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Voo Doo On You - Wmv

Tomiko Prince just gets home from doing a news story on Voo Doo. She doesn’t believe in Voo Doo and thought it was a waste of time. She would have rather been out fighting crime as Wonder Tomi. In much need of a vacatiion, Tomiko Prince is going to go relax at the lake. She hears the doorbell, and it’s a woman selling dolls. Not wanting to be rude, she lets the woman in to do her sales talk. The sales woman (Dragonlily) pulls out all these unusual dolls. Tomiko Prince finds this odd, but politely declines and sends the woman on her way. She gets ready to go to the lake. She has her bikini on and begins to map out her day in her head…when all of a sudden she feels funny. Meanwhile we see the sales woman back at her home, but she is no sales woman. She is Voo Doo Chick and she knows that Tomiko Prince is Wonder Tomi. She has been stalking her for some time. She pulls out a doll that she didn’t show to Tomiko Prince. It looks just like Tomiko and she is in her costume. She starts to do things to the doll. As she does, Tomiko Prince mimics whatever Voo Doo Chick does to the doll. She can’t control her head, she is stuck with a pin and pinched with tweezers. She has itching powder sprinkled on her and she is tickled. She is forced to sit up and stand up. Tomiko Prince doesn’t know what is going on. Finally it all stops, and Voo Doo Chick enters her home. She plays the sales woman saying she heard the noise outside and was checking on her. She takes this opportunity to pull out the Voo Doo doll and then tortures Tomiko by tickling it and then tickling her in the belly. Tomiko is so confused, she doesn’t realize that Voo Doo Chick knows what her true identity is. She asks for the doll. Voo Doo Chick gives it to her, but what Tomiko Prince doesn’t know is that she has made several of these dolls. When will Voo Doo Chick strike again? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, MIND CONTROL, ROBOT, TICKLING, FOOT FETISH, BIKINI, DOMINATION, BELLY BUTTON FETISH

Voo Doo On You – Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Tricked With No Treat - Wmv

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) gets called upon to investigate this man who has been making ecstasy. He has not only been selling it, but he has been using it on innocent girls for his own pleasure. It’s the month of Halloween and the dealer hates that holiday and goes to shut the lights off so no trick or treaters come to the door. Wonder Tomi arrives. Our bad guy thinks she’s trick or treating and tells her there is no candy. He mocks her costume and unexpectedly rips off her power belt and retreats back into the house. Wonder Tomi decides to break in through the back door. She confronts him in his bedroom. A fight breaks out. The bad guy is able to wrap a bed sheet around her head giving him time to prepare a sleepy rag. He then ties her up, he fondles and mocks her. He thinks she is a whore that his buddy sent over. He calls his buddy and is surprised to find out she really is Wonder Tomi. This makes him very excited and he decides to have his way with her…first by eating her pussy…then by mounting her. He tricked her and gave her a treat! She ends up getting KO’d and spreadeagle tied so she’s ready to go later on. She’s not leaving. Maybe he likes Halloween after all! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINE, NUDITY, SLEEPY KO, FONDLING, KISSING, PUSSY EATING, FUCKING, STRIPPING, TICKLING, BONDAGE, BOOT FETISH.

