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Cyborgia Chapters 1 & 2 Wmv



ENCOUNTER WITH SOULLESS The vigilante superheroine Crimson Bat has been on the trail of the sadistic villain Soulless. She has employed unspeakable means to break into his network and gather the information needed to track him, but now the hunter has become the hunted as she can practically feel Soulless’ icy breath on the back of her neck.

She turns to confront him, seemingly overconfident in her strength and skill as so many superheroines have before when facing the lethal leather clad larcenist. She lands the fist blows but she is soon crushed by Soulless who has her in a neck crushing throat lift.

She gasps out “I’ll suck your cock”

Souless laughs, and lets her down, superheroines always end up on their knees before him. He was going to finish her with the throat hold, but his vile semen is more than deadly enough to put an end to Crimson Bat, and it will be even more pleasurable this way

Crimson Bat desperately pulls out the villains cock and begins to suck for all she is worth. Soulless laughs at her, looking forward to the look of terror she’ll have when his venomous cock releases its deadly load.

But something is wrong, the room is spinning and his legs are weak, before he knows what is happening he is on his back and Crimson Bat is laughing at him. SHE HAS THE POWER TO SUCK THE STRENGTH OUT OF ANYONE AND STRIP THEIR POWERS!

Soulless tries to fight back but Crimson Bat pins him down with her foot on his throat and he is helpless and the “superheroine” uses her vampire powers to suck him dry. the last thing he sees is Crimson Bat smiling as she swallows his poison cum like a delicious snack

AMBUSH – Crimson Bat is feeling very satisfied. Soulless is on life support in state custody and she is feeling stronger than ever. She is looking forward to a nice work out and yoga session. Absorbing so much evil strength requires that she re-achieve her inner balance. She admires how great she looks in her costume, posing and flexing, then she strips down to admire her fully nude body, marveling at her own powerful muscles. Finally she changes into her yoga clothes and admires herself a bit more.

Now she is just Wenona, a somewhat vain yoga instructor that has a taste for dating rich men and spending their money. Only constant effort and mediation keeps her hunger to drain everyone one around her of all they have at bay. Having been bitten by a radioactive vampire bat gifted her with amazing abilities, but also with terrible hunger.

Wenona goes through a very athletic yoga routine when she senses she is not alone. She-Borg has entered the room and identifies her as Crimson Bat! Wenona is shocked, and the opponents begin to circle each other. Her strength sucking abilities won’t work on a robot and although she puts up a fight, Wenona suffers a CRUSHING beating and defeat at the hands of She-Borg


THE PROCEDURE Crimson Bat wakes up in the lab of Dr Dementia. He explains that he is going to transform her into another creation like She-Borg, He will have his robotic reaper inject her with nano-bots that will spread through her entire body, altering her one cell at a time. But first he must prepare the entry way and he forces Crimson Bat to cum over and over until her wet orgasms soak through her tights. The doctor wants Crimson Bat to survive the experiment so he gives her high doses of oxygen and a calming agent. Crimson Bat is so worn out that she loses consciousness

Now she is stripped and exposed, totally helpless as She-Borg thrusts the nanobot injector deep inside her vulnerable pussy. She-Borg pounds away with robotic apathy making Crimson Bat cum despite herself. The power and rhythm of She-Borgs thrusts are irresistible and even unrestrained she hasn’t the will or strength to escape. As she has one final orgasms she feels the nanobots shoot into her pussy and she goes out.

Wenona/Crimson Bat no longer exist, now in their place is Cy-Borgia, as strong and invulnerable as She-Borg but with the power to absorb the strength out of opponents and strip their powers

The murderous machines first target is the mighty UltraMan. Cy-Borgia lures him into a trap using Crimson Bat’s memories and voice. UltraMan is momentarily surprised but he isn’t afraid of a mere robot, however Cy-Borgia is not alone and together She-Borg and Cy-Borgia devastate the hapless hero

