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Hp-616 The Wonder Womyn In

Returning from yet another grueling (yet rewarding) day meting out justice, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) embraces the quiet comforts of hearth and home. But, Wonder Womyns safe-haven proves to be the opening act for a heinous heist, as a scheming sneakthief TomiKat (Tomiko) has slinked onto the premises with singular, sinister purpose: to steal away with the wearisome warriors wondrous wares! Fearful to awaken the Amazing Amazon (and her ire) from her catnap, the cunning cat burglar has come armed to square the odds a kerchief doused with enough intoxicating brew to keep the pulchritudinous powerhouse under wraps! Or, so she thinks! The tenacious thief failed to take into account Wonder Womyns enduring constitution, for with each article retrieved from the Amazons sleeping form only stirs our exhausted heroine from her brief repose, forcing the pernicious pilferer to send her dazed quarry back to slumberland. But, can the beauteous bandit keep the Maiden of Might at bay long and often enough to do her devious deeds, or must the claws (and ropes) come out to finish the job, once and for all? Sleep tight, Wonder Womyn!

Hp-616 The Wonder Womyn In \”unexpected Visitor \” – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Ass Vibed By Evil Monk

BrightStar ( Sexy petite Riley Rose) enters the lair of the Evil Monk. She is determined to shut down his operation. SHE’S WALKED INTO A TRAP. The Monk was hiding & hit her ass with a sleep dart. He fondles her than OTS carries her to the bedroom.He ties her (on screen) spread eagle face & stomach down. He takes off her mask. He spanks her for being defiant. She will now be video taped being vibed. ITS HUMILIATING! He fondles her & applies the vibrator to her ass & pussy. SHE HAS MULTIPLE ORGASMS! NICE CLOSE UPS OF HER TIGHT ASS ENCASED IN GOLD SPANDEX! Now he rags her & forcibly strips her naked. He decides to eat his sleeping beauty’s pussy. She can’t stop him. He can do whatever he wants.SHE CAME TO STOP HIM BUT LOST & THE EVIL MONK WINS AGAIN!!!

Ass Vibed By Evil Monk – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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A Bright Blast - Part One

starring SERENE ISLEY as Star Light
also starring ELIZABETH ANDREWS as Firebird

Star Light comes home after an exhausting day of fighting crime. After taking on several powerful supervillains along with other members of the League of Amazing Women all that the exhausted cosmic-powered superheroine wants to do is get some relaxation and enjoy her three-day weekend watching reality television and soaking up some of the sun’s warm yellow rays in order to recharge. Unfortunately as she walks into her bedroom and flops down on her bed there is a small problem. Star Light finds a small metal compact tucked under her pillow. Not knowing what it is, Star Light carefully opens it.

A moment later a soft, cloying perfume smell emanates from the compact. A sweet, cherubic scent. It has a powerful effect on the sexy superheroine, dulling her senses and slowing down her mind with the invisible-yet-alluring vapors. Finding herself growing increasingly dizzy and light-headed, Star Light reclines back on the bed and quickly starts to fall asleep. Soon, the solar-powered superheroine is completely asleep, incapable of waking even if a bullhorn went off next to her head. The vapors have succeeded in putting Star Light completely out!

A few moments later the villainous Firebird carefully opens the door and produces a similar compact (but in a different color) and wafts it about. The two scents seem to cancel each other out and neutralize the tranquilizing component currently in Star Light’s bedroom. Now that the air’s neutrality has been reestablished, Firebird enters and mocks the sleeping superheroine laying on the bed before her. Commenting that it was easy enough to put Star Light to sleep, Firebird then strips the gorgeous crimefighter of her bright yellow boots. She also slowly pulls up Star Light’s spandex dress and detaches her yellow cape. After pulling the dress off, Firebird detaches Star Light’s most special component, her solar-absorption brassiere, which is critical to the heroine’s ability to renew her super-powers. Then, producing a ballgag, Firebird muffles the sleeping superhero’s big mouth, making sure there will be no cries for help when she finally awakens. Now, bound in tight bondage from which there will be no escape, Star Light finally awakens and realizes she’s been tied up and ballgagged! Struggling to get free, Star Light lacks the solar power reserves in order to utilize her energy beams or to augment her strength because she’s been fighting crime all day long, leaving her all-but-powerless! Firehawk walks out the door, Star Light’s yellow cape being kept as a souvenir by the sarcastic supervillain. Is this the end for our sun-bunny super-crimefighter?

