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Don't Take My Power Socks

BrightStar gets some help from a good scientist. He has invented power socks for her. They are thigh high, red & black. Even if she is fondled, she will still have super powers. AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT TAKEN OFF! She decides to go after the Evil Scientist & his creepy Cave Man henchman. Entering his lair ,the Cave Man confronts her. She easily defeats him with some punches.Now she goes after the Evil Scientist. She tells him her secret about her power socks, confident this time she will capture him.He stalls for time, enabling the Cave Man to throw a net over our Heroine & K O her. The Evil Scientist tells Cave Man to remove her boots & socks. The Cave Man fondles her, neutralizing her power suit. She wakes & realizes she is in trouble. The Cave Man uses a vibrator on her & brings her to A HOT FORCED O!! He’s not done as he moves her to a couch & keeps on vibing her. The Cave Man strips her naked & eats her pussy. HOURS GO BY & BRIGHTSTAR IS THE CAVE MAN’S SEX TOY. Later, we see both of them on the couch. BRIGHTSTAR IS SMOKING A CIGGY! They look comfortable with each other. HAS BRIGHTSTAR FALLEN IN LOVE? She tells the Cave Man, she wants to stop fighting crime & start a family with him. She wants him to get a good steady job. WHAT?? The Cave Man is shocked.He no want to get married! He runs off. The Evil Scientist shows up & wonders where the Cave Man went. BrightStar, not to be detered, looks him over. Sure he’s old but he’s rich too. She asks him to start a family with her. To use some of his potent lab sperm to make her pregnant, so they can have lots of kids. HORRIFIED, THE EVIL SCIENTIST RUNS OUT TOO!! Leaving BrightStar safe but pondering what went wrong. OH WELL! ITS ON TO THE NEXT MISSION!!!

Don\’t Take My Power Socks – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Bionic Cali Defeated (hd)

Bionic Cali thinks that recovering some stolen files will be a cake walk. When she arrives to the location, kicks down the door and uses her bionics to quickly locate the items she is looking for.

Just before she leaves, Danielle Trixie appears out of nowhere and attempts to fight her for the files. Cali easily restrains Danielle with her super strength and tosses her out of the way. As she walks towards the door, Danielle swallows a pill which turns her into a fierce machine.

She attacks Bionic Cali from behind and with each blow becomes stronger and stronger. Cali tries to jump away, but Danielle now has super speed and catches up to her, throwing her against the wall. Bionic Cali’s arms and legs begin to malfunction.

Eventually, Cali’s Bionics completely quit out and her legs short circuit, causing her to pass out. Danielle takes her files and leaves Cali on the floors with nothing but her sad smoking legs.

This 16 minute clip includes fetish genres such as bionic woman, robots, fembots, female fighting, beat down, magic. It is available in 720HD in the store Power and Peril.

Bionic Cali Defeated (hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Heroine Transformations! - Full Video (hi Def 1280x720)

Wonder Womyn and Knight Girl are hot on the trail of Ivy Grrl and think they have found her lair. The two crimefighters have arrived before Knight Woman, but decide to split up and look for the venomous vixen themselves. Wonder Woman stumbles upon an ominous corridor and overhears Ivy inside an antichamber plotting her next move. Wonder Womyn confidently strides into the room to take her down, but it’s a trap…and lights out for our Amazon heroine.

Wonder Womyn awakens bound in vines inside Ivy’s pheromone testing laboratory. She struggles to free herself from the mutant strength foliage to no avail. Ivy Grrl enters and confronts her captive. She explains that Wonder Womyn is about to become her newest experiment on a new pheromone she has been working on. She blows the pheromone at WW and it has no effect on the bound heroine. WW laughs off Ivy’s failed attempt and assures her she has protection against any pixie dust Ivy throws at her. Ivy says she has been doing her research and knows what protects WW from the toxins…and she quickly removes the Amazon Avenger’s golden tiara. Ivy Grrl then blows a second wave of pheromones directly into Wonder Womyn’s face.

At first WW, is confident the poison pollen will have no effect…but quickly realizes her mind is being clouded. Ivy explains that she has modified her pheromone recipe so that it also works on females now…not just men. Ivy begins flirting with Wonder Womyn, who is still able to resist her seductive advances. Then, Ivy seals the heroine’s fate with a toxic kiss as she blows the final wave of pheromones into Wonder Womyn’s face.