Broken and beaten UltraMan is helpless has he is held down and Cy-Borgia rides his supercock. He can’t stop his erection and even when She-Borg gets behind him, holding him in a choke hold while forcing him to thrust his cock in and out of Cy-Borgia’s powersucking pussy he can’t go limp.Finally he loses all strength and Cy-Borgia sucks everything he has into her pussy. With no emotion Cy-Borgia rises and leaves the hero for She-Borg to dispose of

Cyborgia Chapters 1 & 2 Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Spider Gal Captured, Experimented On And Violated Mp4


Roxanne Rae, aka Spider Gal is getting scolded by her teacher for skipping classes and being late. Her Spider-Sense starts tingling, and she tries to excuse herself but her teacher gets irate and orders her to bend over his desk and starts spanking her ass with a ruler

Some add banging interrupts the corporal punishment and he tells young Roxanne to wait till he gets back. Now her spider-sense is tingling like mad and she hears her teacher scream. Grabbing her costume out of her bag she goes looking to find out what’s happened

Spider Gal leaps into action as she see’s that She-Borg has the teacher up in the air with a one handed, crushing choke-hold. She tosses him on her shoulders then to the floor

There is a short battle, She-Borg easily rips free of Spider Gals webbing and, demonstrating a new power she pixelates and reforms with her hands around Spider Gal’s throat. The wall-crawling superheroine struggles but it is no use

Now Spider Gal is in a lap where a strange doctor checks her vitals and administers mysterious meds to her wedged open mouth. The drops may have something to do with the wetness soaking through the crotch of her costume or the powerful orgasms that the Doctor forces her to have

More drops are administered and Spider Gal’s eyes roll up and she is out. She is stripped and strapped down and the medicine and orgasm inducing treatment is repeated until she is put out again

Now the Doctor examines he vulnerable pussy and uses a speculum to really get a good look. Satisfied he inserts a specialized vibrating instrument and leaves the superheroine struggling to get free and orgasms are coursing through her pussy. She almost gets free, almost is able to pull out the instrument but it is in too deep and too tight and she collapses

When she awakens She-Borg is standing above her with an apparatus attached. The mechanical maven fucks the helpless young heroines tender pussy with piston like power, making her scream and cum despite her efforts to resist. She-Borg completes the precision pussy pounding until with one last body wracking orgasm, Spider Gal is utterly used and defeated

School GirlSpanking

Throat Lift

Med Exam

Gyno Exam

Forced O (in costume and stripped)

Forced open mouth

Mulitple K O

Strap -On

Spider Gal Captured, Experimented On And Violated Mp4 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Madam Riddler + Bat Hannah: Saving Face (wmv)

Bat Hannah (Hannah Perez) goes through the local paper after her computer alerts her to possible clues to criminal activity. Each day her custom software programs scan the news media for indications of potential misdoings, and this day Madam Riddler seems to have left a clue for the curvaceous and caped cutie. Bat Hannah quickly deciphers the clue. It hints at a location, and she heads for the scene. She is so eager to face her arch nemesis a second time that she overlooks how easy it was to unravel the riddle. Upon arrival she finds an empty home where her she and her quizzical and comical foe first met. It is not long before the mistress of bad puns confronts Bat Hannah to defend her rhyming gems against the heroine’s derisive words. Madam Riddler has a special riddle for Bat Hannah: What is black and white and I have already taken the antidote? Bat Hannah finds herself taken back by such a bad riddle and is caught by surprise when she is taken away into sleep land. The villainess drags our helpless heroine to her awaiting fate.
When we next see Bat Hannah, she is stringently bound in full costume with red rope and mercilessly gagged with a huge red ballgag. The unforgiving cordage wrenches her shoulders back and welds her elbows together. She struggles for long minutes unable to escape the her restraint because of its severity. Every movement is agony as she attempts escape, and every one of those movements is a fruitless effort. Her bonds hold tightly and the large rubber orb strapped deeply into her mouth holds her tongue just as securely. She can do little more than moan and thrash about, crushing her large breasts into the furniture, and thrusting a well-toned ass shamefully into the air. Her humiliation grows as the punster in green taunts her with yet another riddle.
Bat Hannah is now completely naked save for her mask and utility belt. Neither do much to hide her dignity as she thrashes about on a couch. Her best assets are not contained in her utility belt, and without her costume, they are on full display. Struggle is still her only choice as the same red rope keeps her hogtied and compliant. This time though, her wrists are pulled sharply to her ankles inhibiting her movement even more than before. The same ballgag sinks even more deeply into her mouth causing her eyes to bulge behind her mask. Long minutes pass as the hampered heroine grunts into her gag and shakes her tits and ass in a doomed attempt to escape. Madam Riddler sits nearby the entire time watching her easily purloined prize writhe for her enjoyment. She enters the scene to taunt the heroine some more. The gag prevents any protests to the puns, and the ropes allow wandering hands to tickle her bared soles mercilessly. Despite the pain of her bonds she laughs hysterically behind her gag. The spanking the villain administers is an almost welcomed respite from the torturous tickling. No humiliation could be greater than this, but Madam Riddler has more in plan for her. She slowly unmasks Bat Hannah and the helpless heroine tries to hide her face in shame. Madam Riddler announces plans to expose her on the steps of city hall. All citizens of the city will know her true identity and remember the image of her naked and helpless body!
Starring Angelique Kithos and Hannah Perez.
Bondage by Ted Michaels Damsels

