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Lady Caroline And The Temptress (mp4)

This is a combo video putting together the newest clip for HK: Superheroines and Robots “Bat Girl vs the Temptress” together with a bestseller “Lady Caroline enslaves Lightning Girl” In that clip Caroline Pierce plays Lightning Girl who has captured bat girl and donned her costume to trick Lightning Girl who she doses with drugged makeup powder that she blows in her face. Then she has her tied up and uses her drugged lipstick to kiss her into submission. In the next clip Dakota plays a new lightning girl who has teamed up with you Utlra Man to bring down the Temptress. First you confront the Temptress who uses her powers and tits to make you helpless and her slave. Bat Girl finds you both and attempts to take down the temptress but ends up succumbing to her charms as well.

Lady Caroline And The Temptress (mp4) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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The Lesson Turns Bad - Mov

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) wants Agent Protector (Jamie Daniels) to improve her fight skills. If the Villains are going to be defeated, the superheroines have to be on their A game. Agent Protector doesn’t think she needs any training and Wonder Tomi’s overconfidence only makes her mad. Wonder Tomi tells her to simulate an attack and she is stopped with a judo move from Wonder Tomi and thrown to the ground. Agent Protector charges ar her and down she goes with a karate chop to the neck. This really makes Agent Protector mad so she slaps Wonder Tomi. Wonder Tomi reponds with punches to the stomach and then the face. It turns into a fight. American Protector jumps on Wonder Tomi’s back and they fall to the ground. There is some catfighting with punches and a mouth smother. Wonder Tomi manages to send her to dreamland. She goes to get up, but is surprised from behind with a wrestler hold that sends her off to her own dreamland. American Protector wants to ruin Wonder Tomi’s squeaky clean image, so she strips her out of her costume and puts her body on a chair. She ties her up and when Wonder Tomi awakes, she shuts her up with a tap gag on her mouth. She squeezes Wonder Tomi’s tits and tells her that she is calling the media to come see the supposed superior Superheroine…Wonder Tomi. Lesson is over! Thanks Wonder Tomi! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, FORCED STRIPPING, CAT FIGHT, PUNCHING, WRESTLING HOLDS, VARIOUS K’S, BELLY PUNCHING, BONDAGE, TAPE GAG, HUMILIATION, BRUNETTES, ASIAN, JAPANESE, TIT SQUEEZING

The Lesson Turns Bad – Mov – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Mind Stealer Fast Upload


INTERIOR DAY WAREHOUSE Mind Stealer moves along the warehouse with MIND CONTROLLED superheroines Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Black Canary.

Tells each to sit in a chair and zaps each one to the back of their heads to make sure still under mind control

Mind Stealer stands in front of heroes and laughs, moves in front of Each Superheroine and slaps her in the face and mocks her for being easily defeated, then goes and stands in front of all three. MIND STEALER I am known as Mind Stealer. My services have been purchased to deliver you’re bodies to my clients, who would like to be super villainesses

WUNDER WOMAN (With effort) What are you talking about?

MIND STEALER Hmm look at you, still able to talk (Mind Stealer grabs Wonder Woman’s face speaking close to her) I am going to steal you minds and replace them with my clients minds. Then they will use their new bodies as they see fit.

WONDER WOMAN (through clenched teeth) You’re Crazy

MIND STEALER Am I? Well, let’s see


Superheroines are tied to chairs,

MIND STEALER Stealing the mind of an uncooperative superheroine is very difficult. This little Devices will make it easier by making you exhaust your will resisting the orgasms. One by one MS goes to each hero and uses hitachi while kneeling behind then. Fist Bat Gurl

WUNDER WOMAN Stay strong Bat Gurl!

BAT GURL (shaking, near tears) Can’t hold out! (ORGASMS)

MS Turns off hitachi, puts her hands on each side of Bat Gurls head. She SCREAMS and her body starts SHAKING -15 seconds- then she falls limp and lifeless

MIND STEALER Good by Bat Gurl, forever

WUNDER WOMAN (Mentally struggling against control) Stop! What are you doing?

MIND STEALER I now hold Bat Gurl in my hands (Mind Stealer walks to a small box and puts her hands into the box) Now I will put client ONE into Bat Gurl. (MS walks behind BG and places both hands on her head. BG SHAKES and comes alive. MS loosens the ropes


BAT GIRL I am not Bat Girl, I am the Wicked Queen Wicked Queen finishes untying herself, She admires her new body in the mirror but is not happy with the costume, she strips fully nude, admiring her naked body. She then puts on her new Costume.