FETISHES – Rope Bondage (w/Onscreen Tying), Ballgags, Sheer Pantyhose, Strict Hogties, Topless Nudity, Sleeping, Debooting, Cape Removal, Bondage Struggling, Gagspeak, Stripped of Costume

A Bright Blast – Part One – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Wundar Gurl - Shameful Survival Of The Spiders Kiss Small File


Deanna Price is at home with her date watching a movie. He is trying very hard to get to first base but isn’t getting anywhere. Suddenly new bulletin comes on that the museum has been robbed in daring daytime heist by the White Spider. Deanna rushes her date out knowing that this is a job for her, the police don’t have a chance of catching White Spider

Now in her alter ego as Wundar Gurl she has White Spider cornered. He won’t surrender without a fight but she quickly defeats him. Before she has a chance to gloat over her victory Wundar Gurl feels a sharp pinch in her neck and suddenly it feels like ice is flowing through her veins. She becomes to weak to stand and she hears Black Widow hiss “Weakness”

Wundar Gurl struggles to rise as Black Widow and White Spider stand over her. Now White Spider gets payback and brutally beats Wundar Gurl down. She heroicly refuses to give up and makes one last desperate attack but White Spider ends the fight, finally finishing her with a back breaker

Black Widow sends him away and watches asthe battered and weakened superheroine crawls away trying to escape. She hits Wundar Gurl with her paralyzing venom, then taunts the terrified heroine more, explaining that she has 5 venoms. The first two came from her ring but the rest come from her mouth and are even more potent, the final one being fatal. But first she will let Wundar Girl experience them in order. Putting her mouth very close to Wundar Gurl, Black Widow makes her sleep

Wundar Gurl is sleeping and helpless as White Spider prepares her for his mistress. Orgasms make the venoms work more powerfully and the henchman has some fun groping and fondling the helpless heroine before forcing her to cum over an over until the weakness and sleep venoms put her back out.PART TWO Black Widow Wakes up her captive, administering her ecstasy venom so that she can take sexual advantage of the now overwhelmingly horny heroine. Wundar Gurl is still weak and sleepy but she responds with pleasure and orgasms as Black Widow has her way. She is so powerfully under the venom’s effects that she pleasures her captor being unable to resist her sweet pussy

Once Black Widow’s sexual appetite is satisfied, she is ready to fullfill her second appetite, after all, everyone knows first she mates then she devours. She bites Wundar Gurls neck, injecting her with her fatal venom, as Wundar Gurl writhes in agony she moves down and bites her pussy, injecting a massive does of Ecstasy venom. Wundar girl is torn between agony and ecstasy and the Black Widow stabs her ring into the girls vulnerable pussy and begins to suck the life out of her. Black Widow is sated before fully draining Wundar Gurl and decides to let her fatal venom finish her captive. She leaves to have White Spider dispose of the body

Wundar Gurl is still alive when White Spider arrives. She weakly begs for the antidote. The White Spider torments her a bit but finally agrees to save her if she is willing to do what it takes to get the antidote. Wundar Girl is desperate to live and agrees. The villain takes out his cock and fucks the superheroine for all she is worth. Despite her shame the ecstasy venom makes her enjoy the hard fucking, but she feels the fatal venom slowly taking her life so she begs for the antedote between gasps of pleasure. The White Spider tells her is is coming soon and continues fucking her until he is finished.The villain tells her to open her mouth, her comes the antidote and desperately she obeys. He fills her mouth and covers her face with his white cum and tells her to swallow if she wants to live. Mouth dripping she looks up pathetically “swallow it” she says.As she swallows the cum Wundar Gurl feels the fatal venom subsiding. She’s survived the five venoms, but can she live with her shame?