This clip is for lovers classic superheroine peril with crisp and clean rope bondage. Features free moving camera and close-ups of the uniform and bondage ties. Rigging done by so it’s a truly taxing bondage struggle scene filled with salacious imagery and tons of ass shots. Fetish elements include: Strict bondage, hogtie, large 2.5″ inch ball gag, elbow tie, boots, cat suits, shiny pantyhose, k-o gas, tickling, feet, spanking, demasking, humiliation, and voyeurism.
WMV Windows Quality: 3000 Kbps, 720×480 Widescreen 16:9 format on HD 1080i video.

Madam Riddler + Bat Hannah: Saving Face (wmv) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Batwoman And Wonder Woman A Night At The Museum.[wmv]

Batwoman and Wonder Woman are simultaneously investigating a recent break in at the art gallery of the great Italian artist Lorenzo Sperlonga, but this apparently isolated crime has a much more sinister criminal master mind behind it. As they look for clues the despicable criminal strikes! Armed with The riding crop of Ed Wood, the devious villain now has the power to control whomever he wishes with just a bend of the whip and he decides to set his sites on the Amazon princess. With her free will stolen Wonder woman is powerless against the whims of this psychopath. He wields the great amazon like his own personal weapon forcing her to attack the weaker Batwoman. After beating the Scarlet Knight to within an inch of her life, the Amazon princess is forced to tie the unconscious scarlet detective with her magical lasso. Now immobilized the bat detective is at the mercy of the master thief and his new super powered weapon.

Wonder woman is forced to do some of the most humiliating things to her crime fighting partner. First she demoralizes her friend by binding her and revealing Batwoman’s identity. As if that is not enough she violates her with a super strength vibrator and when the crimianl thinks that Batwoman’s demise is not coming fast or is not humiliating enough the thief commands Wonder woman to smoother the defenseless detective with her magnificent Amazonian breasts. At the very last minute Diana is able to retain some of her own will forcing herself and her beautiful breasts off of the gasping Batwoman. Seeing that his power over the princess of the Amazons is slipping the criminal decides to force both woman onto the bone crushing vibrations of the souped up vibrator. Instead of bringing the two super heroes to a climactic end the orgasmic endorphin rush breaks the whips hold on the warrior princess. Seeing he has been bested the dastardly villain slinks back into the mysterious underworld of the city. Once dressed and ready for revenge on their tormentor Batwoman and Wonder Woman vow to bring their captor to his knees and break every bone in his body, but first the recently unmasked Kathy Cummings needs to know her secret is safe with Diana or better yet Wonder Woman.

This is a great video for those looking for:superheroes, battling superheroes, bondage, spandex, freeze, control, fighting, choke out, belly punching, boob grabbing, choking, hitachi, orgasm control, forced orgasm, orgasm, battling women, costumes, gags, rope, SHIP, exposed breast, humiliation, domination, Diana Knight, Kendra James, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, boots, debooting, demasking, unmasking

Batwoman And Wonder Woman A Night At The Museum.[wmv] – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Volt Wins!!! Mp4


Volt and Wonder Babe are discussing a new super villain that has been taking heroes down all around town. Wonder Babe’s shy assistant comes in to tell her it is time for her massage.