WICKED QUEEN Mmmm, I look as amazing as a I feel

MS goes up to Black Canary, slaps her and then kneels behind her and uses the Hitachi 7 minutes –

BAT GIRL Oh god, oh god no! (ORGASM) MS repeats mind theft, Black Canarys eyes roll and she screams in agony

MIND STEALER I know hold Black Canary in my hand. (once more goes to the box and swaps minds)

MIND STEALER Hello Black Canary

BLACK CANARY I am not Black Canary, I am Black Widow. (finishes untying herself, strips to admire nude body, feeling herself she arrogantly demands her new costume, then admires and feels herself moreBLACK WIDOW Thank you Mind Stealer, the new body is perfect

Now MS tries to make WW cum, but after a while realizes its not going to happen

MIND STEALER Since you want to resist me we’ll do this the hard way, for you that is. (MS loosens WW Ropes and looks at villainesses) Would you two like to have some fun with your new bodies?

Wonder Woman gets free, she is weak and shaky but gets in a fighting stance. Wicked Queen waves her hand and casts a spell freezing WW in place

WUNDER WOMAN What, What is going on?

WICKED QUEEN Silence!(snaps Finger and WW cannot speak) (WQ moves up to WW and fondles her breasts)

WICKED QUEEN The great Wonder Woman is no match for me (WQ waves her hand, undoing the spell. WW collapses and slowly struggles to rise)


WICKED QUEEN I’ve left you weakened so my associate can have her fun (Black Widow moves in and the two circle each other. WW throws 123 combo, BW block-block-Roll, Black Widow jumps the her feet and puts WW in a bear hug, then lifts up WW and drops in a back breaker. Then a sleeper hold, WW struggles and goes limp)

MIND STEALER Put her in the chair Black Widow lifts WW and carries her to chair FADE

(Wonder Woman sitting in chair, Wicked Queen holds one arm Black Widow holds the other. MS stands behind her, both hands on head SCREAMING SHAKING EYES WIDE, WW goes lifeless)

MIND STEALER Good Bye Wonder Woman, For good. (Holding WW mind) I now hold Wonder Woman in my hands

MIND STEALER (CONTD) Now I will place Client THREE into Wonder Woman (MS hands on WW head scream shake come to life)MIND STEALER (CONTD) Hello Wonder Woman

WUNDER WOMAN I am not Wonder Woman, I am Fatal Fury Fatal Fury stands up, looks disgusted at WW costume, strips if off admires herself, puts on BR costume, admires self, two other villainess come up and all admire each other’s bodies MIND STEALER Behold! The three Greatest new Super Villainesses in New Arcadia! Mind Stealer walks out, the new villainesses enjoy there new bodies with a multi-orgasmic threesome

Mind Stealer Fast Upload – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Superheroine Prepares For The Next Battle - Pmid-083 - Full Version (faster Download - Avi Format)

Superheroines, Confrontation, Fetish, Costume

For Faster Download @ 320×240 ~ AVI

Superheroine Prepares For The Next Battle – Pmid-083 – Full Version (faster Download – Avi Format) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Spider Gal Captured, Experimented On And Violated Mp4


Roxanne Rae, aka Spider Gal is getting scolded by her teacher for skipping classes and being late. Her Spider-Sense starts tingling, and she tries to excuse herself but her teacher gets irate and orders her to bend over his desk and starts spanking her ass with a ruler

Some add banging interrupts the corporal punishment and he tells young Roxanne to wait till he gets back. Now her spider-sense is tingling like mad and she hears her teacher scream. Grabbing her costume out of her bag she goes looking to find out what’s happened

Spider Gal leaps into action as she see’s that She-Borg has the teacher up in the air with a one handed, crushing choke-hold. She tosses him on her shoulders then to the floor

There is a short battle, She-Borg easily rips free of Spider Gals webbing and, demonstrating a new power she pixelates and reforms with her hands around Spider Gal’s throat. The wall-crawling superheroine struggles but it is no use

Now Spider Gal is in a lap where a strange doctor checks her vitals and administers mysterious meds to her wedged open mouth. The drops may have something to do with the wetness soaking through the crotch of her costume or the powerful orgasms that the Doctor forces her to have

More drops are administered and Spider Gal’s eyes roll up and she is out. She is stripped and strapped down and the medicine and orgasm inducing treatment is repeated until she is put out again

Now the Doctor examines he vulnerable pussy and uses a speculum to really get a good look. Satisfied he inserts a specialized vibrating instrument and leaves the superheroine struggling to get free and orgasms are coursing through her pussy. She almost gets free, almost is able to pull out the instrument but it is in too deep and too tight and she collapses

