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The Decoy! Part 2

CLASSIC Hawk Heroines vid! Only the second video I ever shot (years ago), so it’s not the same production quality of some of our newer stuff–but nonetheless this video remains one of my most popular and requested titles. So here it is! The incomparable Tanya Danielle and the amazing Francesca Le in The Decoy! Mega Babe has been soundly defeated by Katra, and now finds herself tied up and on the floor. Katra appears and strips and fondles the helpless heroine, utterly humilitating her! Then she brings out a Valerium dildo, and tit fucks Mega Babe with it! Then she fucks her with it! (Softcore). Mega Babe cums uncontrollably. Mega Babe musters up some last bit of strength for a comeback–can she prevail??

The Decoy! Part 2 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Carried Away---quicktime

LIKE LIFT & CARRY? Theres a lot of that in this clip. Long close ups of the Heroine being picked up & carried. The Black Cat is looking for the Molester. He just wants to play a cat & mouse game with her. 1st he club K Os her . She is OTS carried, than tied up on the floor. She struggles & gets free. Next the villain has a stun g_n. The ray K Os her. This time she is cradle carried away. Tied up she struggles & once again is free. Next, the villain sneaks up behind her & uses a blowdart to sink a sleep dart into her ass. She is fireman carried away & once again is tied up on the floor. She manages to break free. She is determined to catch this bad guy. He has one last trick. He floods the room she is in with K O gas. This time 2 bad guys lift & carry her away. It looks like she with be their sex play toy for tonight….MOV FILE…WMV VERSION AT STORE #23551

Carried Away—quicktime – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Failure, Is Not An Option

GoldStar has been sent to Mr.Woo’s School Of Escape. The Chief of Police was embarrassed that his Men saw her, nude, bound & gagged, when they saved her. He feels she needs to practice her escape techniques & who better to help than Mr.Woo. She arrives & notices, rope on the floor & a vibrator. Mr. Woo greets her. He decides they need to work on her being able to get free if shes tied up.She thinks its stupid & she can escape with no problem. Mr Woo has her lay on a bed. He asks her if she is ready to start her training. He quickly leaves the room & floods KO gas into it. Once GoldStar is out he ties her spread eagle to the bed. She wakes & now he fondles her. He asks her to try & get free. Everytime she tries he rags her out. Plus he keeps fondling her , making her lose her power & feel weaker. Mr. Woo takes quite a few liberties when fondling our Heroine.He tells her the Chief said Mr.Woo can do whatever he wants with her,if she cant get free. Mr. Woo uses a vibrator on her to bring her to multiple orgasms. This really drains her strength. He then floods the room with KO gas again. Now he unties her.As far as Mr Woo is concerned GoldStar has lost. Now she must pay the price.He rags her out one last time & gets ready to cut her costume off!

Failure, Is Not An Option – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Victory Is Mine Part 1

Starring Pocahontas Jones as Lady Victory and Cherry Poppins, now Sadie Holmes as FirebirdFirebird, one of the heroines that came over from Europe to assist the League. However, with this girl not all appeared to be what it seemed. It was quickly found out that she is a turn coat. Firebird had left her country while under investigation. As it turns out she is a double agent who has been working for the evil Red Dawn! Now she is caught or so it seems. Getting wind that the so called gig was up, Firebird went into hiding. The League made her a priority target and every heroine in the city was out looking for her. As it turns out the mighty Lady Victory was the first to encounter the turncoat! So the two faced off, ready for a fight.Lady Victory was not interested in Firebird’s excuses. She told the young traitor that. As the two were exchanging the typical banter, Firebird struck first! Having been a League member, one of the things Firebird had provided Red Dawn was the strengths and weaknesses of each heroine. Lady Victory was a Spartan which meant basically she was super strong, can endure punishment and is an expert warrior. So Firebird knew she only had a few seconds to defeat the mighty heroine.Despite Firebird’s best attempts, Lady Victory was more then up to the task. She pummeled Firebird. It did not take long before Firebird was down and out, at the feet of the mighty Lady Victory! Lady Victory tied up and gagged the young former heroine turned bad girl. Out of spite or anger she ripped down Firebird’s costume to reveal her boobs for the police. Then as the poor girl lay bound and gagged on the floor Lady Victory went out to call for a trash pick up! Firebird worked furiously to get loose, she still had a shot if she could just get loose.

