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Black Diamond In: Justice Served (hd720)


Ace Detective, Dirk Shadow was captured by Black Diamond. He has been help prisoner for a week. Today is the day that he will break, thinks Black Diamond. She flogs him relentlessly, until Dirk can take it no more and gives in and agrees to be her slave. She makes him walk on all fours and lick her shoes clean. However, when she wants his face in her ass, he makes a quick move and gains the upper hand.

He decides to turn the tables on Black Diamond. There will be no jail time for her. He puts her in overhead bondage and fondles her while spanking her. He slowly strips her down to her panties. Next, hands behind her back, she is made to remove her panties and dance for him…followed by a grinding lap dance. Next, its back to overhead bondage for some more spanking and fondling….and some flogging as well. After that, she is bound to an x-frame for more spanking and flogging. She is tied to a chair after that and forced to a rousing orgasm with a magic wand. Then, she is forced to deep throat a dildo. She gags and spits all over. Time for more payback…she is walked like a dog, made to bark and clean his shoes with her tongue as he was made to do. Then he makes her suck his cock….deep throat style. Time to fuck Black Diamond now….Dirk fucks her missionary, doggy and suspended.

Starring Victoria Love and Dark Shadow

Running Time 63 Minutes

Black Diamond In: Justice Served (hd720) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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A Diamond Exchange

also starring LUNA VERA as GOLD DIAMOND

While investigating a recent rash of bank robberies in the Tiedsville area, Gold Diamond follows up on a tip from her informant that takes her to the north coastal suburb of New Port Richmond. This seedy town is home to many of Tiedsville’s worst criminals and drug dealers. While investigating a home, Gold Diamond is suddenly attacked by the supervillain known as the Huntress. Getting Gold Diamond in a headlock, Huntress easily overpowers her petite enemy and slowly squeezes all of the oxygen from the pint-sized superheroine. Her eyes flickering from oxygen deprivation, Gold Diamond quickly loses her trademark stamina and spunk. She soon collapses onto the floor, completely insensate from being headlocked by the Huntress! When the plucky crimefighter recovers, she discovers that she’s been bound at the wrists and ankles with rope, incapable of getting free.

Huntress walks in and starts mocking the captured superhero, groping Gold Diamond up through her costume and laughing at how much it embarrasses and annoys the junior do-gooder to be sexually molested. Thoroughly frightened by this turn of events, Gold Diamond begs the Huntress to spare her life, knowing that many heroines have ended up on the coroner’s slab when crossing this yellow-and-purple mercenary. Huntress laughs it all off, toying with Gold Diamond by circling her while the young heroine is bound, mocking her desperate attempts to get free. Huntress circles the scared hero like a shark, occasionally touching her or playing with Gold Diamond’s hair (which makes the hero incredibly angry) but never quite coming in to finish the job. Taunting the bound heroine, Candleboxxx finally straddles the bound superheroine and kerchief-gags her to silence her cries for help. Now gagged as well as tied up, Gold Diamond receives the final indignity as the sinister supervillain pulls out a ‘special’ kerchief and administers a very sexy takedown to the astonished, squirming superheroine. As her eyelids become droopy and her train of thought becomes sleepy gibberish, the supervillain laughs and enjoys her well-earned victory over the League of Amazing Women’s newest member.

FETISHES: Rope Bondage. Struggling. Gagging. Throttling. Minor Groping/Self-Groping. Taunting. Fausta Defeat. Catsuit Fetish.

A Diamond Exchange – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Collector's Revenge, Part 1. Ipod

