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Blue Angel Vs. Phony Photographer

HOT BLOND RETIRED PORNSTAR AUTUMN WESTIN IS BLUE ANGEL….Shes meeting a photographer thats shooting photos for her comic book artist. Hes going to play the criminal. He also tells her they are going to take photos of her tied up. She refuses. He tries to show that it in his work order. He asks her to take off her power ring because hes afraid of getting hurt. So they start the play acting, going thru a few dry runs with a dry cloth. Then he gives her a wet cloth & shes o u t. He fondles her alot & carries her to the bed. He strips her naked. Giving her the cloth whenever she wakes or stirs. He poses her naked. Getting some great shots. Then he ties her up. She wakes up & struggles. He mocks her and fondles her. He gives her the cloth & cradle carries her away to his place. Where they can have alot of privacy. Depowered, nude, helpless. The photographer wins big!!!

Blue Angel Vs. Phony Photographer – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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My Doctor's Strange Methods

SEXY BLOND CRYSTAL FROST IS SIREN….stressed lately by the people, who she is fighting crime for. She decides to see a Therapist. He askes her besides the stress what else is bugging her. She has a fear of being tied up. He asks for her powerbelt. She refuses. He hits her full in the face with a burst of K O gas. He takes the belt, deboots her & ties her up. He fondles her big tits. She starts to stir, so with a syringe of K O juice..shes o u t again. He goes back to fondling her. He decides he has to have her. He starts to untie her. She wakes up & wants to know whats going on. He tells her he’s going to screw her. He club K O s
her. Strips her naked picks her up & OTS carries her away. More then likely she wont be billed for this session at all!!!

My Doctor\’s Strange Methods – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Winner Takes All

The Evil Scientist can see via his security that 2 sexy Heroines are approaching. They separate but it only spells trouble. Agent Tomiko gets hit with lots of sleeping darts. She is K O d. Agent Jaime is hit with a mind numbing mind controll. She is now the Evil scientist, slave. He is n control of everything. She K O s Agent Tomiko then she must K O herself. Now Agent Tomiko is mind controlled. She will take care of Sapphire She is dragged away, stripped & tied up. Blindfolded wth the cloth, totally helpless. Agent Tomiko then strips naked & gives herself the cloth.
The Evil Scientist ties her spreadeagleto the bed…she will be his prize…..HD WMV FILE

Winner Takes All – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Roped And Groped Part 1- Mov

The Evil Magician thinks Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) is hot. He wants her as his own bondage slave for play parties and personal use so he makes up a plan that he would like to use her for a show for a charity event. Wonder Tomi shows up and the Magician goes right to work. He tells her that this will be an escape trip so he needs to tie her. Seeing the magic lasso, he asks if he can borrow that for the show. Reluctant Wonder Tomi lets him have it. It is for charity afterall. The Magician waves his hand over the lasso and turns it into magic rope that wil have the same effects as the magic lasso. Wonder Tomi doesn’t realize that she is being tied up by her own lasso. He removes the belt and bracelets right away and then after doing the tie, gags her. Wonder Tomi starts to protest, but it is too late. The effects of the rope are starting to kick in as the Magician fondles and gropes her body. She is K O’d, stripped nude, and placed on the couch into a hogtie. She is helpless and can’t do anything as he gropes her all over her body. What is going to become of Wonder Tomi? Stay tuned for part 2…FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, FONDLING, 2 BONDAGE TIES, TAPE GAG, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, ASIANS, BOOT FETISH, TIGHTS, K O, FORCED STRIPPING

Roped And Groped Part 1- Mov – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Rise Of The Viper

Agents Natasha and Scarlett are sent on project 47 to finish their intel on a newly discovered Alien (Ro’gash). What they find is the aftermath of his battle with both superior girls and they aren’t alone… The Viper Syndicate has sent Bug’eyes and Crenshaw to intercept any information on project 47 at any cost. A fight breaks out and the girls learn how Bug’eyes got his reputation as the best hand to hand combat specialist in the world… Scarlett and Natasha are eventually knocked out and tied up while Bug’eyes examines the situation. He wakes Scarlett first and begins to beat the hell out of the young blonde who stays defiant during her torture. She slowly starts to circum to his his mind games as she can’t figure out why he is beating her. She keeps yelling at him and asking what he wants but Bug’eyes stays silent. Bug’eyes then swtiches targets and examines Natasha’s prone body moving his hands all over the place. This disturbs Scarlett so she lies to get him to stop touching her friend and it works. Unfortunately he knows she isn’t really going to offer him any good intel so Scarlett pays the price and receives a severe beating cutting up her face. Bug’eyes knows that Scarlett cares dearly about her unconscious partner so he pulls out his blade and places it to Natsha’s throat as last resort to get info on project 47. It works and she agrees to give him any info including how the CIA is investigating Natasha as a double agent. Natasha stops playing possum and removes her own bonds! Natasha explains how she shouldn’t have double crossed her while Scarlett can’t believe what she is hearing. Helpless to resist, Scarlett is knocked out by Natasha who explains her future plans for her former partner! *** I would also like to add that this movie has one of the coolest fight scenes I have ever filmed***