Victory Is Mine Part 1 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Jungle Girl Vs. The White Skull

This clip has the flavor of the adventure serials of the 40s. Jungle Girl has been asked by the Police to capture the White Skull. He is trying to extort money from an Oil Co. She arrives & meets Mr. Smith, the manager of the Oil wells. He tells her the White Skull will blow up an oil well unless they pay him. Mr Smith says the company wants to pay the villain. Jungle Girl will be there when the White Skull comes to get the cash & apprehend him. She jumps out as the villain grabs the briefcase full of cash. He sprays her with a can of bondage string. Now she is tightly bound. He & his henchman set the Ebony princess onto the floor. She is fondled, gagged & a bomb is attached to her legs. They leave, she struggles. She manages to deactivate the bomb & get loose. Mr Smith arrives & notices the money is gone. Round one to the villain. Jungle Girl says she will head back to the office. When she arrives Mr Smith is not there but the White Skull is. He forces her to put her hands up & walks her to a chair. She is tied to the chair, fondled & gagged. A nearby oil well is set to explode. The hot flaming oil will go onto the building our Heroine is tied up in.She struggles to get free & avoid a fiery ending. She manages to free herself & deactivate the bomb. Returning to the office, she expains to Mr. Smith what just happened. He has to make a phone call. When he leaves, Jungle Girl sees a familiar briefcase. She looks into it & finds the mask of the White Skull.She realizes that Mr. Smith is the White Skull. She will have to arrest him. Not so fast! He sneaks up & rags her, then he cradle carries her away. WHAT WILL BE HER FATE?? DO YOU THE VIEWER WANT THIS STORY TO CONTINUE??

Jungle Girl Vs. The White Skull – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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White Owl's Investigation

A Murder InvestigationPart 1Starring Kobe Lee as White Owl & Danielle Trixie as Grim MandyGrim Mandy had been hired to eliminate a political candidate who was not going to play ball with Tiedsville’s organized crime bosses. So the candidate was got a message to meet a supporter in an empty house, a nice home but a victim of the economy all the same. Grim Mandy waited and used a weapon she had gotten from one of her low life associates and killed the politician instantly! The next day the League sent there super sleuth and technical champion White owl over to look into the murder. The police had come up with nothing but White Owl had a way about her. So she arrived at the crime scene and began looking around, studying everything.White Owl was somewhat perplexed, there was no real physical evidence. But just as she was about to call it a day, she caught something out of the corner of her eye. Under a piece of furniture, White owl found some kind of device. Upon examining it she recognized that it was the work of the evil genius Mainframe! The brilliant little super heroine had her murder weapon and her first suspect. She was very pleased with her discovery and was just about to leave…Meanwhile, Grim Mandy was just about to go and collect her money when she noticed her weapon was missing. As hard a she tried, the super villain simply could not remember where she had left the weapon. Mainframe would kill her, literally, if she returned without the weapon. So in a fit of panic, Grim Mandy tried to think. Suddenly, she had an epiphany. The weapon had fallen out of her costume. It had to be somewhere at the crime scene. So in a rush, Grim Mandy headed back to the scene of her crime. Hoping to discover the missing weapon. Back to the crime scene, White owl was just finishing up her investigation. She never saw Grim Mandy as the wily villain rushed at her and attacked her from behind! White Owl tried to fight back but was at a disadvantage from go. Slowly Grim Mandy in a rage, got the upper hand and after a furious fight, she knocked the mighty White Owl out like a light! Recovering her weapon, Grim Mandy was happy and relieved. She tied up White Owl and gagged her. White Owl came around and Grim Mandy smiled at her and told her it was her lucky day. She was not going to kill her because she had not been paid to kill her. White owl moaned thru her gagged mouth. Grim Mandy smiled and took off White Owl’s boot and tickled her bare foot. Laughing, the villain jumped up and told White Owl maybe she should get a new job, Then she smiled and headed out the door. White owl was left alone bound and gagged, struggling to get free.THE END

White Owl\’s Investigation – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Patriot Girl's Bad Day Part 1

After a seven year hiatus from modeling the super sexy Slyyy has returned! This clip also marks Slyyy’s first boy /girl scene as well! So with that said, Slyyy as the mighty Patriot Girl has been in several battles, of which the end result is her left tied up! As she manages to get loose a man suddenly appears. He is not threatening her but offering to assist her. However, the mighty super heroine is overcome with desire. A desire so strong she can not resist! She immediately begins to kiss the man passionately and before he knows whats going on his cock is in Patriot Girl’s mouth! From there its on! Loads of fucking and sucking!

Patriot Girl\’s Bad Day Part 1 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Gamma Girl's Knightmare! -- Full Video - (hi Def 1280x720)

With her partner sidelined after a brutal encounter with Electra Star, Omega Woman’s scrappy sidekick Gamma Girl teams up with the Arkham Avenger, Knightman to bring down the evil Scorpion once and for all! We find Gamma Girl and Knightman deep below Arkham Heights in an abandoned subway shaft, that has now become Scorpion’s new underground lair. The decide to split up to cover more ground. Big mistake!

Just a short distance away, in a hidden away, long forgotten mine shaft, we find Scorpion who is using a tracking device to watch the intruder’s whereabouts inside her lair. She decides to take out the stronger Knightman first.

