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Exterminated Superheroines Hd

When the Raptor is defeated and kidnapped by the Horde, the world’s most powerful superheroine, Fantastic Girl comes tohis rescue, but she is handily defeated by the Horde and theirnew superweapon. But, the Freedom League is not depleted andWonder Girl rushes to their aid. She too, however, is defeatedby the Horde’s new weapon, weakened and then pummeled bythe Horde’s henchman – crushed in his powerful bear hug andthen humiliated. At the Horde’s lair, meanwhile, Raptor hasbeen brainwashed and finds the helpless, bound Fantastic Girl,strung up and powerless. He enters and begins fondling her asshe protests in shock to find her former partner molesting her.Unable to defend herself she can do nothing as he masturbatesher through her uniform bringing her to an intense real orgasm.He unzips her suit and fondles her more, squeezing her hugebreasts, perfect ass and pussy – before running a strap throughher legs and yanking it upwards, torchuring her wet pussy andnearly splitting her in two. She screams in agony as the strapseperates her pussy lips, and disappears into her vagina, painfully torturing her superheroine pussy and asshole. The torturecontinues – can Fantastic Girl escape. Wrestling, masturbation,fondling, bondage, upskirts, camel toe, wedgies and more in thisgreat superheroine in peril video from the masters who startedthe whole superheroine in peril genre.

Exterminated Superheroines Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Wonder Tomi Controlled By Jungle Kat - Hd

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) has been challenged to a match with Jungle Kat (Dragonlily), but she must fight her with no power costume. Wonder Tomi shows up to fight and gets over cocky when there is no Jungle Kat. What she doesn’t know is that she stepped into a trap with Jungle Kat. Jungle Kat has acquired some special powers that zaps the energy out of her victims leaving them helpless, limp and in her control. Wonder Tomi gets a taste of this when Jungle Kat starts to wrestle her around like a ragdoll. Wonder Tomi can’t fight against her and she is at the mercy of this Villain. What will become of Wonder Tomi? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, FEMALE FIGHTING, FEMALE DOMINATION, DOMINATION, WRESTLING, FEMALE WRESTLING, BODY STOCKING, ASIAN, JAPANESE, FOOT FETISH, BIKINI, CATFIGHTING

Wonder Tomi Controlled By Jungle Kat – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Diamond Of Eternity (part 1 - Sisterly Love Gone Wrong)

After stealing the “Diamond of Eternity” from the Tiedsville Museum of Antiquities, the Sorceress of the Grey Waste, Gehenna (played by the sinister fetish cosplayer Alice Malice) plots to use the diamond as the material component for her ‘Grand Conjuration’ which will bring thousands of thorny-cocked demons raining down on the city in order to ravage the women and destroy all of Tiedsville. Fortunately, there are heroes to stop Gehenna and her mad dreams of bringing Hell to Earth! Enter Wondrous Woman and Wondrous Girl (played by the sexily hiptastic Paige Erin Turner and the petitely-proportioned Jordana Leigh, respectively) to save the day! As the two sisters arrive to bring Gehenna to justice, it’s clear there’s some working tension between the two superheroines. Wondrous Girl is about to be promoted from sidekick to a fully-fledged superheroine, and she cannot *wait* to get out of the current internship and start a new life all on her own, much to Wondrous Woman’s disappointment. For her part, Wondrous Woman has somewhat *abused* the mentor/pupil dynamic for the last few years, making WG do menial tasks like buy her groceries, wash Diana’s car, and pick up WW’s dry-cleaning. Tension is in the relationship between the two amazon sisters, to be sure.

As both of the heroines capture the nonchalant Gehenna, there’s some bickering that goes on between WW and WG during the interrogation about whose magic lasso to use to interrogate the prisoner, and who takes credit for the apprehension. What both heroines don’t realize is that Gehenna’s gemstone, the Diamond of Eternity, is subliminally transmitting emotion-controlling ‘feedback’ which is heightening tensions and the feelings of bitterness between the two superheroes, amplifying them to dangerous levels. The gemstone’s subversive feedback reaches a fever pitch when Gehenna speaks to each heroine privately, planting ideas in their heads to make them each resent the other hero. As both heroines reunite after the police are contacted, a vicious argument breaks out between the two sisters over who gets credit for the arrest, an argument which turns violent after Wondrous Girl pushes her mentor away and tells her that she wants out of their vitriolic relationship. A catfight soon erupts, with both superheroes attacking each other and wrestling all over the couch. The fight ends when WW manages to pin her sister’s arms down and forces her to admit defeat.