Rise Of The Viper – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Fined For Speeding

After the beating Freedom Star had gotten from Bolt before, the super heroine vowed not to underestimate the evil speedster again. So surprisingly, Bolt in her own arrogance didn’t even bother to relocate her lair. When Freedom arrived thinking she would be looking for clues to where else the speedy little villain might go, she was stunned to see Bolt standing there counting her cash. But Freedom Star is veteran and reacted as such. So the fight was on, Freedom Star’s raw power verses Bolt’s super speed!

Grabbing Bolt by the hair, Freedom Star slammed her head first several times back and forth from wall to wall. This left the super speedy gal dazed and confused. Freedom Star dropped Bolt on a bench and finished the job by choking her out. Now fresh off a redeeming victory, Freedom first took Bolt’s boots. Then she tied up her tight and gagged her. Freedom gathered up the stolen money and called the police for4 a pick up. Unfortunately, Bolt was not waiting when the police arrived.

Fined For Speeding – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Battracy Wrapped Up .wmv

BatTracy comes home from a Christmas party at the mayor’s house to find a mysterious gift under her Christmas tree. Who could it be from? Our heroine decides there is only one way to find out and she sits down to open the gift. However, once she starts to unwrap the box, it starts beeping. The gift is a trap! BAM! BatTracy wakes up to find herself tied up, bound around the chest, arms, legs and ankles with Christmas garland. To her surprise, the sparkly decoration is tough and she can not break through it. Soon, one of the villain’s henchmen comes in to mess with the trapped bat. He puts her out again and when she wakes, BatTracy is topless and her breasts are bound with Christmas lights. You have never seen BatTracy’s chest lit up like this before! A sight not to be missed! Tune in to find out if our daring damsel will be able to escape!

Battracy Wrapped Up .wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Batgurl Is Totally Screwed Hd

When She Falls For The Doctors Trap

Batgurl knows there is something fishy going on at the asylum so she poses as a secretary to apply for a job there and an access card. She does what it takes to land the job even having sex with the interviewer to secure her position. Later that night she returns to start looking for clues and she springs a well planned trap. Batgurl finds herself tied up in a secret room at the asylum and struggles to get free but its no use. The Doctor comes in and with a special potion puts her completely under his control. He then makes Batgurl suck his cock and ride him hard to prove the potion works. The special serum works so well she is uninhibited to the point where she even starts to enjoy it. Will someone rescue Batgurl or will she become the Doctors slave forever?

Batgurl Is Totally Screwed Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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0394hd - Obsession - Chapter 2 Of 19

Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) decides to enlist the aid of arch villainess Lady Amanda Lovelace in her plans to get rid of O-girl, Nylonika and the AO girls. She sneaks into Lady Lovelace’s hideout, a criminal college for girls fittingly called: The Lovelace College for Girls, only to fall victim to a group of those girls, played fetchingly by Anastasia Pierce, Mary Jane, Darling and Randy Moore. They trap her in a fiendish tightening net that threatens to slowly strangle her if she doesn’t explain why she was “sneaking in a window”. She explains her plan and is allowed to see Lady Lovelace, but not before she is suitably tied up first. Continued from clip #0393. Continued in clip #0399.

1280 x 720 High Definition Version

0394hd – Obsession – Chapter 2 Of 19 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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A Lack Of Southern Hospitality

Extrema (Summer Peters) fancies herself a big player in Tiedsville underground world of organized crime. With her powers she is a player. The League does not take her lightly. She is on the list of high powered super villains and as such should not be confronted alone. But Extrema got bored one afternoon and decided to go back to her grass roots and rob a convenience store. But that robbery caught the eye of the little super heroine known as Southern Belle (Mia Houston). So Southern Belle follows Extrema back to her hideout. She was contemplating whether or not to call for back up when she decided she could do this on her own. So she confronted Extrema!

Always a bad idea but Belle did it anyway and Extrema while somewhat surprised to see a heroine in her hideout wasted little time. She kicked Southern belle in her belly as the little heroine was trying to arrest her. Young Southern Belle tried to fight back but it was pointless and she took a severe beating for it. After knocking her out cold, Extrema tied up Belle and gagged her. Then as the little heroine came around , Extrema choked her out again mostly because she could. Belle came around later to find herself helplessly tied up.

A Lack Of Southern Hospitality – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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