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Reality Bites - Wmv

Nyxon is a washed out reality star that is trying to get herself back in the spotlight. She comes up with this plan to film her own pilot, but she needs Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) to help boost interest. She calls the police and makes a fake emergency call that she has been tied up. She performs self bondage on herself and struggles while she waits for Wonder Tomi. Wonder Tomi busts in the room and unties her. There is a camera set up to catch the whole thing. Nyxon yells out cut, and Wonder Tomi looks at her confused. When Wonder Tomi discovers this was fake, she tells Nyxon she is going to take her in. She goes towards the phone to call the police and report Nyxon, but she gets club KO’d and her belt is removed. Nyxon figures if she shows that she has captured the famous Wonder Tomi, her pilot will be picked up no problem. She ties up Wonder Tomi and continues to film. Wonder Tomi awakes and tells Nyxon that there are citizens that are depending on her to keep the city safe. She manages to get free. Nyxon is upset Wonder Tomi is ruining everything. A fight breaks out but Wonder Tomi gets club KO’d. Wonder Tomi is stripped out of her costume and her own lasso is tied on her so she is forced to obey. Nyxon comes up with an even better story for the pilot. The two of them are lesbian roommates and Wonder Tomi gets caught cheating. Nyxon tells her that she is going to get dildo raped and Wonder Tomi is forced to agree. Will Wonder Tomi be stuck in a reality horror? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINE, NUDITY, MIND CONTROL, BONDAGE, CLUB KO, STRIPPING, BOOT FETISH, FONDLING, ROBOT, HUMILIATION, FOOT FETISH

Reality Bites – Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Giving Her The Business - Wmv Hd

Kimberly Marvel and JR Marvel are suckering people into a shady pyramid scheme. Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) gets a call from the police to investigate. People were calling in saying the deal was too good to be true. Wonder Tomi wants to see the paperwork and judge for herself. Kimberly Marvel whispers to JR telling him to get ready and when Wonder Tomi least expects it, JR sleepy KO’s her out while Kimberly removes her belt and holds her hands down. They want to plan their escape, but they need to take care of Wonder Tomi. JR cradle carries her to the bedroom where she is fondled and stripped out of her costume. She is tied spread eagle to the bed. Kimberly remembers this perverty guy named Mr. Wanky and decides to give him a call. She noticed that he likes to look at the ladies and wait until he gets a look at Wonder Tomi. He shows up and they leave her with him. He wastes no time touching her and then goes to unzip his pants…This is a bonus Mr. Wanky will never forget! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINE, LIFT AND CARRY, NUDITY NAKED, FOOT FETISH, FONDLING, SLEEPY KOS, CRADLE CARRY, BONDAGE, DOMINATION, HUMILATION, BOOT FETISH.

Giving Her The Business – Wmv Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Lady Villain Has Gone Lesbian As She Plays Superheroine's Tits And Pussy - Gxxd-004 - Full Version (low Quality)

Superheroines, Lesbian, Costumes, Tit Sucking/Nipple Fetish

Lady Villain Has Gone Lesbian As She Plays Superheroine\’s Tits And Pussy – Gxxd-004 – Full Version (low Quality) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Battle Babe Faces The Evil Genie

Cali has been given orders to bring in the Evil Genie and has a tip that she might be at a dumpy hotel downtown. She gets to the hotel and finds nothing, until POOF out of nowhere, the Evil Genie appears. At first it seems as though Battle Babe might be able to bring in the bad guy, but before she gets a chance to drag the Evil Genie into the station, the tables turn. An intense wrestling match breaks out and the Genie dominates Battle Babe, knocking her out. Instead of fleeing, the Genie decides to have a little fun with her superheroine, waking her up for some more torture. After the final knock out, Genie scours Battle Babes body for a little souvenir…her boots will do!

Battle Babe Faces The Evil Genie – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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I Don't Swing That Way - Wmv Hd

Leviathon and Evangeline von Winters are hotel owners that are going broke. They decide to change their hotel into a Swingers hotel. The Major checks in not knowing that the theme of the hotel as changed. He suspects something is off about the hotel and finds out it is a Swingers Hotel and calls the authorities. Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) tells him that he is now safe and he leaves the hotel. Wonder Tomi walks over to the office to see if she can talk to a manager. Leviathon and Evangeline are one step ahead of Wonder Tomi and Leviathon clubs her on the head from behind. Wonder Tomi is lifted and carried to the bed. She is fondled and stripped and tied spread eagle to the bed. They decide that they are going to use Wonder Tomi to help advertise their hotel so Evangeline strips nude and climbs on top of Wonder Tomi for pictures. Wonder Tomi wakes up and tries to protest but it’s no use. Her picture is taken and she fears her reputation will be ruined. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINE, NUDITY, GIRL GIRL, LIFT AND CARRY, CLUB KO, STRIPPING, BONDAGE, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, BOOT FETISH, LEGS, FOOT FETISH, TIGHTS.