Wundar Gurl – Shameful Survival Of The Spiders Kiss Small File – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Captured, Used & Out Of The Way ---quicktime

Golden Avenger is at home, talking to the Chief of Police. She needs to get some sleep because tomorrow, they are setting up a trap for White Cloth. Little does she know, White Cloth is fully aware of the plan, thanks to an informant. He invades the home of our Heroine. He finds her nude & sleeping. He rags her & has his way with her. He will keep her busy while his gang robs the bank they were planning to. White Cloth eats her pussy, fondles & tickles her. He humps her over & over. Everytime she starts to struggle she is ragged out. She finally attacks him & ties him up but he quickly gets her out again. He humps her some more. Now its time for him & his gang to get away. She is tied down to the bed & ragged a final time. Her plan to capture him was turned against her. Instead she was used & kept out of his way but he had her over & over. This is a night of defeat she will not forget!!!…MOV FILE…WMV VERSION AT STORE 51405..

Captured, Used & Out Of The Way —quicktime – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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How To K A Superheroine - Mov

Tomi Kat (Tomiko) wants to train her skills, so she goes after the weakest Superheroine, Agent Protector (Jamie Daniels). She sneaks into her home and hides. She wastes no time jumping into action by going after the superheroine immediately. She gets the rag first. Everytime she revives, Tomi Kat throws out a different K. She clubs her on the head with a blunt object next. Her limp body is played with and as she comes to, Tomi Kat puts her in a wrestling hold that once again sends her off to dreamland. Tomi Kat toys with her some more with her laser gadget that send electic shocks through her body. She keeps doing it to her over and over again…even when she is on the ground. Her body shakes all over the place each time. She gets up feeling weak and Tomi Kat throws some punches to the belly and ends it with a karate chop to the neck. Her body is dragged out of the room and she lifts and carries her into a cradle carry to the couch where she is given a syringe to keep her sleeping so Tomi Kat can make her escape. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, LIMP FETISH, CRADLE CARRY, LOTS OF K’S, LIMP PLAY, KARATE CHOP, BELLY PUNCHES, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, SPANDEX, BOOT FETISH, MASK, GLOVES, EFFECTS

How To K A Superheroine – Mov – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Experiment---quicktime

Purple Avenger comes home after a tough day of crime fighting.She lays down on her bed only to get a big whiff of K O gas. She’s sleeping like a baby. Enter 2 Government Doctors. Sent to get samples, exam and probe her lovely orafices. She is stripped naked & tied down to the bed.They use a scanner to get body function readings. One Doctor wearing special vagina detection eyewear examines her pussy…CLOSELY. There are plenty of slow panning closeups of her entire body. There is banter between the 2 Doctors ala Airplane humor. What will they learn from their examination? Who would have thought this brave Heroine would be betrayed by a Government she has helped save many times??..MOV FILE…WMV VERSION IS ON STORE # 51405

The Experiment—quicktime – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Britannia And Firebird: International Incident (complete Story)

After knocking out an armored car containing three million dollar’s worth of valuable nano-tech, and stealing a top-secret energy weapon bound for S.T.A.R. laboratories, Blue Basher (portrayed by astonishingly-hot PLAYBOY model Niki Lee Young) thinks that she can sell the in-bound energy weapon for even more profit! Going home though and testing the device shows that it doesn’t do anything perceptible. It doesn’t burn objects, or freeze them, or even damage anything! The beam passes harmlessly through solid objects. It does nothing to liquids, nothing to solids, the beams doesn’t affect metals, or rocks, or plastics, or even warms up a glass of water! Frustrated by the beam’s lack of ability, Blue Basher even considers shooting herself once with the sizzling energy ray just to see if it DOES really work, but thinks better of it at the last second. As Blue Basher is pouting with her new (useless) beam weapon, she notices a homing transmitter on the bottom of the gun…a GPS tracker! Stomping and crushing the bug under her boot heel, Blue Basher turns around and unexpectedly confronts two of the “European-branch” members of the League of Amazing Women, Britannia (played by Scottish fetish model Scarlett Sianaev) and Firebird (played by the gorgeous Eastern European fetish model Anzhelika Yakimenko.)