Under amazonian law, Drusilla must now surrender completely to the ‘victor’, and do whatever she says according to ancient amazon traditions set down by the Greek goddesses. Still influenced by the diamond’s malefic energies, Wondrous Woman cruelly orders her amazon sister to strip down all of her power items and hand them over to her, which subsequently transforms Drusilla from a fabulous superhero into an ordinary girl. To make matters worse, Diana also orders Drusilla to remove her boots, shaming the amazon even further by leaving her barefoot. Then, influenced by the diamond’s evil, Wondrous Woman orders Drusilla to remove her leotard and her pantyhose as well, leaving the once-powerful heroine standing buck naked in the center of the room! Worse, WW orders Drusilla to go out the door and walk home to League Headquarters, which would embarrass her, shame her, and destroy Drusilla’s reputation in hero circles and the media forevermore! Drusilla (shivering and naked) begs WW to reconsider, but the mind-influenced WW is adamant about making her young sister suffer appropriately. Is there no way out? Will a powerless Drusilla have to suffer the ultimate degradations and humiliation?

This clip is for lovers of mind-influencing behavior, subtle mind-control, and good-to-evil sorts of transformations. It has full frontal nudity (no pantyhose), mesmerism and mind-control, lots of humiliation (with begging and pleading), a very sexy debooting sequence for WG where we see a long shot of her sliding off both of her sexy red stiletto boots (purchased new for this shoot!), catfighting and G/G struggling, magic lasso bondage and interrogation, slave collaring fetish (done with a mystic sort of ‘dominance’ in mind), brat girl fetish (lots of competitive behavior, childish pouting, sulking, storming out of the room in a tantrum etc…), bracelet removal fetish, tiara removal, a debelting, a very carefully-planned ‘say the secret word and instantly fall asleep’ moment, and a great scene where WG is taken out by Gehenna in a very Fausta-like sort of manner as befitting a star-spangled heroine.

The Diamond Of Eternity (part 1 – Sisterly Love Gone Wrong) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Lesson Turns Bad - Mov

Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) wants Agent Protector (Jamie Daniels) to improve her fight skills. If the Villains are going to be defeated, the superheroines have to be on their A game. Agent Protector doesn’t think she needs any training and Wonder Tomi’s overconfidence only makes her mad. Wonder Tomi tells her to simulate an attack and she is stopped with a judo move from Wonder Tomi and thrown to the ground. Agent Protector charges ar her and down she goes with a karate chop to the neck. This really makes Agent Protector mad so she slaps Wonder Tomi. Wonder Tomi reponds with punches to the stomach and then the face. It turns into a fight. American Protector jumps on Wonder Tomi’s back and they fall to the ground. There is some catfighting with punches and a mouth smother. Wonder Tomi manages to send her to dreamland. She goes to get up, but is surprised from behind with a wrestler hold that sends her off to her own dreamland. American Protector wants to ruin Wonder Tomi’s squeaky clean image, so she strips her out of her costume and puts her body on a chair. She ties her up and when Wonder Tomi awakes, she shuts her up with a tap gag on her mouth. She squeezes Wonder Tomi’s tits and tells her that she is calling the media to come see the supposed superior Superheroine…Wonder Tomi. Lesson is over! Thanks Wonder Tomi! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, FORCED STRIPPING, CAT FIGHT, PUNCHING, WRESTLING HOLDS, VARIOUS K’S, BELLY PUNCHING, BONDAGE, TAPE GAG, HUMILIATION, BRUNETTES, ASIAN, JAPANESE, TIT SQUEEZING

The Lesson Turns Bad – Mov – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

How To K A Superheroine - Mov

Tomi Kat (Tomiko) wants to train her skills, so she goes after the weakest Superheroine, Agent Protector (Jamie Daniels). She sneaks into her home and hides. She wastes no time jumping into action by going after the superheroine immediately. She gets the rag first. Everytime she revives, Tomi Kat throws out a different K. She clubs her on the head with a blunt object next. Her limp body is played with and as she comes to, Tomi Kat puts her in a wrestling hold that once again sends her off to dreamland. Tomi Kat toys with her some more with her laser gadget that send electic shocks through her body. She keeps doing it to her over and over again…even when she is on the ground. Her body shakes all over the place each time. She gets up feeling weak and Tomi Kat throws some punches to the belly and ends it with a karate chop to the neck. Her body is dragged out of the room and she lifts and carries her into a cradle carry to the couch where she is given a syringe to keep her sleeping so Tomi Kat can make her escape. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, LIMP FETISH, CRADLE CARRY, LOTS OF K’S, LIMP PLAY, KARATE CHOP, BELLY PUNCHES, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, SPANDEX, BOOT FETISH, MASK, GLOVES, EFFECTS

How To K A Superheroine – Mov – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Hp-579 The Further Adventures Of Dark Angel - Hd