In the spa room Wonder Babe has her assistant turn around so she can strip and get on the massage table. While she is laying there her assistant sprays a mysterious glowing green mist on herself like it’s perfume and them massages Wonder Babe in to total relaxation, even letting her assistant remove her bottoms which she never does.

On the assistant sees that Wonder Babe is totally relaxed, and totally vulnerable, she pulls out a hyperdermic and SLAM, Wonder Babe feels a sharp Pinch on her butt and then her eyes flutter and she goes utterly limp

Volt finally comes in to see what is taking so long, and the assistant, now in a black leotard and fishnets gets the drop on him, planting a kiss on him with chemical covered lips that make him quit obedient. She gives him instructions for there impending encounter, , and as Wonder Babe starts to stir she has him use his taser touch to put her right back out.

Later Wonder Babe, who doesn’t remember anything but falling asleep during her massage, charges in to the Enchantress’s lair with Volt right behind her. The Amazon orders Volt to stun the villainess with his shock ray power and the Enchantress is subdued. As Wonder Babe moves in Enchantress is able to shout out the activation phrase and Volt pushes Wonder Babe’s head down onto Enchantress’s “perfume” covered breasts

Now Wonder Babe is under the Enchantress’s spell and uses her mouth to pleasure the villainess before being ordered to lay back and enjoy some illicit attention herself. Volt remains standing on the side in a trance, which he slowly seems to be coming out of

Enchantress has made a gross miscalculation in her plans, as Wonder Babe gets aroused and reaches orgasm her super strong legs clamp down on the villainess’s head, holding her there in a crushing vice as she pumps and grinds her hips, hungry for more pleasure.

Enchantress is squeezed till her lights go out just as Volt finally shakes off the effects of the trance. He quickly moves in to help his partner, but as Wonder Babe also begins to come around he gets a different idea

Volt is a little tired of being treated like a side kick instead of a partner. tired of Wonder Babe ignoring his ideas. And tired of how she flaunts her body in subtle ways around him

Volt K0’s Wonder Babe with his taser touch and gets a good feel of her and the Enchantress’s assets before putting them over his shoulder and carrying them out of the room one at a time. He has some plans to have just a little fun because this time VOLT WINS

Volt Wins!!! Mp4 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Argongirl Meets Electrastar - Full Video (hidef 1280x720)

Electra Star has been quite busy developing a special energy source that would infiltrate Arkham Heights enire power grid and emit a superheroine weakening pulse through every light bulb in the city…effectively rendering the crime fighters powerless to stop her devious plans for supreme domination. She decides to test her new diabolical weapon against the Girl of Steel herself, Argon Girl… who she invites to her secret lair…with the promise of surrender.

Argon Girl arrives and blows open the solid lead door protecting Electra Star’s inner sanctum…and then walks right into her evil trap. As the supergirl walks through the door…she is greeted by a powerful green light beaming out pure Argonite rays across her powerful spandex clad body.She immediately doubles over in pain, as the specially formulated radiation begins sapping her super strength. The beam strengthens and Argon Girl is too weak to attempt to flee…just as her hostess and arch nemesis arrives and finds her in her most vulnerable state.

Electra Star happily greets the helpless heroine, very proud that her corrupt electricity stream has worked perfectly. She gloats and taunts Argon Girl as the beams drain the last ounce of her strength and then proceeds to use Argon Girl as her own personal punching bag.

Argon is powerless to defend herself from the crushing blows from the former princess…now exiled amazon from Paradise Island. Electra throws her down onto a table and begins groping Argon’s beautiful tits and then applys the claw to her spandex covered mound.

Argon has had enough…and summons all her remaining energy to push the vile villainess off of her. She stand and gains her composure…bluffing really…as the two super vixens face off. But Electra is now done toying with her prey…and puts Argon girl back on the table with a powerful jolt of her force lightning. The blast sends Argon flying backwards…and now completely at Electra’s mercy.