The Collector is a bad guy…who got his name from his obsession with capturing and enslaving Superheroines…and keeping their costumes as trophies. His abilities are uncanny and inexplicable, but he has been very effective in the past. Today as he relaxes in his lair (villains don’t have homes…only lairs), he surprised by the abrupt entrance of SuperRandy and SuperErika. The two of them overpower the Collector and mercilessly pound him to the ground. They force him to crawl before them…leashed and collared, and then they heap even further indignity upon him. First they verbally humiliate him, and next they force him to worship their boots. SuperRandy even strips off his mask causing him cry out in shame! But…just when the two overconfident Superheroines lean in to gloat, The Collector reaches up and with a swift powerful motion, clashes their heads together…and they fall back senseless…Things aren’t looking too good for the girls now!When we see them next, they’ve been tied with their arms overhead and The Collector stalks in, very pleased with the change in circumstances. He lets them know that now they’re going to trained as his slaves, and the punishment won’t stop until they’re obedient little sluts. The outraged Superheroines angrily protest, but this just causes The Collector amusement as he roughly gropes them…grabbing and squeezing their rounds asses, and spanking them. Then he yanks down their tops, exposing two sets of perky tits to be squeezed. He decides they’re too noisy so he forces a ball-gag into each of their mouths…Then after some time passes, we find them in another phase of their training. Now The Collector is seated and the topless Superheroines have their hands bound behind their backs. He orders them to strip off their bottoms…not an easy thing to when their hands are tightly bound. Though humiliated and embarrassed, the two captured beauties accomplish the task, and are soon naked save for their boots. Now further humiliation ensues…as he orders them to dance for him. The now helpless Superheroines sway their hips seductively and move their flawless bodies as they’ve been ordered to do. The Collector is pleased with the progress so far…stroking his slaves-in-training as they display themselves to him…To be continued…iPod version (640×405) m4v format

The Collector\’s Revenge, Part 1. Ipod – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Perils Of Knightwoman - Full Video (standard Def 640x360)

Knightwoman tracks down the Black Widow to her lair and commences trading blows with her wily foe. Realizing that she is no match for the mighty Knightwoman, Black Widow resorts to her clever back of tricks, using a particularly gaseous gun on Knightwoman that stops her in tracks and sends her to slummbber land.

Black Widow quickly moves in and debelts and deboots the immobilized heroine, running her hands over every inch of Knightwoman’s sexy curves.

Knightwoman awakens, a little confused as she has now been bound and is unable to escape. Black Widow taunts her new prisoner and tells her all the things she is going to do to Knightwoman. Naturally, Knightwoman doesn’t agree to Black Widow’s plans but Black Widow has a way of persuading Knightwoman, with the dreaded magic wand! Knightwoman struggles to keep the vibrating weapon away from her crotch, but soon the wand is working its magic on Knightwoman’s clit through her costume and suddenly, Knightwoman no longer has control of her body. She starts to convulse as the waves of pleasure wash over her, begging Black Widow to stop.

All this amuses Black Widow who tells Knightwoman her torture isn’t over yet, before she puts her back to sleep!

Hours later, Knightwoman awakens and is able to free herself from BW”s ropes. Knightwoman is confronted by BW but before she can get the upper hand, BW blasts Knightwoman with her rope gun, ensnaring the hapless superheroine once more!

As Knightwoman is now helpless, BW decides to unmask Knightwoman once and for all! She carefully pulls back the mask for all to see, much to the humiliation and shame of Knightwoman, her secret has been revealed!

Models: Kendra James, Kobe Lee

Perils Of Knightwoman – Full Video (standard Def 640×360) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Batgurl Fucked To Oblivion Hd

When She Enters The Masterminds Lair

Batgurl locked up one of Superheroine Cities criminal masterminds a few months back. After her escape our heroine was hard on the trail and sprung a trap. Next thing Batgurl knows the Mastermind has her defenseless and bound to a table. Her captor begins to drain her by bringing her to orgasm several times until she can barely resist. The Mastermind then uses a specially lubricated strap-on to fuck our heroine to oblivion. Will Batgurl survive this treatment?

Batgurl Fucked To Oblivion Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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PowerBabe ( Ultra Sexy Raven Haired Hannah Perez) goes to what she thinks…is a costume party. She pretends to be…PowerBabe. She is looking for Bopo the Clown. She arrives early & is told there is a guy dressed like a clown. She thinks…FINALLY I GOT HIM!She walks up to the clown & says the jig is up. WAIT! This guy doesn’t sound or act like Bopo. He says he is a lawyer just there for the party. PowerBabe feels foolish & apologizes. She starts to walk away but gets club K O d by the clown. OH NO! ITS BOPO! He & his goon lift & carry her away. She is bound & depowered. Bopo & his goon tickle & fondle her. She gets out of hand & has to be ragged to keep her calm! Bopo has a better plan. He ties a vibrator to our Heroine & turns it on. Bopo & his goon hold her down. She can’t help her sexual urges. It builds & she has a hot forced orgasm. Now its time to get her out of there. A final ragging & they pick her up & carry her away. Bopo’s plan is for her to be his fuck toy for a few weeks. HOW HUMILIATING!!!! She came to the party to get him but he got & has her!!!!

