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Batgurl Fucked To Oblivion Hd

When She Enters The Masterminds Lair

Batgurl locked up one of Superheroine Cities criminal masterminds a few months back. After her escape our heroine was hard on the trail and sprung a trap. Next thing Batgurl knows the Mastermind has her defenseless and bound to a table. Her captor begins to drain her by bringing her to orgasm several times until she can barely resist. The Mastermind then uses a specially lubricated strap-on to fuck our heroine to oblivion. Will Batgurl survive this treatment?

Batgurl Fucked To Oblivion Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Hp-09 Wonder Womyn & The Foot Fetish Creep - Standard

The creep has snuckinto Holly’s home getting ready for his attack. Holly walks in and is ko’d by the villain.He immediately takes off her heels, sniffs them and starts kissing, caressing her feet for the next 5 min. Holly wakes up kicks her nemesis and turns into Wonder Womyn they fight back and forth. The creep is able to take off the superheroines belt and gets the upper hand. He Knocks her out again, takes off her boots and goes at her nylon feet. This time he is smarter and decides to tie wonder womyn up bound by her hands , legs and feet. Next he does what he does best… can you guess? Get this hot fetish Superheroine vid and see!!! Models Leonard and Hollywood

Hp-09 Wonder Womyn & The Foot Fetish Creep – Standard – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Callidora's Revenge, Part 1. Ipod

GoldenGirl enters a dark and mysterious industrial area…investigating the scene. She’s interrupted by the appearance of Callidora, the Vampire Superheroine…who always seems to torn between good and evil. Callidora confronts GoldenGirl. Callidora got the worst of their last encounter and she’s plenty mad! She grabs GoldenGirl’s face and she looks into her eyes…deep into her eyes. She tells her there’s something she didn’t know about vampires…they have the ability to mesmerize…just by using their eyes. Her eyes flash as she stares deeply into GoldenGirl’s eyes…and the effect is immediate! GoldenGirl’s face goes slack, she stands motionless…and obedient. The deliciously evil Callidora takes full advantage. First she orders GoldenGirl to act like a kitty…just to test her complete obedience. GoldenGirl purrs and licks her paws and gets down on all fours. She rubs herself against her Mistress’s legs..and then Callidora orders her to stand, and pulls down her top, revealing those lovely golden orbs.Then she commands her to strip…till GoldenGirl is left wearing nothing but her golden gloves, belt and boots. She’s quickly down on her knees worshiping her Mistress’s boots…her Mistress who has now exposed her own smoothly shaved pussy…which is ready for some worship as well. With her perfect bare ass poking out delightfully GoldenGirl eagerly licks the awaiting pussy…eventually giving her Mistress a satisfying orgasm. Then more mind control from Callidora…who orders GoldenGirl to beg her to be tied up. She of course does…and Callidora positions her arms up high on the St. Andrew’s cross behind her…To be continued…iPod version (640×405) m4v format

Callidora\’s Revenge, Part 1. Ipod – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Arcadia Asylum- Mind Shattered Mp4

SCREEN SIZE 1280*720

Atomic Avenger is the worlds most powerful Superheroines. She is able to absorb enough energy to run a nuclear power plant. For this reason she was chosen to track down the stoles case of Element Q, a material with 100x the fusion power of plutonium.

She has fought her way through waves of Doctor Dementia’s “Super Psychos” and even though she knows the evil scientist has watched her every move on his security camera’s she is not the least bit concerned. She is just too powerful.

Finally she is face to face with the twisted genius, and is prepared to take him down when she smells something wrong in the air, gas fills the room and she feels herself getting week and dizzy. Dr D tells her it is his neutralizing gas, it is totally subduing her powers. The room spins and she struggles to stay focused but at last she succumbs, the evil Doctor gloating as he watches her fall

Now she is restrained and hooked up to electrodes that are trying to fully drain her power. She is too strong for the Doctor’s device to work so he orgasmically breaks her down. She loses control as he forces her to have one squirting orgasm after another. The device drains her powers and she is left feeble minded and weak

Doctor Dementia is not one to waste resources, and he won’t underestimate a superheroine’s ability to recover from even the most seemingly crippling conditions, so he has her restrained and locked in a secure cell deep below the asylum.