Electra stalks her prey and unleashes a concentrated, Argonite laden blast of energy right into the Girl of Steel’s temples…and she can only shutter, shake and flop on the table as the electric charges beam particles of Argons home planet right into her temples.

Electra then de-boots the defenseless heroine and runs her hands over her supple feet and pantyhose clad legs. She binds Argon’s feet…suspended and spread in the air…and then straps her arms out over her head. She begins vibing Argons exposed pussy and the weakened heroine begins to stir with the buzzing on her clit. She tugs in vain on the cuffs around her wrists and ankles…as Electra then lifts up her super suit and exposes Argon’s perfect breasts. Electra gets her new sex toy’s nipples hard as diamonds by kissing, licking and sucking on them, while pressing the vibra wand even harder into Argon’s wet slit. “You’re…gonna..make…me…cum” Argon is forced to admit as a mind shattering orgasm rushes through her bound body. Electra taunts the once composed and stoic heroine on her climactic excitement. “Are you ashamed?” she asks with a laugh. Electra promises that the fun is just beginning.

Later, Argon finds herself straddling a sybian with her arms now bound above her head. Electra Star enters and teases the heroine about what fate awaits her. Electra removes her own boots and runs her foot along Argon’s nylon clad leg…and up to her exposed and still moist pussy as it rests on the sybian’s vibration plate. Electra powers up the machine with her Argonite laced energy source and the sybian roars to life… surprising the superheroine with a jolt to her clit. “Struggle for me” she commands her bound pet as she applies the vibra wand to her own turned on snatch.

Electra can barely contain herself as she grinds the vibrator into herself and pinches her own nipples while watching Argon’s valiant attempts to fight off another forced orgasm. Electra turns up the power on the sybian to push the superheroine sex slave over the edge. Electra can hold out no longer and has an electrifying climax…and then takes a position behind Argon to bring her to orgasm once again.

“I think I’ll keep you around as my little cum slut,,,rather than destroying you”, she taunts Argon… as she reaches around her body and rubs her tits and clit. Electra then turns the sybian all the way up and sends Argon into pure ecstacy with another climactic display.

After cumming, Argon still manages to put up a fight, “You’re gonna pay for this…when I get free” she warns her foe. Electra Star is amused by the fight still left in her…and proceeds to leave the humiliated heroine basking in the glow of her new Argonite Light to keep her new cum slut in place while she plots her next crime spree.

Will Electra Star’s distant cousin…and fellow Amazon, Wonder Womyn be able to save Argon Girl? Stay Tuned!

MODELS: Randy Moore, Ashley Rose

Argongirl Meets Electrastar – Full Video (hidef 1280×720) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Nighthawk Bound And Crushed - 1080 Hd Version

The Nighthawk is finally trapped by the Bone Crusher – a villain capable of snapping bones with just the power of his mind. After brief battle, she realizes her powers are useless against him and he begins breaking her, crushing her bones with his mind – as she writhes in agony, her body being pulverized. Then he produces an electro shaft and jams it into her asshole, pulverizing the superheroine’s anus with the torture device, before lifting her up and jamming her face into his cock, shoving his dick into her mouth, and finally smothering her. She awakes bound and the violations continue galore, with belly punching, pussy fondling, tit fondling, choke outs and more. A very hot movie.

Nighthawk Bound And Crushed – 1080 Hd Version – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Britannia And Firebird: International Incident (complete Story)

After knocking out an armored car containing three million dollar’s worth of valuable nano-tech, and stealing a top-secret energy weapon bound for S.T.A.R. laboratories, Blue Basher (portrayed by astonishingly-hot PLAYBOY model Niki Lee Young) thinks that she can sell the in-bound energy weapon for even more profit! Going home though and testing the device shows that it doesn’t do anything perceptible. It doesn’t burn objects, or freeze them, or even damage anything! The beam passes harmlessly through solid objects. It does nothing to liquids, nothing to solids, the beams doesn’t affect metals, or rocks, or plastics, or even warms up a glass of water! Frustrated by the beam’s lack of ability, Blue Basher even considers shooting herself once with the sizzling energy ray just to see if it DOES really work, but thinks better of it at the last second. As Blue Basher is pouting with her new (useless) beam weapon, she notices a homing transmitter on the bottom of the gun…a GPS tracker! Stomping and crushing the bug under her boot heel, Blue Basher turns around and unexpectedly confronts two of the “European-branch” members of the League of Amazing Women, Britannia (played by Scottish fetish model Scarlett Sianaev) and Firebird (played by the gorgeous Eastern European fetish model Anzhelika Yakimenko.)

