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Superheroine Hypnotized Into Rubbing Her Hairy Pussy

AnnaBelle Lee is hypnotized into taking off her spandex suit and playing with a glass dildo in her hairy pussy to orgasm.

Superheroine Hypnotized Into Rubbing Her Hairy Pussy – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Balck Canary I Think I Saw A Pussy Cat?

The Black Canary returns home from a day of fighting crime just in time to catch The Scarlet Cat burgular trying to help herself to some of the Canaries prized possesions. How will this cat vs. bird fight pan out? Will this twitty bird be able to stop a pussy cat?

In this video you will see: Kendra James, Randy Moore, girl fight,ship,girls wrestling with sleeper holds,panty hose,forced orgasm,rope bondage, boot, high kicks, girls fighting,immobilized woman,ball gags,stocking,spandex, bare breast,masks,superheroine in peril

Balck Canary I Think I Saw A Pussy Cat? – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Criss Cross Vs Black Panther - Wmv Hd

Two Villains are competing to take over oner territory. Criss Cross (Tomiko) and Black Panther (Dragonlily) are both cocky and believe that one could take the other one. They do a series of attacks using a special device with blanks. What they don’t know, is that the last round could be their last and there will be no winners. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, SPANDEX, CATSUITS, BOOT FETISH, ASIANS, JAPANESE.

Criss Cross Vs Black Panther – Wmv Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Carnival Fetish Freakshow: Wonder Paige Vs. Madam Riddler (wmv)

Wonder Paige (Paige Erin Turner) is here to save the day again! She is lurking around the hallway of a popular apartment building, known to have seedy types lurking around, looking to make a drug bust. Just then she is ambushed from a man hiding around the corner. He unleashes firepower onto the unsuspecting Amazon that she easily blocks with her bracers. In fear, he runs away leaving Wonder Paige to chase after him into a nearby residence.

Wonder Paige enters into the room and sees her suspect across the room — Seems too easy of an arrest. It appears that poor Wonder Paige has wondered into a trap set by Madam Riddler (Angelique Kithos). The Madam is bored and spotted Wonder Paige lurking around the halls on the surveillance cameras. She intends to toys with the superheroine for her own amusement. She instructs her male minions to tie up the Amazonian Princess, who is helpless to their power, and she is quickly encased in a strict hogtie with titanium steel rope.

With Wonder Paige’s spirit broken by the bondage of a man, she wriggles and moans in the strict ties (rigging by Ted Michaels Damsels). Not knowing if she will be able to escape the bondage or be the play things of this carnival freak show, her eyes begin to roll back and she finds herself in subspace. Her body glistening with perspiration, Wonder Paige is now the fetish friend of Madam Riddler. The Madam comes into the room and strips down the helpless superheroine and begins tickling her taut body. Convulsing with laughter and pain, Wonder Paige doesn’t know if she should laugh, moan, or cry! Just as she’s feeling comfortable with her surroundings, the Madam removes her power belt and applies clover clamps to Wonder Paige’s nipples. What will become of poor Wonder Paige and can she get her spirit back enough to break free of the bondage predicament?
Starring Angelique Kithos and Paige Erin Turner

Features: Five separate unique scenes that feature strict bondage, hog-tie, bullets and bracers, de-powerment of Wonder Paige by a man (rigging), forced stripping, tickle torture, clover nipple clamps, tall women, tight round asses, spandex, boots, peril and struggling, shiny pantyhose, full nudity (Paige Erin), sound effects, dark humor, and tables turned scenario.

Windows WMV Version: 3000 Kbps 720×480

Carnival Fetish Freakshow: Wonder Paige Vs. Madam Riddler (wmv) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Sex Kittens Sexualy Tormenting Game.

The scarlet guard is going to be out two of its best soldiers if Batwoman or Super Girl don’t get here soon. I wonder where they may be and why they would let these two red hot heroes endure the torcheras Sex Kitten.Hopefully someone will save them before the cum their brains out.

This video has something for those looking for Kendra James, Anastasia Pierce, Randy Moore, woman dressed in spandex, super heroes, girls kissing,forced orgasm, struggling while bound,breast groping,licking, mouth stuffing, rope bondage, gag, woman pleading,red heads,blond, porn star,full frontal nudity,nipple clamps,breast exposed, hero peril.

Sex Kittens Sexualy Tormenting Game. – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Unplugged...wonder Shellene Tells All!

