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The Zodification Of Supergirl (real Video)


Supergirl has discovered General Zod’s lair and sneaks in to check it out. Zod returns to find her and a fight ensues. Zod is able to overtake her. Bound with Kryptonite ropes, Supergirl is made to suffer at General Zod’s hands. First she is spanked until she passes out. Then General Zod decides to sexually humiliate her. She gives her a forced orgasm with a magic wand vibrator. Next Zod takes a strapon to Supergirl. She fucks her missionary and then doggy. General Zod wants to get into the action, so she uses a double dildo along with Supergirl. She finishes her off with some great oral sex.

Starring Randy Moore as Supergirl and Alexis Grace as General Zod

Running Time: 43 minutes

The Zodification Of Supergirl (real Video) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Kendras James: Batwoman Loses To Harley And Quinn!

Batwoman has been called to the Mother Superior Reformatory for Girls. As she turns a corner she comes face to face with fiendish twosome Harley and Quinn and just like that she is knocked out by the dastardly duo. The buxom detective wakes up inside a chamber tied with her hands above her head and a ball gag in her mouth being molested by the psychotic sisters. The pair of juvenile delinquents grope and lick at the bat heroes bouncing breasts as she struggles in vain to free herself. They soon leave the bound Batwoman alone in the chamber, giggling as they plan their next devious act to inflict on their conquest.This video has something for those looking for Kendra James, Chrissy Daniels. Idelsy, ball gags, s.h.i.p, struggling,exposed breast, bondage, knock out, half on costume,spandex, forced orgasm

Kendras James: Batwoman Loses To Harley And Quinn! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Robin Get Caught In The Vines Of Poison Ivy!

In her attempt to solve the mystery of why Batwoman has been acting so strangely, Robin has tracked Poison Ivy to her lair. Maybe this seductive green villain will have some answers for her. Unfortunately for her she is no match for the queen of the plants. The little Girl Wonder unknowingly infects herself with one of Ivy’s devilishly wicked roses. Ivy taunts Robin, teasing her while blowing a special concoction of the worlds deadliest psychotropic plant dust into her face which mixes with the tiny rose prick and renders Robin woozy and oblivious to her predicament. After unsuccessfully trying to confront the villainous botanist our poor little Girl Wonder finds herself bound by vines and splayed open for the encroaching weeds pleasures. She is violated by Ivy’s vine like touch, made to cum over and over with a hitachi and finally falls into a deep plant induced sleep.

This video has but not limited to Kendra James Alora Jaymes, Poison Ivy, Robin, Spoor mist, poison roses, rope bondage, tying on film, forced orgasm, humiliation, special effects, cumming, ball gag, double cross, sex with costumes on, spandex, debooting, costumes,s.h.i.p,peril, girl girl, hitachi

Robin Get Caught In The Vines Of Poison Ivy! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Debasement Of Supergirl (hd720)


Supergirl busts into Dark Shadow’s lair. Unfortunately for her, Dark Shadow has infused himself with Kryptonite and quickly defeats her. Dark Shadow proceeds to put her in bondage and fondle and humiliate her. He then licks her asshole for a while. After that, he ties her up on the bed for a forced orgasm. He finishes up with fucking her doggy style until filling her with Kryptonite cum.

The Debasement Of Supergirl (hd720) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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PowerBabe ( Ultra Sexy Raven Haired Hannah Perez) goes to what she thinks…is a costume party. She pretends to be…PowerBabe. She is looking for Bopo the Clown. She arrives early & is told there is a guy dressed like a clown. She thinks…FINALLY I GOT HIM!She walks up to the clown & says the jig is up. WAIT! This guy doesn’t sound or act like Bopo. He says he is a lawyer just there for the party. PowerBabe feels foolish & apologizes. She starts to walk away but gets club K O d by the clown. OH NO! ITS BOPO! He & his goon lift & carry her away. She is bound & depowered. Bopo & his goon tickle & fondle her. She gets out of hand & has to be ragged to keep her calm! Bopo has a better plan. He ties a vibrator to our Heroine & turns it on. Bopo & his goon hold her down. She can’t help her sexual urges. It builds & she has a hot forced orgasm. Now its time to get her out of there. A final ragging & they pick her up & carry her away. Bopo’s plan is for her to be his fuck toy for a few weeks. HOW HUMILIATING!!!! She came to the party to get him but he got & has her!!!!

Bopo….is A Party Pooper – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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The Collection Grows

Annabelle Genovisi as Crimson Star and Alexis Grace as SekhmetThe evil Sekhmet has been picking off members of the League for awhile. She has humiliated them sexually and then taken them away to serve her. Crimson Star is the latest heroine to go after Sekhmet. But the poor heroine falls short just like her friends! Her fate is no different then the others. Sekhmet fucks her with a strap on, then uses a Hitachi and finally her fingers. Forcing poor Crimson Star to cum loudly several times! Then she makes the broken heroine kiss her feet and she has to make Sekhmet herself cum!This clip contains a de booting, torn pantyhose, bondage, strap on sex, forced orgasm, oral sex, less then 2 minutes of foot worshiping and a de masking,

The Collection Grows – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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A Tight Squeeze

Jungle Girl ( from the Hood) thinks she can catch a couple of drug dealers by herself. Instead, she is easily captured & wrapped in Saran Wrap & gagged. One bad guy uses a vibrator to bring her to forced orgasm. They rag her out. Now they decide to finish wrapping her body. A TRUE MUMMIFICATION!. She is wrapped in pink & green tape. NO CHANCE TO ESCAPE. She tries to struggle but the bad guy gives her an injection with sleepy juice. They even pick her up & swing her back and forth. WHAT CAN SHE DO????

