

Hogtied & Abused Pt1- Mistress Is Just Getting Started – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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