Dark Angel rushes into a gym and hides around the corner, with her gun held high, stretching her taunt stomach muscles. The day’s stolen cash safely tucked in her belt. The “Bad” Sheriff (Duncan), follows her into the gym. He searches around for our girl (Hollywood) eventually ending up in the ring. Thinking he maybe getting a little, she attempts to climb into the ring behind him. But he sees her and guns her down. She falls outside the ring, leaving her gun in the ring. The Sheriff picks Dark Angel up and throws her into the ring. He fetches a rope, but as he bends over to tie her up, she floors him with a wicked right cross. Her next move is to reach for her gun, but the Sheriff has his gun and uses the butt to KO her. Again he grabs the rope and starts tying up her legs. This time she uses both hands to clobber him in the head, sending him sprawling. After taking the cash back, she reaches for her gun. Back and forth they go. This time the Sheriff uses a right cross to KO the gorgeous thief. Then it is his turn to grab the cash and Dark Angel’s turn to KO him. During one exchange they do a little wrestling, using leg scissors, choke holds and body punches. Eventually Dark Angel has the Sheriff out on his back. Thinking she has won, she places her gun in her holster and starts to straighten out the rope. But the Sheriff revives, grabs his gun and gets the jump on Dark Angel. He forces her at gun point to give him the cash. When she complies and hands him the dough, he teases her by dropping the cash on the mat. When she goes down for her “earnings”, he grabs the gun out of her holster. Dark Angel manages to get hold of the gun and they fight over it. Hollywood looks terrific when the gun is held high above their heads as she strains every muscle trying to rip the gun out of his hands. Other times the gun is held between them. But this can’t last forever. Eventually a shot rings out with one combatant dropping to the mat. Finally the fierce struggle is over. To the victor belongs the spoils. But who wins? The Sheriff or Dark Angel? It is hard to tell the good from the bad in this video. This is another “western” theme video with a gorgeous thief and an evil Sheriff. Of course, the skimpy Dark Angel outfit shows off Hollywood’s magnificently toned body to the max and nobody looks sexier lying there helplessly (or not?) on the mat!!!

Hp-579 The Further Adventures Of Dark Angel – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Some Entertainment For The Invisible Man - Hd

Blue Flash (AnneaBelle Lee) and Robyn (Tomiko) enter the Invisible Man’s house. They are surprised by a weird sound. Their minds are controlled by the device and the Invisble Man once has gained control of some more superheroines. His new puppets go to the livingroom where he makes them fight. They are a bunch of belly punches exchanged and some other punches. Blue Flash is the first one to go down. Robyn is ordered to do a victory dance and then strip her out of her costume. They are ordered to do round two of the fight. This time Blue Flash gets the upperhand when Robyn is punched. She tries to get away but is K’d with a wrestling hold around the neck. Her costume is removed after her sexy victory dance. Now it is time for round three. Who will win this round? The Invisible Man if course! He joins in the festivities and starts to punch them over and over. They finall go down after a final blow. Both of their limp, nude bodies lie on the ground as they are limp played with him. They are carried off to a special room where the Invisble Man keeps all his play puppets. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, DANCING. FORCED STRIPPING, LIMP FETISH, LIMP PLAY, BELLY PUNCHING, PUNCHING, CATFIGHT, SPANDEX, BOOT FETISH, MASK FETISH, BRUNETTE, REDHEAD, K’S, ASIAN, JAPANESE, WRESTLING HOLD, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION

Some Entertainment For The Invisible Man – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Batgirl Gets Schooled- Part 2: Enters Hq (hd)

In the second installment of this Superheroine Parody, we discover that Harley Quinn is the mastermind behind the school girl’s unruley behavior.

This 10 minute clip includes superheroines, wrestling, humiliation, pony play, erotic magic, costumes, spanking, camel clutch.

Batgirl Gets Schooled- Part 2: Enters Hq (hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Beat Her At The Start! But Expect To Get Defeated In The End! - Athb-012 - Part 1 (high Resolution - Avi Format)

Mixed Fighting, Superheroines, Mixed Wrestling, Costumes, Fetish

Widescreen @ 640×480 ~ AVI

Beat Her At The Start! But Expect To Get Defeated In The End! – Athb-012 – Part 1 (high Resolution – Avi Format) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Horniness After Victory! - Akbd-025 - Part 1 (high Resolution - Avi Format)

Female Fighting, Superheroines, Female Wrestling, Vibrator, Big Tits, Tit Sucking/Nipple Fetish, Licking, Costumes, Tit Play

Widescreen @ 640×480 ~ AVI

Horniness After Victory! – Akbd-025 – Part 1 (high Resolution – Avi Format) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]