Ivy then tells the groggy heroine that she is no longer Wonder Womyn….that she will now be known as The Countess… a powerful vllainess bent on enslaving sexy females like herself. Wonder Womyn smiles and and cpmlies with Ivy’s entrancement spell. The two new partners in crime make out and The Countess is released from her bondage.

Knight Girl has doubled back looking for Wonder Womyn, and finds Ivy Grrl’s lab. On closer inspection, she finds Wonder Womyn’s tiara hanging from the vines in the lab. Meanwhile, Ivy has snuck up behind the caped crusader. After some less than cordial exchanges, Ivy introduces Knight Girl to her latest creation…The Countess! Wonder Womyn has transformed into her new alter-ego and enters the lab, smoking a pheromone laced cigarette. Knight Girl begs her to snap out of it, but her one time friend is now committed to a life of evil. Countess blows the pheromone tainted smoke into Knight Girl’s face several times…and even forces the girl wonder to take a puff off her elaborate cigarette holder…while Ivy explains that with each breath she inhales, she is falling under the spell of the dark side. the wobbily heroine’s mind is clouded as the smoke takes away her steely resolve. “I am an evil villainess” she says and smiles at her new felonious friends. Knight Girl then agrees to help Ivy & The Countess capture her partner…Knight Woman.

Knight Woman arrives on the scene only to find her partner tied up in Ivy’s lair. Knight Girl explains that she & Wonder Womyn were captured by Ivy as her faithful mentor quickly unties her. Ivy then enters with The Countess, surprising the Dark Knight. Ivy grabs her from behind and tells her she fell right into her trap just as expected and commands Knight Girl to tell her it was a trap…which she does with an evil laugh. Then Ivy tells Knight Woman that they are going to break her will sexually and turn her to the dark side forever.

Ivy throws Knight Woman onto the couch as The Countess & Knight Girl begin kissing seductively. Soon all three of the villainesses pounce on Knight Woman and begin removing her clothes and fondling her. The Arkham Enforcer is helpless to resist all the groping hands and wet lips upon hers as Ivy removes Knight Woman’s boots and begins licking and sucking her nylon encased feet and toes. Slowly the erotically enhanced trio has Knight Woman on the ropes. “Don’t fight it…you know you like it” The Countess says as Knight Woman’s costume is stripped from her curvaceous body. “Are you turning me evil?” she asks Ivy…who responds with “You are going to be evil as they come when we’re through with you!”. Knight Woman’s pleasure censors are on overload as Ivy gives her a long toxic kiss.

Knight Woman is lost in a world of extascy and is soon swept up into a superpowered lesbian orgy. The four beautiful vixens take turns eating and fingering each other’s wet, exposed pussies while moaning with pleasure. Everyone has multiple orgasms as they worship every sexy inch of each other’s bodies.

Will anyone be able to stop Ivy Grrl’s evil plan of transforming superheroines into sex starved slaves? Stay Tuned!!

MODELS: Jayden Cole, Emily Addison, Melissa Jacobs, Kendra James

Heroine Transformations! – Full Video (hi Def 1280×720) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Catwoman Vs. Batgirl Parody: Identity Crisis

The bar for SUPER-HEROINE story driven clip downloads has been raised. “CATWOMAN vs. BATGIRL PARODY: IDENTITY CRISIS” stars Christina Carter as Catwoman and Emily Addison as Batgirl. These two smoking hot pros are arguably the hottest girl-girl combination in the fetish-bondage genre and besides you already know what Christina Carter brings to the party when wearing a super-heroine costume. FYI, Catwoman is parodied as the 1966, Lee Meriwether version of the character from the television show Batman. This parody video is 30-minutes of sizzling hot super-heroine action from the best in the business Christina Carter Productions.Storyline: Batgirls confronts Catwoman in her secret lair but the feisty feline is not going down without a knockdown drag out, claws out cat-fight. With both superheroines identities compromised at the hand of the other. A deal is brokered between good and evil that is too smoking hot for words. Youll have to see it to believe it!Please look for additional Batgirl (Emily Addison) and Catwoman (Christina Carter) releases in the coming weeks from Christina Carter Production.