Now inside her comfortable living quarters, Scorpion waits for Knightman to fall into her trap. He soon stumbles upon her and demands she hand over the OrgasmaGas formula she has been cultivating and using againts the citizens of Arkham Heights to commit her evil crimes. She laughs at the Dark Knight. Knightman charges her but she zaps him with a powerful ray from her Scorpion Stinger, which sends him down in a heap. Scorpion pulls the OrgasmaGas cannister from her boot and sprays the helpless crusader in the face. Soon, he is filled with lust as he falls under Scorpions spell. She rewards Knightman with a nice blow job (simulated) before heading out to capture Gamma Girl!!

We catch up with Gamma Girl as she awaits Knightman’s return at their rendezvous spot. Knightman tells her he has not seen Scorpion anywhere…but right on cue, Scorpion steps in. Gamma defiantly chastizes her, not realizing Knightman is under Scorpion’s control. He places the Scorpion Stinger over his glove and grabs the sidekick from behind. He pulls her in close and digs the stinger right into the center of her Gamma logo, puncturing it, as it drains the powers out of her Gamma suit. The Gamma radiation that gives her all her powers is released, which leaves Gamma in a weakend state. Scorpion congratulates Knightman on his fine handy work, and plot the next devious plan for the fallen heroine.

Gamma Girl awakes to find herself tied up and helpless, as Scorpion taunts her with her plans of world domination using the OrgasmaGas. Gamma Girl pleads for Knightman to help her, but he is helpless lost in the fog of the dreaded gas. Finally, Scorpion give Gamma Girl her first taste of the gas, and turns her from Gamma Girl…to Gamma SLUT!

Knightman forces the sidekick to deepthroats his giant shaft and she begs for more. Scorpion rips a hole in the bound heroine’s sheer tights and soon Gamma Girl is bouncing on his huge Knightstick! Knightman barebacks Gamma Girl in multiple positions as Scorpion ups Gamma Girls pleasure with several more sprays of the OrgasmaGas! Gamma Girl has multiple, intense orgasms as Knightman fucks the living daylights out of her!

Finally, Scorpion positions Gamma Girl on her knees and makes her beg to taste Knightman’s hot cum. Gamma gleefully complies and begins sucking his cock as she begs him to let her taste his super seed. Knightman can hold out no longer, and has a mind numbing climax of his own…as he shoot roping arcs of cum across Gamma Girl’s face…shooting his sweet splooge into her open mouth and into her eyes.

Gamma Slut swallows every drop and even licks the floor clean as Scorpion cackles at how far the once innocent sidekick has fallen. She leads Knightman away by his still hard cock…as Gamma Girl is suddenly faced with what she has done…and begs Knightman to come back.

MODELS: Amber Rayne, Annie Cruz, T.J. Cummings.

Gamma Girl\’s Knightmare! — Full Video – (hi Def 1280×720) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Bimbo Triggers!! Lightning Girl Trapped And Turned Into A Bimbo Pt 4 Of 4 (mov)

This is pt 4 of 4 of Lightning Girl Trapped and Turned into a BImbo. Pt 4 of the video is when LG is woken up and her bimbo and orgasm triggers are activated. this video the oft captured Lightning Girl is tracking down the infamous Bad Therapist. He knows he can’t match her enhanced strength. So he spreads some incense into the room. Lightning Girl doesn’t realize it’s making her weak until he pins her against the wall and ties her up. Then he uses a new technique of tickling her while she’s tied up to put her into a helpless euphoric trance. Once she’s under his control he makes her climax over and over by playing with her breasts and spanking her. Then he puts 3 triggers into her mind, one to make her climax, one to make her a bimbo and one to make her completely and totally attracted to him. Then he has her dress and wake up with no memory of what happened. Then the fun begins…

Bimbo Triggers!! Lightning Girl Trapped And Turned Into A Bimbo Pt 4 Of 4 (mov) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Cassidy Wylde was just a normal scientist until a mishap with an experiment gave her incredible super powers! Now with the help of her trusty digital sidekick Sparky, Cassidy transforms into her superheroine alter-ego: Wyldefire! After responding to a robbery at a local museum, Wyldefire receives a note from a mysterious secret admirer, and against the advice of Sparky, decides to check it out. Without warning, Wyldefire breathes in a heavy dose of a powerful and potent gas, and has now found herself in the clutches of the evil Casanova Nightmare! Wyldefire is weakened, beaten, tossed around and her superheroine outfit is torn apart! Now, tied up, trapped, and her powers neutralized, Wyldefires fate lies in the hands of the evil Casanova!

Wyldefire is the first video in our new retro-styled superheroine videos, Throwbaxxx!


Click HERE to watch the Wyldefire Trailer!


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