Britannia and Firebird tell Blue Basher that the notorious supervillain is under arrest for the armored-car robbery, and that she should come quietly. As Blue Basher raises her fists she tells the two European superheroines that she’s one of the greatest fighters in all of Tiedsville, and that with her super-strength and stamina she’s going to disfigure both beauties using only the might of her fists! As Britannia advances, Firebird cautiosly backs away, slightly scared by Blue Basher’s imposing threat. As Britannia tries to reassure her partner that two-on-one odds are about as good as you’re going to get in Tiedsville when facing a single supervillain, Firebird gets a case of cold feet. As the two superheroes bicker about the fight, Blue Basher suddenly gets a dose of inspiration and brings up the stolen-energy weapon and zaps Firebird with it. The beam has a drastic affect as soon as it touches a living being. A wave of mnemonic-inversioning energy ionizes around Firebird’s body, reversing and distorting the mental wavelengths of Firebird’s brain, forcibly changing Firebird’s fear instead into pure, unfocused rage!

Turning on Britannia, Firebird conjures up a fireball and throws it at her crimefighting partner. Britannia barely has time to summon forth the powers of the ‘Queen’s Kingdom’ and conjure a protective shield around her body which saves her from the 3000-degree fireball. Gathering her strength, Britannia strikes back at her partner and soon the two of them are locked in vicious combat with one another, heroine-against-heroine. Blue Basher waits until the battle is resolved, then casually takes a few sleeping-gas capsules out of her utility belt and tosses the pressurized cartridges onto the floor in front of the victor, disabling her as well as the blue mists slowly rise up and rob the will of anyone who breathes in. Laughing at her easy victory over two superheroines, Blue Basher pulls out a power-analyzing device and realizes that without the supernaturally-granted super-powers bestowed by Britannia’s and Firebird’s masks and without the energy-augmenters built into their boots, neither heroine will be a threat once their tech has been stripped from their bodies. Debooting and unmasking both superheroines, soon the lovely ladies of the league find their secret identities exposed and their power-boots stripped from their body. Imprisoned within specially-designed ‘wombs’ meant to keep them from escaping, both unmasked heroines cry out for help, but without their powers there is no way for them to escape. Is this the end for Britannia and Firebird?

This clip is for lovers of handcuff restraint, three unmaskings (both heroines, plus the supervillain), three really sexy debootings, full frontal nudity (no pantyhose), catfighting, belly-punches and knee blows to the lower body, G/G grappling and hair-pulling, two heroines caught in nylon encasement and struggling whole-heartedly on the ground to get free, multiple scenes of sleeping-gas takedowns, a debelting, plenty of special effects (fireballs, force-fields, flaming fists etc…), and a final scene which shows a defeated metahuman laying on the floor completely naked (stripped by force out of her skintight spandex costume and pantyhose) and handcuffed, writhing helplessly on the floor in her defeated condition, powerless when caught within her own inhibitor bands.

Britannia And Firebird: International Incident (complete Story) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Huntrexxx: A Wonderful Rebellion Wmv-hd

Huntrexxx (Angelique Kithos) climbs a stairwell looking for information about her family. She has a tip that it’s in a nearby office and enters. She looks for clues not knowing that Wonder Paige (Paige Erin Turner) has followed her because of a tip about a suspicious character lurking about the area. Wonder Paige enters the room to find Huntrexxx searching for clues. They exchange words as Huntrexxx demonstrates her skill with words and Wonder Paige demonstrates her skill with putting her hands on her hips and showcasing her beautiful ass.