When she awakens She-Borg is standing above her with an apparatus attached. The mechanical maven fucks the helpless young heroines tender pussy with piston like power, making her scream and cum despite her efforts to resist. She-Borg completes the precision pussy pounding until with one last body wracking orgasm, Spider Gal is utterly used and defeated

School GirlSpanking

Throat Lift

Med Exam

Gyno Exam

Forced O (in costume and stripped)

Forced open mouth

Mulitple K O

Strap -On

Spider Gal Captured, Experimented On And Violated Mp4 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Peril Of The Crimson Avenger Mp4


Cassidy Rose, aka the Crimson Avenger is supposed to be interviewing for a new day job for her everyday life. The out of the way warehouse office is locked and from out of no where a masked thug approaches her. the goon is on her before she can even react and with out the chance to reach her power belt and transform, she takes a serious beating and is put out with a sleeper hold

The hired muscle throws her over his shoulder and carries off to a sound proof cell where he has some fun with her limp body as he hog ties her

Cassidy wakes up and with determination struggles her way free and transforms into the Crimson Avenger. Almost immediately the thug returns for a rematch. And although she should be able to handle a common goon she finds that he is just too strong, he literally throws her around like a rag doll, beating her down and finally pinning her like a schoolgirl

He taunts and teases her, unmasking her as she struggles. The he takes out a damp strange smelling rag and puts it over her mouth. She sees it coming, knows what it is but can do nothing to stop it

Now the goon has more fun and uses shackles to make sure she won’t get free again. He gropes her tits and firm ass, takes off her boots, and after having enough fun with her limp body he wakes her up

He has set up a camera so he can record her humiliation as he spanks her ass till it is as red as her costume. He makes her look into the camera then forces her to kiss him before pulling out the rag again for just a little more fun with her limp body

Belly Punching

Low Blows

Throat lifts

Over head lifts

Bear Hugs




Open Mouth


Multi K O





Peril Of The Crimson Avenger Mp4 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Gum Dropped!! Part 1

Starring Dre Hazel as American Avenger & Annabelle Genovisi as GumdropAmerican Avenger had heard that one of Tiedsville’s newer super villains had sort of helped herself to someone’s house. This villain known as Gumdrop had not made Avenger’s hit list yet but now that had all changed. Letting herself into the invaded home, American Avenger began the search. Having no luck, Avenger was just about to give up when Gumdrop burst out from a closet and jumped Avenger from behind. Startled a bit, Avenger reacted quickly. She tossed the hapless villain to the floor fairly easily.Gumdrop was no match for American Avenger’s power. Avenger easily delivered a very fast and very thorough beating! In no time at all Gumdrop was defeated and captured. Avenger smiled and decided she would have some fun at Gumdrop’s expense. She stripped off the villains boots and then hogtied her! After gagging her she began to tickle her. Gumdrop, now awake, tried to resist but after awhile, she began to giggle through her gagged mouth. After what seemed like an eternity but was not, American Avenger stopped. Gumdrop was exhausted. Avenger told her she was a clown as a villain and she was going to give her a break. Avenger told Gumdrop to get rid of the costume and get out of town. If she saw her again she would not be so nice. Then Avenger left. Gumdrop got loose but instead of leaving she was furious. She said to no one in particular next time the two faced off it would end differently!

Gum Dropped!! Part 1 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Madam Riddler + Bat Hannah: Saving Face (wmv)