In this unique and sauciest clip ever, Rita Malone, a gossip writer for the local tabloids, talks her way into a one on one no holds barred interview with our lovely heroine Wonder Shellene. She brings a bottle of Shellene’s favorite wine and coaxes her to relax. After admitting the super tough day she’s already had, Shellene gladly opens the wine and helps herself to a glass. Since the heorine seldom drinks, within a very short while, she begins to relax……first she removes her golden belt….then, one by one, each of her sexy boots come off and in almost total relaxation, she puts both of her long sexy pantyhosed legs on the table, wriggling her toes. As the interview progresses, Shellene begins to dish some MAJOR dirt including broken hearts, past loves & her long-held secret of being felt up by a former co-worker of hers! Rita takes it all in and when the spandex-clad heroine has about finished off the bottle, Rita’s tune changes. Using her now soft and mesmerizing voice, she suggests that the famous goody two shoes heroine grope her bountiful breasts and nether regions, adding at the end that fact that this is all on camera then tells her after she’s ‘done’ to faint! But Shellene is so caught up in pleasure that she doesn’t even care, bringing herself and this clip to an explosive ending!

Unplugged…wonder Shellene Tells All! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Batwoman Gets Zapped By The Game Mistress.wmv

Batwoman has tracked down the Game Mistress known as Neon back to her funhouse of depravity and evil. Will our hero figure out why this rubber clad electricity draining seductress is stealing so much power? Or will Batwoman become the latest victim to the Game Mistressess ultimate game of cat and mouse?

The video has something for those looking for Kendra James, Rubber Doll, ball gags, rope bondage, debooting, superheroines,spandex, latex, boots, nude ray, orgasma ray, gagging ray, spanking, boobs, frontal nudity, groping, peril, laser stockings,orgasm,

Batwoman Gets Zapped By The Game Mistress.wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Pink Racer Comes Home From A Long Day Of Fighting The Terror.

The Pink Racer comes home from a long day of fighting the Terror. The super villain had contaminated the city water supply making everyone act out their greatest desires at that very moment. The pink sex kitten is wanting nothing more than to sit down read her mail and relax… that is until she opens the mysterious anonymous envelope. How could she not have seen this was the Terrors last ditch effort to exact her revenge on the pretty pink race car hero? What is at the front of Pink Racer’s mind right now at this very moment?

This video has some for those looking for Kendra James,exposed breast,masturbation,boots,hypno gas,super heroines in peril,spandex,girls in costumes

The Pink Racer Comes Home From A Long Day Of Fighting The Terror. – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Batwoman And Super Girl: The Ties That Bind Them

Batwoman has been drugged and Super Girl is immobilized by a Cryptonic gag. Tied together the two sexy heroes struggle to break the ropes that bind them. How will they free themselves? Or will they? Is this the end for this dynamic sexy duo?

this video has something for those looking for Kendra James, Randy Moore, super heroes,rope bondage,gags,heroine peril, damsels in distress,drool,struggling,up skirt shots, spandex,bondage,

Batwoman And Super Girl: The Ties That Bind Them – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Huntrexxx: A Wonderful Rebellion Wmv-hd

Huntrexxx (Angelique Kithos) climbs a stairwell looking for information about her family. She has a tip that it’s in a nearby office and enters. She looks for clues not knowing that Wonder Paige (Paige Erin Turner) has followed her because of a tip about a suspicious character lurking about the area. Wonder Paige enters the room to find Huntrexxx searching for clues. They exchange words as Huntrexxx demonstrates her skill with words and Wonder Paige demonstrates her skill with putting her hands on her hips and showcasing her beautiful ass.

The two heroines do not see eye-to-eye though and a fight ensues. With super speed Wonder Paige rushes Huntrexxx and gets in the first blow. Huntrexxx rises from the couch rubbing her aching jaw. It’s on now! She takes three swipes at her foe but to her amazement each is dodged. The super speed of Wonder Paige makes hitting her almost impossible. She seizes the moment and lands three crushing blows to Huntrexxx. The pummeled heroine slumps to the floor and opts for another plan.

Wonder Paige tells her to give it up but doesn’t see what is coming. She succumbs to the Huntrexxx and falls into a deep sleep on the couch. She is motionless and unable to stop her power belt from being removed, her top from being pulled down and her bottoms from being removes. Even worse she is de-booted, the ultimate insult for a heroine that doesn’t wear a mask

She awakens bound with her own magic lasso and being questions. She must tell the truth but doesn’t know the answers to the questions the Huntrexxx is asking. This prompts nipple pinching, choking and spanking. After repeated questions Wonder Paige eventually whispers into the ear of the Huntrexxx the names she desires. Her honesty is rewarded with another dose of sleepy time, a final nipple tweak and being left along in bound and bared shame while the Huntrexxx continues her mission of vengeance!Features: Unique locations, tall women, statuesque beauties, booty, buttocks, spandex, boots, witty and humorous remarks, pantyhose, K-0 TWO TIMES, superheroine action fighting, topless nudity, sound effects, dragging, de-powerment, bondage, sleepytime fondling, plot and story, and dark humor.

Windows WMV Version: 5000 Kbps 1280×720

Huntrexxx: A Wonderful Rebellion Wmv-hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]