Bopo….is A Party Pooper – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Blue Knight Grabs Another Part 1

Starring Carissa Montgomery as Nemesis and Orias Bastet as Blue KnightNemesis recently was released from prison. She had decided she wanted to walk the path of a heroine. She wanted to join the League and prove she had changed her evil ways. The League had turned her away so she decided she would have to do something to change their opinion of her. So Nemesis knew that the League had made the capture of Blue Knight a very high priority. The villain was a big problem being involved in several missing League members. Nemesis knew where she was hiding and went after her. The rest, as they say is history. After an all to brief encounter, Nemesis ended up topless, bootless and bound and gagged!

Blue Knight Grabs Another Part 1 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Powergirl Vs Supergirl Part 1.

Powergirl…Supergirl’s (naughty) cousin from the planet Krypton is pacing in a mortuary…cooking up a plan to supplant Supergirl as the top Superheroine. She’s acquired a few new powers to help her…and as Supergirl enters the mortuary she takes her unawares and swiftly chokes her till she’s limp. What treachery!! Supergirl awakens…now bound with Kryptonite infused ropes across the top of a coffin. Her dear cousin appears not to be affected in the least by Kryptonite and she gloats as she strokes the now struggling Supergirl. Her stroking becomes more and more amorous as she revels in her new superiority. She caresses Supergirl’s pussy, then exposes it…leaving the rest of her costume intact. She presses a vibrating device firmly into Supergirl’s mons…and then takes her time bringing Supergirl to not just one…but a number of forced orgasms. Until she leaves the thoroughly spent Superheroine lying there bound and barely conscious…To be continued…Large version (960×540) mov format

Powergirl Vs Supergirl Part 1. – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Hp-09 Wonder Womyn & The Foot Fetish Creep - Standard

The creep has snuckinto Holly’s home getting ready for his attack. Holly walks in and is ko’d by the villain.He immediately takes off her heels, sniffs them and starts kissing, caressing her feet for the next 5 min. Holly wakes up kicks her nemesis and turns into Wonder Womyn they fight back and forth. The creep is able to take off the superheroines belt and gets the upper hand. He Knocks her out again, takes off her boots and goes at her nylon feet. This time he is smarter and decides to tie wonder womyn up bound by her hands , legs and feet. Next he does what he does best… can you guess? Get this hot fetish Superheroine vid and see!!! Models Leonard and Hollywood

Hp-09 Wonder Womyn & The Foot Fetish Creep – Standard – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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A Family Secret ----quicktime

Power Babe, incognito, is visiting her Dad. He’s down on his luck & just lost his job. She’s also there to patrol the neighborhood & try to catch 2 perverts who have been molesting girls in the same vicinity. She tries to cheer up her Dad, he mentions that there is a reward for catching the perverts. Hannah says, “Dad, I think I will take care of that.” Bewildered, her Dad says, ” How? Your just a frail girl.” Hannah decides its time to tell her secret. She tells her Dad, SHE IS POWERBABE! He laughs. She is determined to show him. She changes into her costume. He admits to us, he’s one of those perverts. OH NO! He & his friend Earl are the bad guys. PowerBabe walks in & we can all admire her spandex clad beauty. Dad wants to know how she has Superpowers. ITS HER POWER RING! She takes it off to show him. That’s when he rags her out. Earl shows up & the 2 bad guys fondle & tie up our Heroine. They will leave her there to struggle, bound & ball gagged. They have some targets planned for today. PowerBabe struggles to get free. Still shocked that her Father betrayed her. She finally gets loose. Now, she will show him. Her Dad gets tossed by her but he grabs her arms & Earl rags her out. Dad says,” Lets pick her up & get her out of the way.” The 2 men carry her away. Next we see her naked, bound & gagged with a rag. HELPLESS! We get a long good look at her. Dad will be back soon to play with this sexy captured girl. He has always wanted her. Now he will have her, TOTALLY! THERE IS NO ESCAPE! LETS KEEP THIS A FAMILY SECRET, FOR ALL TIME!!!….MOV FILE…WMV VERSION AT STORE 51405..

A Family Secret —-quicktime – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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