Catwoman Vs. Batgirl Parody: Identity Crisis – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Black Spider's Forced Orgasm And Shame - 1280 X 720 Hd Wmv Version

The Black Spider IN FULL HD VERSION infiltrates the lair of the dragon to squash out their reign of terror. In her skin tight suit, masked to protect her identity, she is attacked by the Dragon’s henchman – but she easily takes him down – beating the larger man handily, punishing him with lightning fast strikes until he can no longer stand. But, the Dragon announces to the triumphant beauty that she is no match for his particle disruptor and the sexy crime fighter is struck by the agonizing weapon which tears at her ever molecule. She collapses and arches in agony, with incredible HD camera work showing her translucent costume and smoking hot superheroine body, arching and convulsing in pain and humiliation. Weakened and unable to defend herself, she can do nothing to stop Lothar – the henchman – as he enters to stomp and squash her with his powerful booted leg. She squirms like a bug being squashed, agonizing and humiliated, but she cannot escape. Lothar trounces her. She awakens bound as the henchman again enters, fascinated by her amazingly tight body and he cannot keep his hands off her as he begins to explore every inch of her, massaging her sexy tits as she begs for mercy – and then she endures a humiliating anal invasion as he digs into her sexy ass crack, probing her anus with his gloved, powerful fingers, before spinning the heroine around and focusing on her pussy. Lothar expertly begins rubbing her clit, she cannot stop him and she is forced to climax inside her spandex suit – totally shamed and humiliated. 1280 x 720 HD wmv version

The Black Spider\’s Forced Orgasm And Shame – 1280 X 720 Hd Wmv Version – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Superheroine Forced To Undress - Remove Mask And Get Naked

There could be nothing more shocking than seeing a proud and noble superheroine -a costumed crimefighter – a pillar of the community who stands for truth and justice – forced to remove her mask – show her identity – and then gasp – undress and get naked for a villain – holding the world hostage as it forces the famous, hot superheroine to strip naked for him. Jordana Leigh stars in this one and has never looked better as she not only is forced to strip naked of her hot sexy suit but then unmasked and completely shamed, she is blasted by the dragon’s weapon which not only robs of her power, forces her to the ground where she writhes butt naked in agony, but then overwhelms her sexual senses and brings her to orgasm. This video is smoking hot and seeing this humiliated superheroine brought to an arousing orgasm and then totally knocked out is unbelievably hot and worth the price.

Superheroine Forced To Undress – Remove Mask And Get Naked – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Wonder Woman Gets Hypnotized

Dressed in her civilian clothes clothes wonder woman and her friend lola go to a modeling interview. Unknowingly the two are walking right into a trap. The beautiful tall blonde interviewer Christina Sky has a few tricks up her sleeves, she uses a cigarette to hypnotize the girls into smoking and doing anything she tells them. Christina makes Wonder Woman and Lola kiss and smoke and get naked modeling how crazy they can get. After having some fun christina tells wonder woman to get and get some more friends to come join in on the fun. While wonder woman is gone christina and lola have so fun with each other licking eachothers pussys and moaning in orgasim! Wonder Woman comes back snapped out of her trance and back in her normal clothes she tries to get lola to come to but christina puts her under gain with a puff of smoke and the fun begins again!

Wonder Woman Gets Hypnotized – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Superchick: Red Jewel - Clip 1 - Ipad