Tricked With No Treat – Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Continued from the last episode. The battle between the sex slavers continues! In the previous episode, we saw evil sex slaver Dragonlily torture rival villainess Nylon Vixen (Kobe Lee), preparing to sell her into slavery. But as we see here, things have taken a turn. The episode opens with Dragonlily (wearing a black dress, sheer suntan pantyhose, and high heels) coming back into the room, and finding Nylon Vixen (wearing just sheer suntan pantyhose) has escaped and is nowhere to be found. She quickly looks around the room, and when her back is turned, we see the evil Vixen sneak up behind her, as she ambushes Dragonlily as the scene fades. We now fade to Dragonlily with her arms tied spread on the bed, struggling, as the Vixen enters. She verbally teases Dragonlily about how she stole her pantyhose while she was asleep, as well as tied her down, and now will be selling HER into sex slavery! Some hot dialogue between them, as the Vixen then goes off briefly to get something. We see the Vixen return with a glass filled with something…we recognize it as Dragonlily’s spiked drink from earlier in this series. To keep Dragonlily compliant while she “trains” her, the Vixen FORCES DRAGONLILY TO DRINK HER OWN SPIKED DRINK! After drinking, Dragonlily begins to feel the effects, as her head spins and she begins to get drowsy and sedated. Now in control, the Vixen begins to tease her sexy new captive. Vixen REMOVES DRAGONLILY’S SHOES, one at a time, stopping to LICK/SUCK Dragonlily’s perfect nylon feet. The Vixen engages in some HOT FOOT WORSHIP, licking and sucking Dragonlily’s nylon feet, while forcing Dragonlily to suck on her own nylon feet. Under the effects of the drink, Dragonlily can only comply with the Vixen’s orders. Eventually, we see the Vixen grab her hitachi, and begin TEASING & TICKLING Dragonlily’s body. The Vixen makes sure to grab her cell and call in to the “buyer,” telling them that it was a mistake, and that Dragonlily is the slave, and she’ll be ready soon! More nylon foot worship from the Vixen, and we fade to “hours later,” when we now see Dragonlily tied the same way (arms spread), but now only wearing sheer suntan pantyhose. The Vixen is teasing her with the hitachi, as well as worshiping her feet. Really HOT scene, a must for fans of this movie series.

\”dragonlily Vs. The Nylon Vixen: To Catch A Slaver\” Part 7 – The Vixen Gets Her Revenge Against Dragonlily! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Catgurl Gets Captured

And Tickled For Punishment

Justice Gurl has finally captured the devious tickle villain Catgurl and has her hung from the ceiling restraints. Justice Gurl is tired of her terrorizing the citizens of her city and is going to teach her a lesson. Using her special skills she inflicts intense tickle punishment on every inch of Catgurls body making her struggle and laugh hysterically. Catgurl claims several times that she has learned her lesson But Justice Gurl keeps tickling her until she is truly exhausted. Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion and see if Catgurl really can change.

Catgurl Gets Captured – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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The Jokester Upper Bodytickle Scene - Ipad

Officer Megan Jones is an ambitious beat cop who wants to get noticed by the brass. The supercriminal, The Jokester, has recently escaped from the city’s asylum and there is a manhunt out for him. Megan gets a call tipping her to a possible location the Jokester may be hiding out. This is a perfect opportunity. If she could capture the Jokester then the brass would notice her. Heading to the location…alone…Officer Jones soon regrets her choice, when she finds herself in a trap. Overcome by the Jokester’s signature laughing gas, the pretty cop is now in his hands for his favorite method of dealing with pretty women…tickling.


The Jokester Upper Bodytickle Scene – Ipad – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Bopo You've Gone Too Far Part 1 - Wmv Hd

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) tracks down where Bopo’s new hideout is. She sees the Henchman and confronts him demanding where Bopo is. The Henchman attacks her but her bracelets and fast action deflects anything from harming her. Bopo surprises her with a club to the head, and belt removal, and she is immediately KO’d out. She falls to the ground and Bopo wastes no time fondling her and pulling her top down to expose her boobs. Her bracelets are removed. The Henchman and him lift and carry her and the Henchman enjoys fondling her boobs as they carry her to the couch. She is placed there and Bopo starts to tie her up. She comes to but is clubbed over the head immediately and instantly KO’d out. She is fondled and groped while being tied. When she comes to again, both the Henchman and Bopo fondle her and start tickling her. Her ass is spanked and Bopo leaves her with the Henchman. Wonder Tomi tries to reason with the Henchman telling him that he can make $1000 dollars if he assists in capturing Bopo. This sounds like a good deal since Bopo has been cheap about his health insurance policy with his employed Henchmen. This Henchman had even considered working for the Evil Scientist instead, He believes Wonder Tomi and starts to untie her, but she KO’s him with a scissor to the neck….end of Part 1

Bopo You\’ve Gone Too Far Part 1 – Wmv Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Bedtime Tail!