Britannia and Firebird tell Blue Basher that the notorious supervillain is under arrest for the armored-car robbery, and that she should come quietly. As Blue Basher raises her fists she tells the two European superheroines that she’s one of the greatest fighters in all of Tiedsville, and that with her super-strength and stamina she’s going to disfigure both beauties using only the might of her fists! As Britannia advances, Firebird cautiosly backs away, slightly scared by Blue Basher’s imposing threat. As Britannia tries to reassure her partner that two-on-one odds are about as good as you’re going to get in Tiedsville when facing a single supervillain, Firebird gets a case of cold feet. As the two superheroes bicker about the fight, Blue Basher suddenly gets a dose of inspiration and brings up the stolen-energy weapon and zaps Firebird with it. The beam has a drastic affect as soon as it touches a living being. A wave of mnemonic-inversioning energy ionizes around Firebird’s body, reversing and distorting the mental wavelengths of Firebird’s brain, forcibly changing Firebird’s fear instead into pure, unfocused rage!

Turning on Britannia, Firebird conjures up a fireball and throws it at her crimefighting partner. Britannia barely has time to summon forth the powers of the ‘Queen’s Kingdom’ and conjure a protective shield around her body which saves her from the 3000-degree fireball. Gathering her strength, Britannia strikes back at her partner and soon the two of them are locked in vicious combat with one another, heroine-against-heroine. Blue Basher waits until the battle is resolved, then casually takes a few sleeping-gas capsules out of her utility belt and tosses the pressurized cartridges onto the floor in front of the victor, disabling her as well as the blue mists slowly rise up and rob the will of anyone who breathes in. Laughing at her easy victory over two superheroines, Blue Basher pulls out a power-analyzing device and realizes that without the supernaturally-granted super-powers bestowed by Britannia’s and Firebird’s masks and without the energy-augmenters built into their boots, neither heroine will be a threat once their tech has been stripped from their bodies. Debooting and unmasking both superheroines, soon the lovely ladies of the league find their secret identities exposed and their power-boots stripped from their body. Imprisoned within specially-designed ‘wombs’ meant to keep them from escaping, both unmasked heroines cry out for help, but without their powers there is no way for them to escape. Is this the end for Britannia and Firebird?

This clip is for lovers of handcuff restraint, three unmaskings (both heroines, plus the supervillain), three really sexy debootings, full frontal nudity (no pantyhose), catfighting, belly-punches and knee blows to the lower body, G/G grappling and hair-pulling, two heroines caught in nylon encasement and struggling whole-heartedly on the ground to get free, multiple scenes of sleeping-gas takedowns, a debelting, plenty of special effects (fireballs, force-fields, flaming fists etc…), and a final scene which shows a defeated metahuman laying on the floor completely naked (stripped by force out of her skintight spandex costume and pantyhose) and handcuffed, writhing helplessly on the floor in her defeated condition, powerless when caught within her own inhibitor bands.

Britannia And Firebird: International Incident (complete Story) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Liberty Belle Vs The Golden Avenger: - Hd

The Golden Avenger, played by Robin looking hot in her tiny gold bikini, dress gloves and boots, has been accused of committing a robbery. The commissioner has asked Liberty Belle, played by Hollywood looking super sexy in her USA bikini top and shorts, to bring her in until the real robber can been found. The Golden Avenger looks guilty holding a rope that might have been used in the robbery, but agrees to submit to Liberty Belle quietly. But while Liberty Belle telephones the commissioner to say she is on her way in, the Golden Avenger sneaks up and attacks the unsuspecting super heroine. At first they exchange body punches while throwing each other against the wall. But Liberty Belle can’t fully recover from the initial surprise and is placed in several leg scissor holds, around the waist and neck. After suffering through a camel clutch and bear hug, the Golden Avenger knocks Liberty Belle out with a sleeper hold. While the unsuspecting Liberty Belle is out, the Golden Avenger slips some sleeping pills in water. When Liberty Belle wakes up, the Golden Avenger gives her the water and apologizes for striking her. After drinking the water, Liberty Belle again attempts to bring the Golden Avenger in. But once again the Golden Avenger attacks the hapless Liberty Belle. After putting up a brief fight, the drug takes over allowing the Golden Avenger to totally destroy her. The Golden Avenger uses stomach punches, leg scissors, even grabs her crotch before choking her out again. This time leaving the gorgeous Liberty Belle on her back hanging off the end of the sofa. After waking the weakened super heroine, the Golden Avenger tortures Liberty Belle’s terrific body with more body punches and leg scissors. She continues to toss the weakened beauty around the room. Can Liberty Belle recover enough to even fight back in a fitting manner let alone win? Can she complete her mission? Both girls look super hot whether they are giving or receiving a beat down. You have to buy this video to find out who wins!!