Bat Hannah (Hannah Perez) goes through the local paper after her computer alerts her to possible clues to criminal activity. Each day her custom software programs scan the news media for indications of potential misdoings, and this day Madam Riddler seems to have left a clue for the curvaceous and caped cutie. Bat Hannah quickly deciphers the clue. It hints at a location, and she heads for the scene. She is so eager to face her arch nemesis a second time that she overlooks how easy it was to unravel the riddle. Upon arrival she finds an empty home where her she and her quizzical and comical foe first met. It is not long before the mistress of bad puns confronts Bat Hannah to defend her rhyming gems against the heroine’s derisive words. Madam Riddler has a special riddle for Bat Hannah: What is black and white and I have already taken the antidote? Bat Hannah finds herself taken back by such a bad riddle and is caught by surprise when she is taken away into sleep land. The villainess drags our helpless heroine to her awaiting fate.
When we next see Bat Hannah, she is stringently bound in full costume with red rope and mercilessly gagged with a huge red ballgag. The unforgiving cordage wrenches her shoulders back and welds her elbows together. She struggles for long minutes unable to escape the her restraint because of its severity. Every movement is agony as she attempts escape, and every one of those movements is a fruitless effort. Her bonds hold tightly and the large rubber orb strapped deeply into her mouth holds her tongue just as securely. She can do little more than moan and thrash about, crushing her large breasts into the furniture, and thrusting a well-toned ass shamefully into the air. Her humiliation grows as the punster in green taunts her with yet another riddle.
Bat Hannah is now completely naked save for her mask and utility belt. Neither do much to hide her dignity as she thrashes about on a couch. Her best assets are not contained in her utility belt, and without her costume, they are on full display. Struggle is still her only choice as the same red rope keeps her hogtied and compliant. This time though, her wrists are pulled sharply to her ankles inhibiting her movement even more than before. The same ballgag sinks even more deeply into her mouth causing her eyes to bulge behind her mask. Long minutes pass as the hampered heroine grunts into her gag and shakes her tits and ass in a doomed attempt to escape. Madam Riddler sits nearby the entire time watching her easily purloined prize writhe for her enjoyment. She enters the scene to taunt the heroine some more. The gag prevents any protests to the puns, and the ropes allow wandering hands to tickle her bared soles mercilessly. Despite the pain of her bonds she laughs hysterically behind her gag. The spanking the villain administers is an almost welcomed respite from the torturous tickling. No humiliation could be greater than this, but Madam Riddler has more in plan for her. She slowly unmasks Bat Hannah and the helpless heroine tries to hide her face in shame. Madam Riddler announces plans to expose her on the steps of city hall. All citizens of the city will know her true identity and remember the image of her naked and helpless body!
Starring Angelique Kithos and Hannah Perez.
Bondage by Ted Michaels Damsels

This clip is for lovers classic superheroine peril with crisp and clean rope bondage. Features free moving camera and close-ups of the uniform and bondage ties. Rigging done by so it’s a truly taxing bondage struggle scene filled with salacious imagery and tons of ass shots. Fetish elements include: Strict bondage, hogtie, large 2.5″ inch ball gag, elbow tie, boots, cat suits, shiny pantyhose, k-o gas, tickling, feet, spanking, demasking, humiliation, and voyeurism.
WMV Windows Quality: 3000 Kbps, 720×480 Widescreen 16:9 format on HD 1080i video.

Madam Riddler + Bat Hannah: Saving Face (wmv) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Joke's On Liberty Part 1

Starring Mandy Taylor as Liberty Belle & Star as TricksterLiberty Belle prides herself in being a role model for the citizens of Tiedsville as well as the younger generation of new super heroines. So when she saw a young lady kind of meandering about in the old section of the city, an area of super villain activity, Liberty decided to see what was up. Approaching the unnamed costume, Liberty quickly cornered her. Whomever she is she is new Liberty thought. Confronting the girl was easy, upon realizing she was in front of the mighty Liberty Belle, the young girl began to stammer and get all giddy. She told Liberty that she was her idle and such. Her inspiration for becoming a heroine. Liberty beamed with pride as the young girl continued to shower her with praise.As the two chatted Liberty asked the new girl what she was doing. The girl explained that she had always wanted to help people and growing up watching the heroines of the League of Amazing Women inspired her. The girl said she wanted to call herself Trickster. Liberty asked her if she had any powers or skills. Trickster went on to explain that all she had was a big heart. While Liberty was talking, Trickster interrupted and asked if she could touch Liberty’s powerful muscles. Never one to disappoint Liberty flexed and let Trickster touch them. As Liberty was smiling and flexing she never noticed until it was too late. But Trickster grabbed and removed her belt! With the belt went her powers and in the worse part of town no less. Liberty never got a word out of her mouth before things went from bad to bazaar.Moving lightning fast, Trickster landed a vicious knee to Liberty Belle’s sex doubling the now mortal over in pain and then wrapped Liberty’s belt around her throat and choked her until she fainted! Liberty did struggle to to no avail as the air went so to did her consciousness. She dropped to the floor out cold. Next time Liberty opened her eyes she found herself hogtied and Trickster giggling in such an insane way Venom Valentine herself would have been proud. Poor Liberty started to protest but Trickster shoved a rag in her mouth effectively gagging her. Liberty jerked around trying to protest when Trickster suddenly jerked her top down and then she jumped up and told Liberty Belle to sit tight she was going out for a coffee and she left! Liberty Belle struggled but quickly was able tog et herself loose. “wow” she thought, this little wannabe heroine is going to have to learn some manners!THE END

The Joke\’s On Liberty Part 1 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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New Superheroine Chooses A New Sexier Costume! - Akbd-017 - Full Version (high Resolution - Avi Format)

Superheroines, Mask Fetish, Costumes, Fishnets

Widescreen @ 640×480 ~ AVI

New Superheroine Chooses A New Sexier Costume! – Akbd-017 – Full Version (high Resolution – Avi Format) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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