Sure enough, Atomic Avenger wakes up and even though she is weak and confused she instinctively struggles to get free. Her atomic anatomy is managing to revers the electrical damage to her mind, Desperately she struggles, and somehow is able to free herself from her restraints. But one of the Doctor’s Psychos leaps on her and after a brief terrified struggle she gets a concentrated injection of more of the neutralizing compound. Without her powers the full effect of the sock treatments take effect She is limp, mindless, helpless.

Are Atomic Avengers powers permanently gone? Is her broken mind beyond repair? Find out next Month

Arcadia Asylum- Mind Shattered Mp4 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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The Dollmaker's New Doll - Wmv

The Superheroines keep coming! They want to stop the Dollmaker (Tomiko) once and for all! This time Super Jasmine (Jasmine Mendez), the lucious Latin Superheroine new to the scene wants to take the Dollmaker in. She thinks she is sly by coming in disguise, but she is no match for the Dollmaker. She is surprised from behind with the Dollmaker’s kiss and turned into a doll. The Dollmaker poses her frozen body and mocks her. She takes off the disguise she is wearing and finds her in a sezy bikini. That’s much better. Now she can see her sexy body as she poses her some more. She moves her to the couch and continues to humilate her stiff body with more poses. She decides that she will put her with the rest of the Super dolls. She is gathering quite a collection! Any more Superheroines want to come challenge the Dollmaker? Bring it on! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, FREEZE, DOLL FETISH, HIGH HEELS, UPSKIRT, LATINO, FORCED STRIPPING, BIKINI, BRUNETTE, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LATINA

The Dollmaker\’s New Doll – Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Lantern Locker Room Shameful Capture Wmv


The owner of a local gym has given Lantern a key so that she can have the place to herself while it’s closed for a holiday weekend. She is in the locker room looking herself over in the mirror at how her costume looks on her, seeing what areas need some work. The slightly vain superheroine puts her power ring in her locker so that she can work out like a normal girl with out being supercharged by the rings energy. She then strips and looks herself over some more while totally nude before putting on her work out clothes.

As she leaves the locker room a masked stranger sneaks in and steals her ring out of the locker and then slips away. Meanwhile Lantern is doing a good yoga work out with lots of stretching. She finishes up feeling tired but refreshed and heads back to the locker room.

She takes time to admire the results of her exercise and then opens hr locker to get dressed. Lantern starts to panic when she doesn’t see her ring anywhere and just as her back is turned the stranger returns with a soaked white rag and covers her mouth. She kicks and struggles for a good bit, but soon her green eyes begin to roll up and he lowers her limp body to the floor. The stranger now takes time to enjoy her body a bit, feeling and groping her as he strips her naked

Lantern starts to come out of it to find herself tied tightly to a chair . The Stranger wants to film Lantern cumming like a helpless slut. He has wand tied securely her well used pussy. He wants to leave her coming over and over until the gyms owner returns and finds her that way. Lantern tries to hold off but she starts cumming harder and harder from the vibrations. She can only take so much and she gets weaker and weaker until she feints. HARDCORE VERSION AVAILABLE HERE

Lantern Locker Room Shameful Capture Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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X Trapped

This BatTracy adventure starts off with a struggling redheaded damsel (Ella Knight). She is wearing a short skirt, bound at her wrists, knees and ankles with rope and has a cleave gag in her mouth. She struggles, squirms and calls for help. Eventually BatTracy comes to her rescue! Unfortunately for our heroine, the struggling damsel was just a trap. While BatTracy is untying her, a sexy villainess (Cherry Spice) dressed all in black sneaks up behind the heroine and puts her out with a club the head. The two evil women then tie up BatTracy and leave her. When BatTracy wakes up, she struggles and squirms to get free, but she can not. Eventually the sexy scoundrels come back and put a cleave gag in her mouth. They then untie the superheroine and drag her to a big X cross. They stretch out her arms and legs and secure her to the X with cuffs and chains. With a final touch, they tape a bomb to her thigh and leave. BatTracy struggles desperately to get free while the bomb is ticking away. Will she get free? Watch to find out!


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Pussywoman Vs Princess Paradise - Full Video (small Size/dial Up 320x180)

Princess Paradise has tracked down the feline felon PussyWoman at her Arkham Heights cat house apartment. The claws come out and PussyWoman strikes first but is met with a ferocious right cross and almost goes down for a catnap! She rallies and realizes she must get Paradise’s power belt off of her to level the playing field. She quickly pulls out her Pussy Whip and zaps the unsuspecting Arkham Amazon…sending her crumpling onto the couch. PussyWoman pounces and removes the power belt from the stunned superheroine’s slender waist. She taunts the helpless heroine and rubs her star spangled ass and silky tights covered legs.