The two heroines do not see eye-to-eye though and a fight ensues. With super speed Wonder Paige rushes Huntrexxx and gets in the first blow. Huntrexxx rises from the couch rubbing her aching jaw. It’s on now! She takes three swipes at her foe but to her amazement each is dodged. The super speed of Wonder Paige makes hitting her almost impossible. She seizes the moment and lands three crushing blows to Huntrexxx. The pummeled heroine slumps to the floor and opts for another plan.

Wonder Paige tells her to give it up but doesn’t see what is coming. She succumbs to the Huntrexxx and falls into a deep sleep on the couch. She is motionless and unable to stop her power belt from being removed, her top from being pulled down and her bottoms from being removes. Even worse she is de-booted, the ultimate insult for a heroine that doesn’t wear a mask

She awakens bound with her own magic lasso and being questions. She must tell the truth but doesn’t know the answers to the questions the Huntrexxx is asking. This prompts nipple pinching, choking and spanking. After repeated questions Wonder Paige eventually whispers into the ear of the Huntrexxx the names she desires. Her honesty is rewarded with another dose of sleepy time, a final nipple tweak and being left along in bound and bared shame while the Huntrexxx continues her mission of vengeance!Features: Unique locations, tall women, statuesque beauties, booty, buttocks, spandex, boots, witty and humorous remarks, pantyhose, K-0 TWO TIMES, superheroine action fighting, topless nudity, sound effects, dragging, de-powerment, bondage, sleepytime fondling, plot and story, and dark humor.

Windows WMV Version: 5000 Kbps 1280×720

Huntrexxx: A Wonderful Rebellion Wmv-hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Forced Combat Full Video Parts 1 And 2

In a shocking twist, crime fighting tandem, Spidergirl and the Black Phantom investigate the disappearance of their friend, Wonder Girl. They close on the last known sighting of Wonder Girl. The sexy superheroine was trying to solve the case of the kidnapped Senator, when she was knocked out, abused, molested, and violated repeatedly by the Black Dragon. The Dragon, used her to lure Spidergirl and Black Phantom and trap them. Once they arrived, the Dragon showed them footage of the captive Wonder Girl being masturbated repeatedly and made to cum in her suit and he would destroy her if Spidergirl and Black Phantom didn’t face off against each other in combat. They had no choice. Sexy Spidergirl and the superhero known as the Phantom locked into combat but the Phantom was too strong for her. He overpowered her and locked her into a spine crushing bear hug but she wrapped her long, muscular legs around him and took him down. An amazing scissor hold scene takes place and the Phantom is nearing passing out until he escapes by shoving his fingers into her asshole, forcing her to release him. From there, the Phantom recovers and lifts her into a demolishing back breaker, holding her aloft over his shoulders as her spine is wrenched into ashes. Spidergirl’s suit is amazingly translucent and she clearly has forgotten to wear underwear. Her asshole and pussy are clearly visible throughout the clip and the villain takes notice, mocking her incessantly. Spidergirl is now on the losing end in the forced battle with her partner, the Black Phantom. The Phantom punishes her over and over and eventually begins to listen to the Dragon who points out that Spidergirl wears the skin tight, sea through suit so that she will be more popular with the citizens of the world. Getting more and more jealous, the Phantom punishes her harder and harder with abdominal tearing stretches, crotch grabs, pulling her legs back to her ears so that her hamstrings nearly pop – as the camera zooms in on her crotch and uses a special dragon see through technology to be able to completely see through her suit. With her crotch jammed into the camera, her pussy and asshole are clearly visible – the once proud heroine now totally shamed. Phantom is not done, he spreads her legs out and latches onto her pussy and begins gyrating his hand at superhuman speeds. Spidergirl is being masturbated by her once trusted ally. She can’t hold out any longer and screams to a massive orgasm, cumming in her suit as the Phantom sinks his finger into her pussy through her suit – staining the Spidergirl uniform with her sexual juices. Still not done, he continues the punishment and in the end, she is utterly demolished. He spreads his fallen foes legs, pins them back to her ears and begins humping into her soaking wet pussy.

Forced Combat Full Video Parts 1 And 2 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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