I Don\’t Swing That Way – Wmv Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Smothered With Love - Wmv Hd

Mischief (Delila B) has a love potion in her dart gun. She is going to set a trap for Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) and shoot her with it. Then she will deliver her to the highest bidder. She makes a phony call to the police telling them that she has some info about some drug dealers but she will only tell Wonder Tomi. Wonder Tomi shows up at the location and when she sees it’s Michief, she automatically wants to take her into the authorities for stealing her costume (Previous Epsisodes with Mischief). Michief fires her dart gun and Wonder Tomi is able to use her magic bracelets to deflect them. One hits Mischief. She starts to get a funny look on her face and she looks at Wonder Tomi seductively. The lovesick Mischief starts to come towards Wonder Tomi who runs from her after she finds out what the darts are coated with. She tries to block Mischief with objects and Mischief grabs her belt in triumph debelting Wonder Tomi. She tells her that she wants to eat her pussy and that she loves her. Wonder Tomi tries to get away from her, but she tackles her onto the bed and she smothers her with her boobs. Wonder Tomi, after struggling for air, is KO’d. Mischief touches her body and starts to strip her out of her costume. She fondles Wonder Tomi. Wonder Tomi comes to while she is touching her and freaks out. “What are you doing???” Mischief tells her exactly what she is going to do and Wonder Tomi tries to get up explaining that she is not a lesbian. Mischief shuts her up with a face sit until she is KO’d. She ties Wonder Tomi spreadeagle to the bed. Wonder Tomi comes to in time to seeing Mischief going down on her. She tries to make her stop, but there is nothing she can do. She is helpless and humiliated as Mischief goes into an eating frenzy. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINE, GIRL GIRL, NUDITY, FACE SITTING, BOOB SMOTHER, KO, BONDAGE, HUMILIATION, HELPLESS, BOOT FETISH, FOOT FETISH, TIGHTS, ON CAMERA STRIPPING, STRUGGLING

Smothered With Love – Wmv Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Batgirl -

Batgirl has set out to find the villain Catwoman. Our hero has tracked her to a hideout and enters the building to confront her. Batgirl explores the lair, little does she know that she’s walked right into Catwoman’s trap. The trap is sprung and Batgirl quickly succumbs to a room full of sleeping gas. Catwoman drags an unconcious Batgirl out of the room and ties her up so that she can have her way with her…Will Catwoman triumph over the masked superheroine, or can Batgirl manage to turn the tables? *See the trailer for this video here *

Batgirl – \”catnapped\” – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Cat Got Your Tongue? - Wmv Hd

Nyxon is Villain, Sexy Cat. Wonder Tomi tracks her as the one responsible for the bank heist. She finds her hideout and kicks in the door. Wonder Tomi goes to grab Sexy Cat but is surprised by catatonic catnip thrown at her. Wonder Tomi starts to get dizzy. She staggers towards the bed falling on it. Sexy Cat calls her Henchman, Big Boy to tie Wonder Tomi up and gag her. She is spreadeagle tied and struggles to get free. We see Sexy Cat getting ready to head out to a jewlery store as her next hit when she gets surprised by Wonder Tomi. Sexy cat throws Catatonic Catnip at her again but this time Wonder Tomi is prepared and uses her magic bracelets to deflect it away. Wonder Tomi is snug and tells her she is going to get her now, but she is surprised by the claw like hands of Sexy Cat coated with a special paralyzing formula made to make anyone immobile. Wonder Tomi’s movements start to slow down until she is completely frozen like a statue. Sexy Cat goes to leave and head to another hideout, but she makes sure her Henchman, Big Boy, gets to stay and have some fun. Big Boy carries her onto the bed and strips the helpless Wonder Tomi out of her costume. He messes with her fondling her and playing around with her. Before Sexy Cat left, she coated the bed with Catatonic Catnip, Wonder Tomi is tied hogtied to the bed…nude. At first she is out of it, but not enough Catatonic Catnip was put on the bed, so Wonder Tomi is able to snap out of it….yet she is still helpless and unable to get free from the Henchman’s hogtie. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINE, STUCK, FROZEN, STATUE, ROBOT, KO, STRIPPED, FONDLED, NUDITY, BONDAGE (2 TIES), BOOT FETISH, SPANDEX/TIGHTS, ASS FETISH, LEGS, FOOT FETISH.

Cat Got Your Tongue? – Wmv Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Kendra James Is Auburn Ardachni (wmv Hd)

Auburn Arachnid, played by fetish star Kendra James, is a snooping superheroine! She enters the secret hotel room where the villain was last scene. She riffles through the drawers and finds a mysterious communication’s device. After attempting to gain entry and hack the device, she is soon electrocuted and faints. The saucy redhead lay helpless on the bed and is soon discovered by the very villain she was tracking. IT WAS A TRAP! She is then stripped down, knocked-out, and tightly tied in a ball tie. She struggles full-nude pleading to be freed with big green eyes. Finally, the masked man de-masks her and knocks her over revealing every part of her hot body. Auburn Ardachni has every bit of her body revealed and she is humiliated.

Click Here for Large Clip Image
WMV HD Windows Version: 3000 Kbps, 720×480 and shot in 16:9 format on 1080 HDV equipment.

Kendra James Is Auburn Ardachni (wmv Hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Whose Your Friend - Mov

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) and Red Lantern ( Kelly Anne) are looking for Bopo. Wonder Tomi explains how dangerous Bopo is and how kinky he can be, too. Red Lantern thinks it’s silly to worry about a clown and they split up. Red Lantern sees a clue on floor and gets club KO’d, fondled and tied up. Wonder Tomi walks up and sees Red Lantern tied up and goes to untie her not knowing that it is a trap. Wonder Tomi gets club Ko’d and debelted. Wonder Tomi is tied up by the henchman. Bopo mocks and fondles them both. They are left there to struggle and manage to get free. They see the henchman and begin beating him up. Wonder Tomi plans on tying the henchman up, but Bopo gets the upperhand and KOs both Red Lantern and Wonder Tomi. Both heroines are carried away. Stripped, tickled and tied together with their breasts exposed, Bopo mocks, fondles, and KOs them. FETISH ELEMENTS: CLUB KO, SLEEPY KO, LIFT AND CARRY, NUDITY, FONDLING, SPANDEX, SUPERHEROINE, BOOT FETISH, BONDAGE. *FOR WMV AND HD VERSION, PLEASE SEE SUPERHEROINE STORE

Whose Your Friend – Mov – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]