Superheroines do more than just fight bad guys and save the world, they now do mall openings too! Wonder Shellene comes home after a fine, and exhausting, day of ribbon cutting and falls into bed. She is clad in a new costume that the mall came up An intruder has snuck in, jumps on her and awakens her only to subdue her with a soaked rag of that magical sleepy-time toxin. Trying to struggle free, but already half asleep, she gives way to the toxin and is out-cold, hanging off her bed. The intruder plays with her long auburn hair and then licks her. When our Amazonian princess awakens, she finds herself on her belly, with her hands bound to her bedpost with her own tights and the intruder sitting on her back. Pinned down and struggly, she indures his whims of spanking her with a paddle, tickling her, pulling her hair and more licking. He finally has had his fill, so to be sure he can get away clean, he takes that toxin-filled rag too her face one more time, leaving our superheroine out cold for the night. Nighty night, Wonder Shellene!!

Bedtime Tail! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Batgyrl Out Of Control - Wmv Hd

Batgyrl (Tomiko) suspects foul play with the shady psychiatrist. Sure enough, she is correct. He wastes no time hypnotizing her. She is forced to fondle herself and strip off her costume, Only in pantyhose, he plays with her feet. He even rips her pantyhose so he can get at her bare soles. She is in his control forever. FETISH ELEMENTS: FOOT FETISH, HYPNOTISM, MIND CONTROL, TICKLING, FOOT TICKLING, SUPERHEROINE, SPANDEX, BOOT FETISH, ROBOT, PANTYHOSE, NUDITY

Batgyrl Out Of Control – Wmv Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Brightstar Blackout - Wmv Hd

Brightstar (Taryn Marie) comes over to Anthony’s house. He opens a bottle of wine and offers her a glass. She is not keen on this since she has a problem with alcohol, but with persuasion, she is coaxed into having one sip of wine. This effects her greatly and she ends up completley hammered. She is completely drunk and starts to get up and dance. Anthony is entertained. She falls on the couch and then she is out cold. Anthony takes the opportunity to take her boots off and rub her feet as she sleeps and snores. She comes to and he starts to tickle her. He then gives her another sniff of the wine and she is out again…snoring. He plays with her feet some more then picks her up and starts to dance with the groggy Brightstar. She is limp as he dances with her and totally out of it. He sets her back down on the couch and starts to slap her in the face several times and punch her several times (POV). She goes back to sleep snoring away. He plays with her feet some more as she sleeps and snores then decides to write his phone on her leg. It is the next morning and she wakes up with a major hangover. Anthony is there with coffee. She can’t remember anything but tells him about the strange dream she had and mentions all the things that were done to her. Anthony decides to send her on the way and rudely asks her to leave. She is annoyed and unknowingly doesn’t realize all this stuff she dreamed actually happened. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, BOOT FETISH, LIMP PLAY, SNORING, KO, FACE PUNCHING, FACE SLAPPING, DANCING, MIND CONTROL, FOOT FETISH, FOOT WORSHIP, FOOT TICKLING, TICKLING,SPANDEX

Brightstar Blackout – Wmv Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Tied-up & Tickled Doggystyle

Here’s how it went down: Madison agreed to some bondage play. While she was getting tied up, her man realized how ticklish her size 5 feet were. So since he had her hogtied, he tickle tortured her feet for a while as she begged and pleaded for him to stop. The whole scene really got him turned on, so he agreed to stop as long as he could pull down her panties and fuck her doggystyle while she was still shackled. She agreed, but he could not resist tickling her size five soles while her fucked her from behind. This clip is hot hot hot!!!

Tied-up & Tickled Doggystyle – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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