superchick pays a visit to a detective friend of hers. The officer has just busted a gang that robbed ASTRO Labs of some experimental items, including a peculiar red gem. The detective shows the gem to an interested superchick, unbeknownst to either that it is in fact, red kryptonite. This rare form of alienite causes unique and unpredictable reactions each time she is exposed to it. Supergirl feels the effects instantly, becoming woozy. She quickly recovers, but something has changed. Her normally serious demeanor is absent. She now finds everything funny and seems bored with fighting crime and doing good. Her detective friend is concerned, but when he tries to help, she shrugs him off, telling him she’s going to go have some fun. Later, the detective pays a visit at superchick’s apartment, where she lives in her secret identity. He finds superchick home, but is shocked to find her drinking and smoking. The red alienite has shed her inhibitions and she now does all the things she would never allow herself to do. Her attraction to the detective becomes evident and she forces him into her bedroom for super sex. While struggling, futilely, the detective accidentally tickles the superheroine, temporarily alleviating the affects of the red-a and canceling out her superpowers. Back to her normal self, superchick realizes what has happened and tells the detective that he must tickle her, to prevent her from succumbing to the effects of the red-a. He’s hesitant, but agrees to help his super friend (you know I had to say it). Tying her up, he subjects her to unmerciful tickling as she begs him not to stop, revealing all her secret tickle spots for him to explore. Will the detective be able to tickle superchick long enough for the red-a effects to wear off? Will superchick survive the tickling? This is the complete video. The clip is in Windows Media Format. This is the exposure to alienite and loss of inhibitions.


Superchick: Red Jewel – Clip 1 – Ipad – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Blue Angels Vs. The Baroness - Full Video (ipod)

2 Blue Angels confront “The Baroness” in her lair, but the baroness suprises them with a sonic KO device that renders them unconscious. When they wake up, they are restrained and the Baroness injects our first Blue Angel with a serum that makes her compliant. The Baroness then lights a cigarette, and compels the Blue Angel to smoke with her.
The Baroness then turns her attention to Blue Angel Jade telling her if she doesn’t smoke she will destroy her friends mind. Blue Angel Jade has no choice but to comply.
By smoking, Blue Angel Jade starts to fall under the Baroness control. The more she smokes, the deeper she goes. The Baroness tells her she is no longer a Blue Angel, and that her smoking will allow her to obey her master, The Baroness. She instructs Blue Angel Jade to go retrieve the files on all the other Blue Angels. The Baroness then begins to seduce Blue Angel Ashley. Once BA Jade returns, The Baroness decides to have a little fun!
Smoking, Forced Orgasms, Tights, Leotards, Superheroines
Models: Kobe Lee, Jade Indica, Ashley Grace

Blue Angels Vs. The Baroness – Full Video (ipod) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Law Spotlight #1 : Justice And Power Princess

Justice (played by smoking-hot fetish model Caroline Pierce) is one-half of an amazing brother/sister super-team now helplessly stranded on Earth with no way to return to her home planet of Exxania after the untimely death of her twin, Zann-N. Justice is not alone, however. Shes joined by L.A.W. newcomer Power Princess (played by the curvy Vivian Ireene Pierce), a busty, redheaded version of Stargirl that hails from an alternate reality of our own dimension. This amazing adventure pits them against the sly and sexy bank robber and weapons merchant known as Silver Fox (portrayed by the always-sexy Ashley Grace) who wishes to increase her street cred by taking down a couple of junior “metas” in order to advance her reputation in the Tiedsville hierarchy. To accomplish this, she sets a clever trap for the two unsuspecting superheroines.

Justice and Power Princess, following a tip from an anonymous source, track Silver Fox from a five-million dollar gold bullion bank robbery all the way across town to her fashionable Heavenly Springs home, following a lightly radioactive trail of œtracing-dust that Justice had sprayed the gold ingots with. Their trail leads them poolside at Silver Foxs swanky estate, where they use the tracking device given to them by White Owl to find the last location of the precious gold bars. Horrified, they discover that they both have been tricked by the clever Silver Fox and the heartless mercenary instead pulls out her twin .45s and empties both clips into the surprised superheroines. Fortunately, Power Princess uses her nigh-indestructible body as a human shield, saving poor Justices life from the hail of high-caliber bullets. The two heroines quickly overpower and strip Silver Fox out of her costume, taking her prisoner and leading her indoors. But even as the heroines begin their interrogation, Silver Foxs TRUE plans for these two junior-league superheroines starts to unfold. Whatever could it be?

This clip contains both two-point and four-point handcuff restraint, catfights, interrogation, topless nudity, displays of invulnerability, multiple unmaskings(Power Princess and Silver Fox), knockout gas fetish, multiple debootings(all three girls), glove removal(all three girls), and debeltings(all three girls), and a brief œmagic cloth tease with Justice that involves dizziness and disorientation.

Law Spotlight #1 : Justice And Power Princess – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]