Liberty Belle Vs The Golden Avenger: – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Au Kryptonite Kiss High Def


G.A.T.E (Genetically Advanced Threat Elimination) has sent Superior Girl to find out what has happened to one of their special operatives, code named Black Bird. The savvy superheroine quickly scans the agent,s last know location and finds a rundown building shielded with a lead paint that foils her X-ray vision. Superior Girl considers this a dead giveaway and doesn’t hesitate to storm in and demand answers.

Superior Girl finds a masked man in a trench coat sitting in an empty room. She’s no dark knight detective but she can deduce that he will have answers about the missing G.A.T.E operative. She demands information and the mysterious man Identifies himself as Croag and pulls a plasma canon from beneath his coat. Superior Girl isn’t impressed with the villain’s toy but when the powerful weapon pushes her back step by step across the room she decides that it isn’t a game after all.

The searing stream of superheated gas fails to penetrate invulnerability and her heat vision quickly disarms her assailant. She laughs at Croag’s poor attempt to defeat her, However instead of surrendering to Superior Girl’s obvious…superiority Croag takes the fight to her hand to hand. His fists are even less effective then the plasma cannon and in no time he is down. Down, but not out! Pulling a small vial from his trench coat Croag drinks a clear liquid and gets up for another round with the still supremely confident Superior Girl. This time however his fists deal out unexpected punishment and he stuns the red and blue paragon with a sharp punch to the jaw.

The two lock hands in a test of strength and Superior Girl gets the upper hand until Croag plays dirty with a punch to the gut. He pins her against the wall and lays into the heroine with a series of punishing blows to her stomach. Super Girl seems on the verge of defeat but she turns the tables and once more Croag is down. This time he doesn’t have anymore tricks up his sleeve and after just a little persuasion he tells Super Girl everything she wants to know.

Deep below the building Super Girl finds agent Black Bird un-moving in a cage. She makes short work of the bars and finds that the operative isn’t breathing and administers CPR. As she is working on resuscitating Black Bird, Superior Girl starts feeling strange, finding it hard to focus while at the same time feeling warm waves through out her body. Her lips tingle where the G.A.T.E. operatives blue lipstick has rubbed off on to them. She pushes the sensation away and concentrates on saving the agent. Black Bird comes awake, more as if from sleeping then a woman who was just at deaths door. Her voice is sultry and seductive as she thanks Superior Girl with a kiss. All the sensations come rushing back stronger, her lips feel like an electric current is going through them and even though she knows something is wrong Superior Girl doesn’t resist as Black Bird kisses her again.

Superior Girl is lost in the pleasure of the soft lips against hers when a sharp pain on her neck partially snaps her out of it. SHE’ BEEN SCRATCHED!?! That can’t be she thinks to herself, she’s invulnerable! She pushes the fog in her head back and asks Black Bird how she scratched her.

“My nails and my lips are covered in blue kryptonite silly” agent Black Bird says.

Her voice is still soft and seductive, and Superior Girl is struggling to make sense of the words but malice burns in Black Bird’s eyes Superior Girl is able to regain enough focus to realize she is in trouble just as she is pushed down on to the floor.

Even as the weakened heroine questions what is happening the supposed G.A.T.E. agent laughs and reveals that there IS NO AGENT BLACK BIRD, that she is, in fact Night Raven and the whole situation has been a trap. Night Raven kisses and lightly scratches Superior Girl all over making sure she gets the full does of the blue meteor rock.

Superior Girl feels herself getting weaker but kryptonite is also affecting her mind, giving her overwhelming urges to touch herself. She desperately needs to cum and even though each orgasm takes more of her strength she just can’t stop!

Au Kryptonite Kiss High Def – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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