Now powerless to resist, Princess Paradise finds herself at the mercy of her black spandex clad nemesis. PussyWoman orders Paradise to worship her pretty pantyhose encased soles and toes. The Princess reluctantly obeys her Mistress…hoping to regain the upper hand. She licks, kisses and sucks on the villainess’s feet, which somehow has an intoxicating effect on the weakened princess.

Soon PussyWoman has Paradise under the spell of her catnip and leads the red haired vixen to her sleeping quarters to have her way with her. She commands her slave to lay on the bed…and quickly de-boots her and worships her feet. PussyWoman slips out of her tight, shiny unitard and commands the mesmerized heroine to begin worshiping her pussy. Princess Paradise must obey and tears open the crotch of PussyWoman’s black seamless tights…and begins lapping away at her new mistresses’ wet slit. PussyWoman is lost in a sea of lust as she has a puuuurrrfect orgasm at the hands of Paradise’s talented tongue and probing fingers. But PussyWoman isnt finished having her fun with her new play toy. She zaps her obedient muse once again and sends Paradise off to dreamland.

Paradise awakes and now finds herself ball gagged & cuffed to the bed…as PussyWoman enters wearing an ominous pink strap on dildo atop her black spandex catsuit! She crawls on top of the bewildered amazon…and pulls off her star spangled trunks….and soon has the crotch ripped open of Paradise’s ultra-shiny hose. She wastes no time and begins lapping away on the super snatch…pawing at her new toy’s perfect breasts and vulnerable pussy. She brings Princess Paradise to the brink of climax several times…but is saving the best for last.

She moistens the tip of her strap-on with Paradise’s own juices and plunges the thick dildo deep inside her slave…thrusting her spandex clad hips in and out as Paradise moans in ecstacy through her ball gag. PussyWoman fucks the living daylights out of Paradise until the princess can take no more and has a full body convulsion orgasm, leaving her screaming and spent.

PussyWoman taunts her latest conquest as she slinks off into night…leaving the anxious amazon chained up…and wondering what evil plan PussyWoman has in store for her next!

MODELS: Jayden Cole, Dani Daniels

Pussywoman Vs Princess Paradise – Full Video (small Size/dial Up 320×180) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Bound Orgasms

GoldStar ( You Got To Love Her Thighs- Kim Sinical) charges a waiting Evil Monk. FOOLISH! He club K O s her. Stunned, she is easily fondled & ragged out. HE DRAGS HER AWAY! She wakens & starts to get up but suddenly….GAS FILLS THE ROOM! She tries to fight the effects but try as she may, its no use. Next when she wakes, she is bound & gagged, laying down. A hand fondles her, places a vibrator on her pussy & turns it on.Still weakened by the gas, she struggles but the vibing seems to be getting to her. Was it erotic gas? She is trying to get free….OR IS SHE? Could it be, she is enjoying her predicament? Maybe too many nights of fighting crime has left her sexual desires, unfulfilled? The Evil Monk is going to be exploring her pussy later. A tamed & weakened Superheroine will be easy to handle. Her will broken, resistance is futile. MORE GAS FILLS THE ROOM.Its the end of what we can see. Later,( off camera) the Evil Monk picks her up & cradle carries her away. He will strip her & have his way. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH HER???

Bound Orgasms – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Ma Carter Visits The Big City ----quicktime

Ma & her niece Betsy Lou (bikini clad Alexis Grace) are staying at a nice hotel. Problem is, Betsy has run up her bar tab. Now Ma has to figure a way to pay it off. Ma does what she knows best, prostitution. She makes a phony distrees call to get Superheroine Shadow to come over. They K O her, pick her up & strip her out of her costume. Now Ma goes out to round up a lot of men & collect the money from them. Betsy fondles & tickles Shadow ( Sexy Redhead Kendra James). Shadow is able to talk Betsy into letting her go. Betsy starts to untie Shadow but Ma club K Os her. Ma rags out a complaining Shadow. Now she sets both girls side by side on the bed. She makes sure they will be sleepy. Now she has 2 whores to offer to all the men lined up outside the hotel room. Ma takes the money & heads to the bus station to go back to her farm. Betsy Lou can hitch hike home but for right now , both girls are pin cushions!!!…MOV FILE…WMV VERSION AT STORE 51405..

Ma Carter Visits The Big City —-quicktime – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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