A Tight Squeeze – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Kithos: The Greedy Cat Meowed For It (((wmv)))

Kat Woman (Angelique Kithos) was working with a local crime boss on a major heist of an unknown Egyptian tomb. After she spends weeks researching the location and finding the tomb, she is rudely left behind in the treasure. Angry, she decides to break into his flat and steal what she feels is her rightful share of the stash. She sneaks in through an open door in the alleyway and makes her way inside. She lurks around looking for valuable items by showing off her fine ass in a shiny black cat suit with each bend at the waist. She crawls around on all fours, ass in the air, and still cannot find anything of value. Finally she discovers a very delightful and delectable gold apple made of solid gold. To celebrate her victory, she takes a swig of expensive whiskey. No sooner does Kat Woman stand up, does she find herself seated back down in the chair. Something isn’t right! She’s hallucinating and feels very weak. She wobbles and teeters in her high heels in confusion. After much struggling, she succumbs to the whiskey, laced with some sort of tranquilizer, and slumps into the chair.

She awakes to find the room slightly rearranged and tightly-tied to the arm chair with a large 3″ ball gag shoved into her mouth. Her wrists and ankles are securely bound to the chair and she struggles to move but each movement is agony on her skin. She struggles for some time and then stops. Someone has entered the room! He slowly removes Kat Woman’s mask to reveal her large cat-like pleading eyes. He slowly moves behind her and grabs her hips. Shoving a high-powered Hitachi vibrator into her crotch, she moans with disdain and pleasure. She is forced to gyrate as he moves her hips into a thrusting motion. She can’t handle anymore and soon loses herself with each thrust over and over again. He leotard is soaked with juices and her knees quiver. He is not done with her. He rips open the crotch of her cat suit and zips down his pants. He violently thrusts himself inside her (simulated) and she moans with helpless pleasure. After he’s finished with the greedy wet cat, he unties her and gently tosses her the golden apple. A prize well earned.Starring Angelique Kithos

Fetish Elements: Cat suits, green screen, leather masks, gloves, rope bondage, spanking, forced orgasm, and simulated b/g sex.

WMV Windows Quality: 3000 Kbps, 720×480 and shot in 16:9 format on full HD 1080 equipment.

Kithos: The Greedy Cat Meowed For It (((wmv))) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Kendra James: Catsin Pounces On Super Randy!

Catsins new break in is going just as planned until Super Randy shows up. Then her master plan comes to fruition. Armed with kryptonite rope the cat burgular pounces on the girl of steel. She ties the Kryptonian up and forces the inhabilitated hero to worship her beautiful breasts and magnificent boots. Will the girl in blue be able to free herself? Probably not since Catsin is now armed with a kryptonite dildo attached to a vibrator. That she has shoved in the super sluts dripping wet pussy!

This video has something for those who are looking for Kendra James, Randy Moore, Catsin, Super Girl, cameo by Batwoman, rope bondage, breast worship, breast sucking, vibrator, forced orgasm,,S.H.I.P, peril, female dominating female, close up pussy shots, boot worship, costume, spandex.

Kendra James: Catsin Pounces On Super Randy! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Have A Seat, Goldstar

This clip has 3 different & unique chair ties. Most of them done on screen. GoldStar ( Kim Sinical) is after a common low life criminal. She thinks this will be a very easy job for her. The Crook, drops a banana peel on the floor. Our Heroine doesn’t see it & slips, hitting her head on a wall. Stunned she slides down the wall & the Crook is right on her. He fondles her quickly, to make her weak. Then, he rags her out. He wants her to be comfortable while he humiliates her. She is dragged to a chair, ragged & on screen tied. When she wakes, she starts to struggle but the villain keeps fondling her. She can’t break free out of these ropes. He laughs at her plight. He says, YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS GOING TO BE EASY! Now she is his prisoner. He rags her & unties her, now its time to retie her ( ON SCREEN). She is dragged back, helpless & weak. He rags her & ties her to the chair again.She wakes & struggles as he finishes. Fondling her keeps her power low.SHE CAN’T BREAK FREE! He tells her he is going to have all of her very soon. He gags her, fondles & mocks her. He also rags her to keep her more docile. She tries to struggle but its futile. He rags her & drags her over to her next position on the chair. We see her legs suspended, Her arms over her head. This time , the Crook brings out the vibrator & forces her to orgasm.She is very weak now. With the constant fondling, ragging & now a forced orgasm, she is done! Ragged out again! Now its time for sex! The Crook drags a naked, very tried, exhausted Gold Star into his bedroom. Her will has been broken, she will be his docile fuck toy for the next few days!!!! >>KIM IS VERY GOOD AT GETTING OUT OF BONDAGE! SHE SAID I TIED HER VERY TIGHT & IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HER TO GET FREE!

Have A Seat, Goldstar – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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